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Black Sun ScreenplayDavid WeirDirectorLee H. KatzinFinal shooting script 21st January 1974 Amendments 24th January 1974 Cast: Commander John KoenigMartin LandauDoctor Helena RussellBarbara Bain Professor Victor BergmanBarry Morse Paul MorrowPrentis Hancock Alan CarterNick Tate Sandra BenesZienia Merton David KanoClifton JamesDoctor Bob MathiasAnton Philips Tanya AlexanderSuzanne Roquette Computer VoiceBarbara Kelly Mike RyanPaul JonesSmittyJon LaurimoreMPU Technicians (n/s)Flight Engineer George Osgood (n/s)Communications Controller Toshiro Fujita (n/s) Vincent WongProfessor Angela RobinsonAlpha News Service GirlBlack Sun Voice (VO) Sets: Int. Main Mission Int. Command Office Int. Victor's Quarters Int. Computer Room Int. Main Power Unit Int. Alpha Corridor Int. Travel Tube Int. Eagle Pilot Section Int. Eagle Passenger Section Ext. Moon Surface Int. Black Sun Void Hook 1. EXT. SPACE (SFX) An irregular asteroid hurtles through the void. 2.INT. MAIN MISSION Pull out from desk lamp. Tanya carries a tray of coffee round the desks. TANYA: "Coffee?" MALE OPERATIVE: "Oh, thanks." TANYA: "Sandra. Coffee?" SANDRA: "Thank you, Tanya." PAUL (refusing a cup): "No, thank you. Sandra?" SANDRA: "It is still quite a distance away and holding course." PAUL: "How close will it pass us?" SANDRA: "Close." -Big Screen (SFX): asteroid -Main Mission: PAUL: "David, have you got those figures yet?" DAVID: "Fair-sized asteroid, but there's nothing to worry about." PAUL: "Hum. Nevertheless. Estimate the damage potential, just in case." DAVID: "There's no need to, Paul. It's not going to collide with us." PAUL: "Just in case." Desk instrument: light flashes & alarm sounds. SANDRA: "Paul!" Siren and an alarm clangs: monitors flash 'EMERGENCY RED ALERT' warnings. The Big Doors open & Koenig rushes in: the sirens stop. PAUL: "Central Computer gave the collision alarm, sir." SANDRA: "Commander, the asteroid's course: it's suddenly changed," ((-asteroid on screen/ Main Mission)) " as though it's been pulled off it's course." KOENIG: "Kano, pinpoint impact area." -VICTOR (entering as clangers stop): "What's the problem, John?" KOENIG: "An asteroid." DAVID: "Commander Koenig. Collision course reaffirmed. Impact area Alpha." KOENIG: "How much time do we have?" SANDRA: "Less than one minute." PAUL: "Not even enough time to secure the base." -Big Screen (SFX): asteroid hurtles towards them -Big Screen (SFX)/ Main Mission: the staff watch. SANDRA: "It is changing course!" 3.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) The asteroid sweeps low over Alpha, then swoops up into space. 4.INT. MAIN MISSION Staff thrown about. They steady themselves & look up. -Big Screen (SFX)/ Main Mission: the asteroid heading into space -Main Mission: they watch. -Big Screen (SFX): a yellow streak forms over the asteroid as its form wavers & lengthens in different directions. An explosion, & only the streak is left to fade away. -Main Mission: PAUL: "Commander. It's impossible, but we're changing course." KOENIG: "Switch to starboard camera." Big Screen (SFX)/ Main Mission: The black sun. -Main Mission: they watch, stunned. -Big Screen (SFX): black sun -Main Mission: SANDRA: "What is it?" KOENIG: "Whatever it is, we're heading right into it." 5.EXT. SPACE SKY (SFX) Moon moves toward Black Sun FADE OUT: ACT ONE BLACK SUN guest artist Paul Jones screenplay by David Weir story consultant Christopher Penfold moon city costumes designed by Rudi Gernreich directed by Lee H Katzin 7.EXT. EAGLE (SFX) Pilot illuminated in one window. Eagle approaches black sun Front view of Eagle, with pilot seen in window. RYAN (VO): "Eagle One to Alpha. Eagle One to Alpha." Eagle positions itself before black sun RYAN (VO): "I'm in position. What a sight!" 8.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION RYAN: "It's's's black. Boy, is it black." 9.INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG: "What's his position?" ALAN: "Seven-seven-niner, zero-four." PAUL: "Just about where the asteroid was first caught." KOENIG: "Give me your sensor readings, Mike." 10.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Ryan presses buttons. RYAN: "Sir, I'm not getting a thing on any one of them." 11.INT. MAIN MISSION RYAN (VO): "Nothing's bouncing back from it at all." ALAN: "Same here, sir, no readings." RYAN (on screen): "Does anyone have any idea what it is?" 12.INT. BERGMAN'S QUARTERS (LQ12) Computer narrates the captions on the comms post. COMPUTER: "Professor Bergman. Latest Equation - Incorrect. Degrees of Cosine Adjacent to Opposing Angle Of " Victor switches it off with his comlock & returns to a glass board covered with equations. VICTOR: "I ought to know better than to ask you. Let's see.." He wipes out his writing. 13.EXT. EAGLE (SFX) Front view of Eagle, pilot seen inside. RYAN (VO): "Still holding position, sir." 14.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION RYAN: "It's our move, Commander." KOENIG (VO): "Your anti-gravity screens." 15.INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG: "How much power are they taking?" RYAN (VO): "At this far away, they're only on half power." KOENIG: "Hold your position, Mike, and see how it reacts to the laser." RYAN (on screen): "Will do." 16.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION CU Ryan pressing the firing button. 17.EXT. SPACE (SFX) - Eagle fires beam. - Laser disappears into centre of Black sun. 18a.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION RYAN: "Well. It swallows laser light too." 18.INT. MAIN MISSION RYAN (on screen-static over): "What next?" KOENIG: "Video reception. Is it a fault in his equipment or ours?" PAUL (after brief check): "No malfunction at either end." SANDRA: "We should be receiving a clear picture since Michael is between us and the object." 19.INT. BERGMAN'S QUARTERS (LQ12) Victor is writing an equation: ( T ) (T+2) VICTOR (mumbling): ", T squared. Four" 20.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION RYAN: "There's only one thing for me to do, Commander. I'll have to get in closer." KOENIG (on screen): "Negative, Mike." RYAN: "Sir, all it has is a lot of gravity. With my screens on maximum power I should be alright: what's the problem? Alpha is heading right into this thing, Commander: we have to find out what it is." 22.INT. BERGMAN'S QUARTERS (LQ12) Victor types numbers, then waits impatiently. VICTOR: "Come on, come on." COMPUTER (voice and caption): "Hypothesis Proven." VICTOR: "Yes." COMPUTER: "It Is Your Duty To Report This Danger" VICTOR: "Yeh." COMPUTER: "To" VICTOR (taking his comlock to open door): "One jump ahead of you, Computer." COMPUTER: "Alpha Commander." Victor leaves. 24a.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle with black sun. 24.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION RYAN: "Switching on anti gravity screens to full power." ((Presses buttons)) "Sandra." 25.INT. MAIN MISSION SANDRA: "Right here, Michael." RYAN (on screen): "Don't go away: I'll be right back." SANDRA: "I'll be waiting." RYAN (VO): "Here I go, Alpha." ((static increases on screen)) INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION CU Ryan's screen: the picture of Sandra increases in static. 27.EXT. EAGLE (SFX) Eagle flies on 28/30.INT. MAIN MISSION -Big Screen (SFX)/ Main Mission: Eagle flies across screen (top right to bottom left) -Main Mission: Koenig; Sandra; Paul PAUL: "Commander, his anti gravity screens. The needle's still in the red." ALAN: "Confirmed, Commander." VICTOR (entering): "John!" KOENIG: "Abort, Mike! Abort! Pull out!" 31a.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION KOENIG (VO): "Pull out, Mike! You're heading right into it!" EXT. EAGLE (SFX) The Eagle turns round, but still moves backwards. KOENIG (VO): "Blast yourself out of there!" 31.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION RYAN: "Full power!" EXT. EAGLE (SFX) The Eagle's rear engines glow as it moves away from Moon. 31.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION RYAN: "Full power!!" INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG: "Get him out, Alan." ALAN: "He's accelerating. We can't help him." EXT. EAGLE (SFX) Backs towards black sun. INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig & Victor; Sandra; -Big Screen (SFX)/ Main Mission: streak of light plays over Eagle on screen as it stretches. EXT. EAGLE (SFX) Stretching INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Stretching in several directions, Ryan's hand reaches out, then returns to his face. EXT. EAGLE (SFX) Stretching. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Ryan, being stretched. 33.EXT. EAGLE (SFX) Explodes. 34.INT. MAIN MISSION Close on Sandra. Koenig & Victor turn away. Sandra faints & Paul rushes to her. 35.INT. COMMAND OFFICE Koenig & Victor walk down the steps, the big doors beyond now closed. KOENIG: "Why did I wait so long?" VICTOR: "Now, John. You didn't know. Neither did I. Now, if anyone's to blame it's me. I suspected it hours ago." KOENIG: "A black sun." VICTOR: "Right. So. What are we going to do about it?" KOENIG: "What can we do? We'll all be dead in three days." EXT. SPACE (SFX) Moon moves to black sun. 36.INT. COMMAND OFFICE Koenig, Helena, Victor, Alan, Paul and David are present. COMPUTER (on screen, text & voice): "Unconditional Forecast It Is A Black sun One Hundred Percent Certainty." (text prints "100%") HELENA: "A black sun." VICTOR: "Umm. Unfortunately we couldn't be sure until it was too late to save Mike." PAUL: "But you think we can avoid it?" VICTOR: "Well, it's gravitational pull can become so immense that just a hat full of the stuff can weigh more than several Alphas. But it doesn't stop there. The gravitational force goes on getting stronger, so that nothing, not radiation, not heat, not even light itself, can escape it." DAVID: "It's force is immeasurable. Even Computer cannot determine it." PAUL: "Professor, you didn't answer my question. Do you think we can avoid it?" VICTOR: "I thought I did." EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Black Sun overhead. 37.INT. BERGMAN'S QUARTERS (LQ12) Pull back from scale model of Alpha. The six Alphans are assembled round it. KOENIG: "A few minutes ago, Paul asked can we avoid the gravitational force of a black sun? Well, the answer is no. However, we may be able to use it to our advantage. Victor." VICTOR: "Um. Now, as you know, these eight anti gravity towers stabilise our gravity here inside Alpha. Now, we're going to use them to create an entirely new force field effect. By linking and cross linking the anti gravity screens in each of the towers, the force field.. will look.. something like this." ((Places frosted glass over model.)) KOENIG: "I've stripped all of our generators out of our Eagles. We'll use them to support the main units." DAVID: "But Computer will have to be deactivated for the force field." VICTOR: "Yes, well, um.. it can do with a rest. We're going to reprogram our main unit generators so that instead of trying to negate the pressure from the black sun, it will simply reverse it. The closer we're drawn to it, the stronger the force field will become, so that, theoretically, the pressure of the force field will eventually compel the pressure of the black sun to protect us against itself." KOENIG: "It's a long shot.. but there's nothing else we can do." HELENA (holding up glass cover): "It's ingenious." VICTOR (Takes glass): "It's insane." ((puts it back over model)) FADE OUT ACT TWO 38.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Black sun over base. 40.INT. MAIN MISSION Helena enters and is surprised to see Sandra. HELENA: "Sandra, I wanted you to have more rest." SANDRA: "I know, Doctor Russell. But there is so much to do." Helena looks up at the vacant Command Desk & goes to Paul. HELENA: "Paul. Where is Commander Koenig? I've been trying to reach him." PAUL: "With the Professor. Out there." -Big Screen/ Main Mission: two astronauts near one of the anti gravity towers. 41.EXT. MOON SURFACE KOENIG: "Victor. We really shouldn't be out here." VICTOR: "Well, it's the only way to make our point. Shall we?" KOENIG: "Why not?" They run from a buggy near to the tower. Koenig touches his chest pack. KOENIG: "Full power, Paul." 42.INT. MAIN MISSION PAUL: "Switching to full power." ((Presses buttons)) 44A.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Greenish force field forms over Alpha. 44B.INT. MAIN MISSION -Big Screen (SFX)/ Main Mission: base & force field shown on screen. Murmur of awe and delight ripples through staff. SANDRA: "It is beautiful. Like fish scales." DAVID: "It will cut through fish scales." KOENIG (VO): "Give me a reading, Paul." PAUL: "Maximum power, sir. Steady and holding." 44C.EXT. MOON SURFACE PAUL (VO): "Commander, you've got a full house. We're all with you." 44D.INT. MAIN MISSION PAUL: "Good luck." 45.EXT. MOON SURFACE Koenig & Victor seen through arching green radiation of tower. KOENIG: "We're all set, Alan." EXT. MOON SURFACE (SFX) View past green arch of light from tower to Eagle over hills beyond. 47.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION ALAN: "Commander, there's still time to change your mind." 48.EXT. MOON SURFACE KOENIG: "If we had any sense we would. Make it good, Alan." 49.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION KOENIG (VO): "Come in as low as you can." ALAN: "Well, hang on to your hats." He closes his visor & eases the control sticks forward. EXT. MOON SURFACE High angle, through force field at astronauts. EXT. EAGLE (SFX) Eagle flies downwards. 50.INT. MAIN MISSION -Big Screen (SFX)/ Main Mission: Eagle swooping. -Main Mission: Helena, looking on INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan. 53.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Eagle swoops down towards base, black sun over. EXT. MOON SURFACE Close on Koenig & Victor. 54.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION CU Alan pressing firing button. 55.EXT. EAGLE (SFX) Eagle fires laser. 56.EXT. ALPHA: FORCE FIELD (SFX) Explosion of force field by tower (low angle). EXT. MOON SURFACE Koenig & Victor. 58.EXT. ALPHA: FORCE FIELD (SFX) Explosion dies away. 58A.EXT. MOON SURFACE Koenig and Victor embrace. HELENA (VO): "Incredible stupidity." 59.INT. COMMAND OFFICE HELENA: "The risk to both of you." VICTOR: "Not that much of a risk. Computer gave us a ninety-eight per cent chance." HELENA: "And the other two per cent?" KOENIG: "Then we would have died one day before everyone else. Helena. It was all for morale. It proved nothing. The forces inside a black sun are inconceivable. They're capable of anything. They can bend space, even time; turn both inside out." HELENA (shaken by this): "Then what's the point of the force field?" VICTOR: "The same point that prevents you from giving up on a patient until he's dead. I've got some work to do." ((Leaves)) Helena goes to look out a viewport. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Black sun. 59.INT. COMMAND OFFICE HELENA: "It's getting cold in here." KOENIG: "It's going to get colder. The black sun's already drawing our power." HELENA: "Victor seems to believe we could survive." ((sc 61)) KOENIG: "Who knows what Victor truly believes?" HELENA: "And you?" KOENIG: "Some of us could survive. Those who aren't on Alpha twenty four hours from now. A survival ship. A lifeboat. I left one Eagle intact." EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) An Eagle is raised to the surface, by a moon buggy. 62.INT. COMPUTER ROOM Victor enters & walks round, looking for David.. COMPUTER (VO): "And All Programming Calculations Were Recorded And Executed For The Force Field Test. Reprogramming Calculations Conflicted With Previous Orders." DAVID (VO): "Well, you should have said so. It's your responsibility. If it takes more power, then say so." ((Victor walks round & up to David)) VICTOR: "Excuse me, Mister Kano. I see your friend's having difficulty keeping us warm." DAVID: "Computer's functioning fine, Professor." VICTOR: "It's not going to be functioning at all before long. But then of course you know that, don't you?" DAVID: "We had to utilise minimum power for usual heating services during your force field test." VICTOR: "All utilities were on minimum power during the test. The lights, they went back on full power the moment the test was over. So did the heating. It's automatic. Even I know that. No, the reason the temperature's still falling is that the black sun is draining our power." DAVID: "We have plenty of power." VICTOR: "But we won't have very soon. The black sun will see to that. So we're going to shut down everything, and reserve it for the force field." ((Leaves)) EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Black sun over. 63.INT. MAIN MISSION/ COMMAND OFFICE KOENIG (reading readouts): "Six hours? I thought we had twelve?" PAUL: "Six. David said it was impossible to determine the amount of mass available to the black sun in this sector. It's gravitational force increases every minute, pulling us towards it faster than originally calculated." KOENIG: "We need more time to get the survival ship ready." PAUL: "Well, these figures may be the answer. With the force field activated we.. we might slow down enough to buy the time." KOENIG: "Paul, I want to save power to the last possible moment." PAUL: "It's either Alpha, sir, or the survival ship." KOENIG (after pause, walks round to his desk & activates screen): "Victor?" 64.INT. BERGMAN'S QUARTERS (LQ12) KOENIG (on comlock, in desk stand): "Do you have the final results of the test?" VICTOR: "I haven't quite finished yet, but they're looking fine. Anything wrong?" KOENIG (on comlock screen): "I want to activate the force field again." VICTOR: "When?" KOENIG (on comlock screen): "Right now." VICTOR: "I wouldn't advise it." KOENIG (on comlock screen): "Can't wait, Victor. Get over to the Main Power Unit and keep an eye on things." INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig presses a key on his desk: the lighting in Main Mission dies. 66.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Force field on, black sun over. 71.INT. MAIN POWER UNIT Victor & technicians at work in auxiliary light. SMITTY: "Well, Professor. Latest details of the power requirements." VICTOR: "Thank you, Smitty." The light bulb of one tower on the model Moonbase starts to flash. 72.EXT. FORCE FIELD TOWER (SFX) The force field shimmers. INT. MAIN POWER UNIT Victor goes to look at the model, making notes, then removes a computer panel and goes to work with a soldering iron. 72.EXT. FORCE FIELD TOWER (SFX) The force filed splutters. 74.INT. MAIN POWER UNIT View through panels as Victor puts a probe through a hole: he starts to shudder. EXT. MOON SURFACE (SFX) Explosion over tower. INT. MAIN POWER UNIT Victor freezes as electricity rips through him. The power is cut & he falls back. SMITTY: "Call Medical." 73.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Force field out, black sun over.. FADE OUT ACT THREE 75./79.INT. INTENSIVE CARE UNIT Helena removes the life support unit from the sleeping Victor. Victor wakes, and Helena returns to him. VICTOR: "Ah. Mnn." HELENA: "You'll be fine." VICTOR: "Mmm. Thank you." HELENA: "Your mechanical heart saved your life, you know." VICTOR: "Mmm." ((he smiles)) EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Low angle: tube extends to Eagle. High angle: tube connects with Eagle. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION A guard places a box behind the seats as Bob walks up from the front: he writes, then passes a paper to another guard who leaves a box. 82.EXT. MOON (SFX) Moon moves to black sun. 83.INT. MAIN MISSION PAUL: "Twelve minutes to countdown, sir." SANDRA (handing Koenig a file): "Report from all service sections." KOENIG: "Sandra, about Mike.. " SANDRA: "Please, Commander. There is no need to say anything." KOENIG (to Paul): "Tell Professor Bergman I want him here for the test." Koenig goes. At the Computer, David tears off a slip. DAVID: "We have less than four hours before entering the black sun. Commander. Alpha cannot survive without Computer." KOENIG: "Is that a fact?" ((Koenig leaves)) EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Black sun over. 86.INT. MAIN MISSION Helena enters. PAUL: "Attention all personnel, attention all personnel. Stand by for force field test. Thirty seconds." SANDRA: "Paul, what if it does not work?" PAUL: "Then all our worries are over." HELENA (as Koenig enters with Victor from Office): "Commander, I must speak with you." KOENIG: "Has it got to do with the test?" HELENA: "Not exactly." KOENIG: "Then it'll have to wait. Kano. Essential services program." He walks down to Paul. David switches off computer. DAVID: "Computer on minimum capacity." KOENIG: "Now we'll have to think for ourselves." PAUL: "Ten seconds. Full power, sir?" KOENIG (sees countdown clock): "Everything we have, Paul." PAUL: "Five seconds. Four. Three." 87.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) PAUL (VO): "Two. One. Zero." Force field appears. 88.INT. MAIN MISSION -Big Screen (SFX): base & field. HELENA: "A reprieve." VICTOR: "Mmm. But for how long?" KOENIG (starting back to his desk): "Take over, Paul." DAVID: "Commander." ((Goes to him)) "What about Computer?" KOENIG: "It remains on minimum capacity." ((Starts again up steps)) ALAN (entering): "Commander. I've got to talk to you. What's this about a survival ship? Somebody going somewhere?" KOENIG: "Somewhere? Yes." Alan stares at him, then looks at the other staff. Paul turns away. ALAN (to David): "Did you know about this?" ((David shakes his head)) "You Sandra?" ((shakes head)) "I didn't believe it. Eagle Five was nearly loaded and ready to go, and I was not informed, Commander. None of us were." ((Beat)) "I can't speak for the rest. But I care about dying. How I die. Staying here on Alpha with everybody; I'd already accepted that. But now there's going to be six or seven lives on that ship." KOENIG: "Six." ALAN: "Well, I should be one of those six, Commander. Because if anyone could get them somewhere...I can." KOENIG: "You're through, Alan." ((Walks up to desk. He looks over Main Mission: base on screen)) "Attention all sections Alpha. This is Commander John Koenig. Above us once again is the Bergman force field, but ahead of us is the black sun." ((-Koenig)) "The realistic fact which faces us now -is that the force field only offers us a slim hope that Alpha will survive beyond the next few hours." 89.INT. MAIN POWER UNIT Smitty & 2 technicians listen to the Comms Post. KOENIG (on screens): "A few of us, however.. have a chance to escape the black sun. I decided to reserve one Eagle, as a survival ship." 90.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Osgood, Bob & others watch cabin screen. KOENIG (on screen): "It's been fuelled, and equipped with supplies to carry six persons; three men and three women. Perhaps this effort will prove a futile one-" 91.INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG (cont): "but I believe it must be made. Departure time is oh eight hundred hours: forty three minutes from now. I've instructed Central Computer to select the people most likely, in every way, to ensure the survival of mankind in space. Here are the six names. The men." ((Beat)) "Astronaut Alan Carter." ((Beat)) "Flight Engineer-" 92.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION KOENIG (cont, on screen): "George Osgood." ((Osgood reacts)) "Communications Controller-" 93.INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG (cont): "Toshiro Fujita. The women. Doctor Helena Russell. Data Analyst Sandra Benes." 94.INT. CORRIDOR KOENIG (on comms post): "Professor Angela Robinson." Alphan crowd breaks up, except for a black woman in a service uniform. 95.INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG: "This list is final." ((retreats to look out an office window)) VICTOR (quietly to Helena): "You knew he wouldn't go." 97.INT. COMMAND OFFICE The six chosen stand before Koenig: Alan, Osgood, Fujita, Sandra, Robinson, & Helena. KOENIG: "There's nothing I can say that will alter the facts. If you're careful you have supplies enough for five weeks. If there's anything out there that can help you, then'll find it. If not... Alright, then, that's it. You lift off in twenty minutes." ALAN: "Commander." KOENIG: "No goodbyes, Alan, please." ALAN: "Yes, sir." ((Alan leads them off through a side door. Helena remains)) HELENA: "John." KOENIG: "You're going." HELENA: "I'm not going. Doctor Mathias can replace me." KOENIG: "Like hell he can. That list is final. This isn't the time for the noble gesture." HELENA: "I'm not being noble. If anything... John, it's my life. It ends here on Alpha, or somewhere out in space. What difference can it make?" KOENIG: "It makes a difference. To me." EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle by moonbuggy. 98.INT. MAIN MISSION DAVID (rubbing arms as goes to Paul): "My figures read less than two hours." PAUL (drinking from mug): "Do me a favour, David. Mind the shop." ((leaves as David takes his desk)). DAVID: "Yeah." OPERATIVE (offering silver jacket): "David." DAVID: "Oh, thank you." ((puts it on)) 99.INT. CORRIDOR Helena leaves her quarters. Victor comes up & puts a jacket over her shoulders before kissing her cheek. She walks off, then Victor walks back. 100.INT. COMMAND OFFICE Comms post screen reads 3:23. Koenig at his desk in thought. INT. TRAVEL TUBE (SFX) Speeds off. 101.INT. TRAVEL UNIT Osgood, Fujita, Robinson, Helena, Sandra and Paul, watching girl on screen. NEWSGIRL (on screen): "Alpha Service Section will issue emergency heavy duty clothing to Technical Section at eight thirty hours." INT. TRAVEL TUBE (SFX) Comes to a halt. 101.INT. TRAVEL UNIT Unit door opens, & beyond the Eagle door opens for Alan, in spacesuit. NEWSGIRL (VO): "Medical Section will report at nine hundred hours." ((Crew leave)) "Reconnaissance Section nine thirty hours. Engineering Section ten hundred hours." Paul and Sandra pause here. SANDRA: "It was thoughtful of you to come, Paul. You didn't have to." PAUL: "I wanted to." ((She passes into the Eagle)) ALAN (in the door, to Paul): "I'll send you a postcard." Paul gives him a thumbs up. Alan closes the door with his comlock. INT. TRAVEL TUBE (SFX) Speeds off. 102.EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Tube retracts from Eagle. 103.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan and Osgood. PAUL (on screen): "Alan. One minute to lift off." ALAN: "Right." ((doors close in corridor beyond)) 104.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Helena, sat by Sandra. KOENIG (appearing on screen): "This is John Koenig. I know I said no goodbyes but...I wish you all good luck." 107.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION PAUL (reappearing on screen): "Fifteen seconds. Alan. Good luck." ALAN: "And to you. All of you." ((Closes visor)) INT. COMMAND OFFICE Koenig walks to viewport. 109A.EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle lift off. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Sandra & Helena look at each other. 110.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Black sun bg. Eagle rise from base; force field reappears. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Sandra & Helena. -Wall screen (SFX): Moon's horizon revolving & receding. -Helena. -Wall screen (SFX): horizon receding 114.INT. COMMAND OFFICE -View through viewports to Koenig, looking out. NEWSGIRL (on comms post): "Attention, all stations Alpha." ((-Interior)) "Due to the present emergency, interbase communications systems including Alpha News Service will be suspended. Until further notice." Koenig walks from viewports & sits on the corner of the steps in darkened room. FADE OUT: ACT FOUR 115.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) 116.INT. COMMAND OFFICE Koenig is sat at his desk, sipping from a mug. Victor, in spacesuit and carrying another & a black case, walks to him & places the extra suit on the desk. VICTOR: "Hey, John! Come on. Put this on. Before you catch your death." KOENIG: "Very funny." Victor puts the bag on the desk. KOENIG (of bag): "Is that what I think it is?" VICTOR (smiles, then walks down to viewports): "Look, John. I've been doing some unique calculations recently. Ah, not about space dynamics or anything like that." ((-View in as wipes through frost on viewport)) "Something you cannot learn from books." ((lapses into thought as looks out)) KOENIG (putting on suit): "Victor." VICTOR: "Oh, it's all right, I'm just...rambling on. Wondering a bit." ((-View in as he looks out)) "Wondering." ((long beat as he looks out. He smiles,turns & walks back to Koenig)) "Extraordinary, isn't it, how we've survived? I mean, I put the probability through the Computer. I thought the Computer was going to blow up trying to figure the odds! Yeh, just about infinite!" KOENIG (Koenig sits): "Victor, if you're trying to cheer me up you're not succeeding." Victor sits on the desk. The lights momentarily dim. VICTOR (as takes cigar from his leg pocket): "Anyway. My calculations show that we all ought to be dead by now. It should have happened when those atomic waste units- " KOENIG (interrupting): "What are you doing? Victor, you're not supposed to be smoking." VICTOR: "Oh, I don't think Doctor Russell would object... " Koenig looks down & away. 119.EXT. EAGLE (SFX) Front viewports illuminated. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan 120.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Fujita & Robinson sit on the starboard side, Helena & Sandra on the port side. HELENA: "Sandra." SANDRA: "I will be alright." HELENA: "Sure you will. I remember when I was a little girl, I was afraid of the dark. Isn't that funny?" SANDRA: "And I was afraid of doctors." ((Smiles)) EXT. EAGLE (SFX) Under view of Eagle. EXT. MOON & BLACK SUN (SFX) Moon close to black sun horizon. 116.INT. COMMAND OFFICE VICTOR: "John. Have you ever wondered..just how and why we've survived?" KOENIG: "Not until now." VICTOR: "Have you got any answers?" KOENIG (leans forward): "You're not referring to God...are you?" VICTOR: "Oh, I don't know exactly..I, I, I, I'm a scientist, I don't know anything about God, but, no, ah...a sort of... 'cosmic intelligence' is what I've got in mind." KOENIG: "Which intervenes at the right moment?" VICTOR: "It's one answer." ((Pause)) "Ultimately, I suppose we...all believe what we want to believe.. Perhaps that's what reality is. One thing, though. The line between science and..mysticism. Just a line. Huh." ((Amused)) "Y'know, sometimes it makes me feel quite old." 117.EXT. MOON (SFX) Moves near blackness, event horizon over. 118.INT. MAIN MISSION Paul is the only person present. Koenig & Victor enter. KOENIG: "Paul." PAUL: "Commander. Central Computer's deactivated itself. One hundred percent power facilities are feeding main generator units. The force fields functioning.." KOENIG: "Paul. Thank you. But there's really nothing more you can do. You're relieved." PAUL: "Very good sir." ((Glances round)) "Well, I..never thought it would end this way." ((Beat, then leaves)) VICTOR: "He's a good man, Paul." ((They sit on steps. Victor takes a bottle out of his bag)) "Sixty year old brandy. I've been saving it for ten years. Just waiting for a proper occasion to celebrate. Well, not everybody might think this was a celebration,..but it is to me." ((Pours)) "And, if ever there was an occasion...this is it." KOENIG (toasts): "To everything that might have been." VICTOR: "To everything that was." They click glasses & drink. They then look round Main Mission. 119.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle flies on into space. Front view of Eagle. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Helena & Sandra. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle flies up (view of under side) EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Distant view of base & force field, with black sun huge over it. 122.INT. SMITTY'S LIVING QUARTERS Smitty & several Alphans play poker. In the background a guitar is heard. SMITTY: "Up fifty." MALE ALPHAN 1: "Buy me." MALE ALPHAN 2: "Pass." FEMALE ALPHAN: "Pass." MALE ALPHAN 1: "I raise you a hundred, Smitty." SMITTY: "Bluffing." 123.INT. KANO'S LIVING QUARTERS Bob and David play chess. (View of them through transparent spaces in chess board) BOB: "You'll never beat me, you know." 124.INT. MORROW'S LIVING QUARTERS Paul is playing his guitar on the bed. Tanya enters the door. TANYA: "Paul. Mind if I share the music with you?" He smiles, nods, then continues playing. She sits on the bed by him. 125.INT. MAIN MISSION VICTOR (pouring again): "Just the keep the cold out." ((Hands Koenig his glass)) "It won't be long now." KOENIG: "Do you have any idea what will happen to us inside the black sun?" VICTOR (after shakes head): "Whatever it is, I just hope it's interesting." 126.EXT. MOON (SFX) Moon is semi transparent as it passes the event horizon: it fades out of existence as it passes into the black sun. 127.INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig & Victor are now translucent. KOENIG: "Yes, interesting." ((They look round)) "Victor, the force field, it's holding." VICTOR: "So far." EXT. SPACE (SFX) -Star field -Eagle, from front -Star field -Eagle, from front INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Helena and Sandra. Eeriness; they breath heavily.. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan. He feels his arm, uneasily. EXT. EAGLE (SFX) Loses solidity against space, as nebula pass. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Helena feels herself as she becomes transparent. Sandra is also transparent. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan fades out of existence; the head rest of his chair is left. EXT. EAGLE (SFX) Flies on towards star field & disappears into it. 126.EXT. MOON (SFX) Moon disappears against black sun. 127.INT. MAIN MISSION (INDISTINCT- BLACK SUN) VICTOR (surprise): "I don't feel cold." KOENIG: "I don't feel anything." VICTOR: "Of course, it's -possible -that we don't exist." KOENIG (course whisper as silver strands fill screen): "I exist... I exist... I exist... " During Koenig's whisper, world dissolves into sparkling strands of light and twinkling sounds. They age. Koenig looks at his hands. Then Main Mission is gone; they are standing together in the sparkling world. VICTOR (cautiously, VO): "I can hear your thoughts." KOENIG (VO): "Yes... " VICTOR (VO): "It's very beautiful." KOENIG (VO): "I can see the theory behind your force field." VICTOR (VO): "It's very obvious." KOENIG (VO): "In fact it ties in with the Unified Field Theory of mine." VICTOR (VO): "Does it? Yes, I see how." KOENIG (VO): "So that everything is everything else." VICTOR (VO): "That's why I said it was beautiful." KOENIG (VO): "Everything is everything else, and the whole Universe is living thought." VOICE (young woman's, VO): "That is true." VICTOR (VO): "Who are you?" VOICE (VO): "A friend. Come with me." ((fade from silver world to one of isolated dazzling lights)) KOENIG (walking after, VO): "Every star is just a cell, in the brain of the Universe." ((Sc 129)) VOICE (VO): "That is a lovely way to understand it." VICTOR (VO): "Why have I never talked with you before?" VOICE (VO): "Because of time. You think at what you call the speed of light. In eternity, I have no hurry. I think a thought perhaps, in every thousand of your years. You are never there to hear it." VICTOR (VO): "Are you...God?" VOICE (VO): "It was good to have known you." KOENIG (VO): "Wait..!" VICTOR: "Gone." Lights fill screen. 131.EXT. MOON (SFX) A light races up & fills screen; it fades & after it the Moon closes as fast. 132.INT. MAIN MISSION Normal computer sounds & lighting. Koenig is sitting huddled on the step, Victor by him. They look round, and walk forward to Paul's desk. Koenig activates it. -Big Screen: a star field. -Main Mission: VICTOR (incredulous joy): "We've come through!" KOENIG (quietly): "The force field held, Victor." VICTOR: "Somehow we're on the other side of the Universe!" KOENIG: "The force field held!" VICTOR (after pause, seriously): "I wonder how." Koenig looks forward. -Big Screen (SFX): star field FADE OUT EPILOGUE EXT. MOON (SFX) Travels on 133.INT. MAIN MISSION Life as normal. David comes down from computer & gives Paul a readout. PAUL: "Thank you." KOENIG (to Victor): "No sign of the survival ship. So much for your fancy theories of cosmic intelligence." VICTOR: "Well. I knew it was impossible." Koenig looks at the Big Screen. Close on him. KOENIG: "Was it?" Close on Victor. Close on Paul. PAUL: "They're coming back!" -Big Screen: Eagle approaching (view from under neath) -Main Mission: Staff suddenly break into cheers & jubilation. VICTOR: "Hey! Come on, come on." ((Leads them out of Main Mission)) Paul sees Koenig still staring at the Big Screen. PAUL: "Commander. Come on." EXT. EAGLE (SFX) Eagle flies to Moon (clip from Breakaway) EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle lands. 134.INT. CORRIDOR Crowded corridor, with returned Eagle crew at centre of laughter and glee. We see Fujita with the oriental Main Mission girl & Tanya. David is greeting Osgood, then goes to hug Robinson, watched by Smitty. Koenig is with the others, stood in the Travel unit door. MAN: "What could have been more special than this?" KOENIG: "You must have followed us into the black sun." ALAN: "We went in the opposite direction." VICTOR: "Ah, you must have followed us." HELENA (serious note): "We didn't." PAUL: "We went right through it. It was fantastic." KOENIG: "But how? If you didn't follow us through, how did you find Alpha again? A million light years?" VICTOR: "Mmm. Right across the Universe." ALAN: "I'm an astronaut, Professor. Not a philosopher." HELENA: "Something..brought us home." KOENIG: "Yes. Home." Koenig leads Helena off, & the others follow away. Last is Victor, who taps his cigar to the camera knowingly before following. FREEZE FRAME series created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson An ITC RAI co-production produced by GROUP THREE for world-wide distribution c ITC -Incorporated Television Company Ltd. MCMLXXIV paul morrow Prentis Hancock david kano Clifton Jones sandra benes Zienia Merton dr mathias Anton Philips alan carter Nick Tate smitty Jon Laurimore music by Barry Gray associate Vic Elms special effects Brian Johnson production designer Keith Wilson production manager Ron Fry director of photography Frank Watts BSC casting director Michael Barnes script editor Johnny Byrne supervising editor David Lane camera operator Neil Binney assistant director Ken Baker sound recordist David Bowen editor Mike Campbell sound editor Peter Pennell music editor Alan Willis continuity Gladys Goldsmith Processed at the Rank Film Laboratories make-up Basil Newall, Ann Cotton hair designer Helene Bevan wardrobe Eileen Sullivan Filmed at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, England SPECIAL EFFECTS director Nick Allder lighting cameraman Harry Oakes camera operator Frank Drake electronics Michael S. E. Downing