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TheTaybor ScreenplayThom KeyesDirectorBob BrooksFinal shooting script 31st March 1976 Cast: Commander John KoenigMartin LandauDoctor Helena RussellBarbara Bain MayaCatherine SchellTony VerdeschiTony Anholt Doctor Ben VincentJeffrey Kissoon Bill FraserJohn HugYaskoYasuko NagazumiKarenLaraine HumphreysAndrews (pilot)Mel Taylor KateSarah BullenBarbaraVicki Michelle2 Weapons TechniciansMcDougal (n/s)Sunbathing AlphansJenny Clare Chai Lee Penny Priestley TayborWilloughby Goddard Slatternly womanRita Webb Sets: Int. Command Centre Int. Medical Centre Int. Recreation Centre (revamp Medical) Int. Koenig's Private Dining Room Int. Technical Section Int. Weapons Section Int. Survey Equipment Room Int. Helena's Quarters Int. Alpha Corridor Int. Taybor's Grand Salon Ext. Moon Surface (CU moonbuggy, hull of Emporium) Hook 1. EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Low shot. 2.INT. RECREATION CENTRE An asian girl waxes her legs and stomach & lies on the solarium bed. Pan along girls lying on beds. Beside her lies Kate, as another girl walks up. GIRL: "Hello. Did you get some more oil on yourself?" ((sits by Kate)) KATE: "Sure." ((Pan to other girls in foreground, as Barbara walks up)) BARBARA (of glasses on couch-side table): "Can I take these?" KAREN: "Uh hum. Help yourself." Where the glasses were a small spindle shaped object appears. 3.INT. WEAPONS SECTION Two technicians at work. In foreground a small hexagonal object appears. 4.INT. RECREATION CENTRE KAREN (taking off glasses & looking to her left): "Where did this come from?" KATE: "What are you talking about?" KAREN: "This funny box." ((picks it up)) "I wonder who.." ((ray blasts from it)) "Aargh! I can't see.." Kate goes to comms post. HELENA (on screen): "Medical Centre." KATE: "Emergency." 5.INT. COMMAND CENTRE YASKO (turns from desk): "Commander! Medical emergency in the recreation centre." 6.INT. RECREATION CENTRE Helena enters, leading Ben who tows a stretcher. KOENIG (appearing on comms post screen): "Recreation Centre report." KAREN (whimpering): "I can't see anything.." HELENA: "Come on, Karen, you'll be alright. Let me see, come on." ((loud to Koenig)) "We've got some head abrasions. Shock...blindness." KATE (indicates object on floor): "She just picked that thing up." KOENIG (VO): "What happened?" BEN: It's just a small glowing object. She picked it up." KOENIG (on screen): "Make sure nobody touches it. I'll get Security on it right away." 7.INT. WEAPONS SECTION A technician stands by the table & sees the object. He looks at his companion, then picks up the hexagon. He straightens & falls. 8.INT. CORRIDOR Alphans gather to watch Koenig on comms post screen as Tony passes. KOENIG (on screen): "All Alpha personnel. Report immediately any object of unfamiliar appearance. Objects found have been small and multicoloured and may be glowing. Do not touch." 9.INT. COMMAND CENTRE KOENIG: "Report at once. Repeat, do not touch." HELENA: "The abrasions are superficial. The blindness seems temporary." TONY (entering): "Science Lab Computer says they're not weapons. I don't understand how they got through the security system. It just does not..." -Big Screen (SFX): Sc 10. A kaleidoscope of colour. -Koenig watches. -Big screen (SFX): sc 10. -Koenig walks forward. TAYBOR (VO): "Ahoy, there! Permission to land!" KOENIG: "Identify yourself." -Big Screen (SFX): kaleidoscope. TAYBOR (VO): "Ahoy! Alpha! Permission to land, can you hear me?" -Koenig. KOENIG: "Anything on your screen, Maya?" MAYA: "Screen clear." -Big Screen (SFX) TAYBOR: "Ahoy! Alpha!" -Koenig KOENIG: "Permission to land refused. Alert all security guards. I want Eagles on the pad ready for immediate lift off." TAYBOR (VO): "Hold it! Hold it!" -Big Screen (SFX): TAYBOR: "I come in peace! Don't go sending out an Eagle to fly on my account." -Koenig. KOENIG: "I said identify yourself." TAYBOR (VO): "Coming, ready or not." -Big Screen (SFX): ((sc 12)) ship appears on lunar surface. -Helena. EXT. S.S. EMPORIUM (SFX) The Emporium opens panels like wings. 13.INT. COMMAND CENTRE KOENIG: "The name of your ship?" EXT. S.S. EMPORIUM (SFX) 13.INT. COMMAND CENTRE Koenig turns away, then back to the screen in frustration. KOENIG: "Who are you?" EXT. S.S. EMPORIUM (SFX) 13.INT. COMMAND CENTRE Koenig turns away, but turns back sharply as he hears... TAYBOR (now standing by arch): "Taybor's the name. Taybor's the name, tradings my game. Master of the S. S. Emporium. Greetings, friends." ((Guns point at him. He laughs deeply. He turns his hand towards the screen)) -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 14) another kaleidoscope on lunar surface. -Koenig. -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 14) a large gun appears; it's muzzle turns to us. -(sc 15) Koenig turns to Taybor, who nods at him. FADE OUT: ACT ONE THE TAYBOR featuring Tony Anholt guest star Willoughby Goddard production executive Reg Hill associate producer F. Sherwin Green technical director David Lane lighting cameraman Frank Watts BSC production designer Keith Wilson special effects designed and directed by Brian Johnson writer Thom Keyes director Bob Brooks 16.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) -Close shot under Emporium to Alpha. -Full shot of Emporium. WHIP PAN to gun, pointing at Alpha. 17.INT. COMMAND CENTRE -Big Screen (SFX): Gun. TAYBOR (VO): "Rather ominous and lethal appearing, isn't it?" -Command Centre (sc 18) TAYBOR: "But as harmless as an infant's rag doll, I do assure you." ((twists hand)) 19.EXT. MOON SURFACE (SFX) Gun disappears. 20.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TAYBOR: "No fears. A mere illusion. Huh, huh. I myself am quite unarmed, as you can see. But, ah, weapon-like instruments of any kind do tend to rattle my nerves, so, ah, if you would, ah,..." KOENIG: "You didn't identify yourself. And sudden appearances make us nervous." TAYBOR: "But I have been scanning you for some little time, so I knew it would be perfectly safe to come aboard." Koenig pauses, then nods slightly & puts his stun gun down. TAYBOR: "There! Now, I truly am among friends. You know, from my scanning observations I would say that you are Commander Koenig, the skipper of this trusty Moon? Yes. And the charming Doctor Russell." ((kisses her hand)) "Mister Verdeschi, your security really is splendid." ((sees Maya sat at her desk, facing away from him)) "And you, you must be the one who goes by the name of Maya. Such beauty is food to intoxicate the soul." ((Rolls last word on his tongue)) KOENIG: "Where did you come from?" TAYBOR: "Just now? I've been trading my wares at the Three Worlds fair on Azoth. Or, do you mean where do I come from? My natal soil? Soil, did I say? Dust is more the truth of it, if you know Pinvith the Lesser." KOENIG: "Pinvith?" TAYBOR: "Sixty-eight parsecs from the notorious Frontier Worlds of Shmagod, on the Inner Vesica Route. You may well wonder at my humble origins, and how a lad from Pinvith the Lesser has dragged himself two hundred thousand parsecs from the wrong side of a dusty world, on the wrong side of the wrong galaxy in the wrong Universe, to haul himself up by the graviton straps, so to speak, heh, heh, and to venture forth in search of beauty, beautiful things, beautiful people." ((eyes on Maya)) "And, and made it my special trade, ha, ha, among other items of course, ha, ha. My credentials, sir." -Big Screen (SFX): ((sc 21)) licence, bearing Taybor's signature. TAYBOR (VO): "My trader's licence's renewed, it's valid anywhere in the entire stellar system for the next four years." -Command Center (sc 22): TAYBOR: "But enough gossip about myself. I surely hope my little gifts announced my honest intentions preceding my coming aboard." KOENIG: "Gifts? Your gifts have put one of my technicians into a catatonic trance and badly burned and nearly blinded a young hydroponic assistant." TAYBOR: "Oh, skipper, believe me, only a baby could mishandle those simple toys... Oh, I see, I, uh, I presumed too much on the intelligence of your people, letting children play with fire. The instructions were quite clearly colour coded, the coding was supposed to be idiot proof.. Uh, is your race colour-blind by any chance?" KOENIG: "No." TAYBOR: "Doctor, if there's anything I can do, I have excellent medicines to do wonders for all kinds of complaints." HELENA: "Well, then, yes. The burns are healing, but we can't diagnose the trance caused by the cylindrical object." TAYBOR: "The memory amplifier?" HELENA: "One of our technicians picked it up.." TAYBOR: "Picked it up! It's a harmless memory aid, but you're only supposed to touch it. Oh, you can recall a forgotten number or where you put something for safe keeping, you can't remember where. Holding it? I'd say your technician will be in a trance state for about twelve hours or so." HELENA: "The treatment?" TAYBOR (with a chuckle): "Treatment? Your technician is blissfully happy recalling forgotten childhood memories. It would be quite harmful to disturb him. Especially if he has an eye for beauty." ((Looks at Maya)) "Does your species of humanoid require food and drink for sustenance?" KOENIG: "We do." TAYBOR: "Then I beg you to extend the hospitality of your table to this space worn traveller. I'm starving!" KOENIG: "I'm sorry. I imagined on your ship-" TAYBOR: "Hard tack. Deep space rations. All very well, but..satisfaction of fine food and drink,.. trusting your food is edible, makes bargaining a pleasure, don't you agree?" 23.INT. KOENIG'S PRIVATE DINING ROOM Laughter as Taybor drinks a mug of beer. TAYBOR: "Ah, nectar, Mister Verdeschi, pure nectar. Best meal I've had since the Rainbow Room on the Astra, and that merited two starbursts in the 'Gourmet's Guide to the Galaxy'. You, ah, brew the hops yourself, Mister Verdeschi?" TONY: "Yeah, it's a hobby of mine. I'm getting closer to perfecting it all the time. That.. Well, out of a scale of one to ten, I'd give it.. six for potency and three for flavour. Well, I'm glad you like it. Some people don't appreciate it." ((Looks sternly at Maya)) MAYA: "Who, me? Well, it's my doctor." HELENA: "Oh, well, of course, medically speaking I would have to label it, um, unfit for human consumption." TAYBOR: "Ho, ho, well. Myself would hesitate to disagree with two such beautiful ladies, your beer is a delight to the palate." KOENIG (seriously): "Mister Taybor-" TAYBOR: "Taybor, just Taybor, skipper, huh, huh." KOENIG: "Taybor. If we could get down to discussing- " TAYBOR: "Trade? I am always ready to discuss trade. I'm interested in this ale of yours, for instance. The sign of friendship on my planet, Maya,... " ((puts his hand on her knee)) Maya puts her hand under the table. Taybor is delighted, then in pain, as the claw hand grips his leg. MAYA: "Now we're friends." TAYBOR: "Yes.. " ((drinks deeply)) "Well now, skipper. What exchange interests you?" KOENIG: "Well, first I'm curious about one thing. How did your ship appear so suddenly without our scanners or sensors picking it up?" TAYBOR: "Your tracking devices cannot penetrate hyperspace." KOENIG: "Hyperspace? Where is hyperspace?" TAYBOR: "Everywhere that isn't space, heh!" MAYA: "What drives your ship?" TAYBOR: "My old tub? Just a normal jump drive. Intergalactic." KOENIG: "Jump drive?" TAYBOR: "You know, skipper. Switch on, set direction co-ordination in hyperspace and, oh, have to let the old girl warm up a bit now days, and then - jump! Anywhere in the Universe in a minute." ((Quite drunk)) KOENIG: "Anywhere? Could we build this jump drive? Could you explain how it works?" TAYBOR: "I don't know how it works! I am Taybor the trader, not a mechanic. This lousy old girl takes me where I want to go." ((Voice trailing off)) KOENIG: "Surely you have a drive manual? Diagrams that explain all the parts and how they work?" TAYBOR: "Diagrams? He- he wants a diagram.. Tungol ship diagrams for.. for.. for people.. you, who... you.." ((laugh)) " can't even manage a child's toy without danger to life and limb... he, he, he.. " ((laughs, gulps, then slumps forward & onto floor)) HELENA: "Drunk as a trader. He won't be able to answer any more questions until he sleeps it off." 24.INT. COMMAND CENTRE -Big Screen (SFX): Emporium. KOENIG (VO): "He knows more about that ship's drive than he's telling us." -Command Centre (sc 25): MAYA: "Most people can do a lot of things, operate a computer for instance, without the slightest idea of how it works." KOENIG: "That ship is intergalactic. If I could trade for the plans of that jump drive and get us all home, or at least to some habitable planet, I'd give the Earth." HELENA: "You could only give him the Moon, John." TONY: "Alpha is just primitive junk to him. What have we got that he wants?" MAYA: "You have a suspicious nature, Tony." TONY: "Anybody who likes my beer is somebody who can't be trusted, right?" ALL: "Right." TAYBOR (entering): "Aah! My dear friends. Te! ((looks up to screen)) "Not much to look at, is she? But after all, she's just a cargo ship." KOENIG: "Could she carry human cargo?" TAYBOR: "To where?" KOENIG: "A habitable planet. In your travels you must have come across some planet that's compatible with our needs." TAYBOR: "Huah.. I've darkened many a space port of call, skipper. And while they all have their share of goods to offer,.. " ((sits at Koenig's desk)) " there's none that will suit you." Beat. KOENIG: "Could you take us on an exploratory trip. Let us check out the planets you think are most habitable and let us decide for ourselves." TAYBOR: "Hmmm. In hyperspace with a jump drive I can take you anywhere." KOENIG: "What about Earth? Can you get us to Earth?" TAYBOR (after pause): "Earth... " ((stands)) "Yes, I suppose so." HELENA: "Earth! He could take us home." Maya looks down to the floor, sombrely. TAYBOR (to Maya): "You, my lovely bird. You share doctor Russell's joy at the prospect of going home, enough to grant me some small token of that joy?" MAYA: "My home is the planet Psychon." TAYBOR: "Psychon? Yes, I, ah, I bypassed it once. A typical star. Huh, the mist was too murky, very poor visibility for landing. I can take you there after we drop the others off." ((Tony looks open-mouthed at Taybor)) MAYA: "It no longer exists." TAYBOR: "Aah... Well, now, skipper. What's in all this for me?" KOENIG: "Draw up a contract for one Moon, its fixtures, fittings, spacecraft, libraries, machines, it's all yours." TAYBOR: "Are you the rightful owner of this Moon in law?" KOENIG: "Well, I guess...yes." TAYBOR: "You guess? Well, how can you guarantee that I won't find you've landed me with a pack of home worlders disputing your claim of possession with outstanding liens and mortgages on the property?" KOENIG: "Get us back, it's all yours." TAYBOR: "You haven't by any chance been, ah, sent away, have you?" HELENA: "What do you mean?" TAYBOR: "For all I know this could be a penal colony." TONY: "No, this isn't a penal colony, but maybe we could put you in the brig for causing injury to a couple of our people with your things." MAYA: "Tony!" TONY: "Well.." TAYBOR: "My apologies, skipper. I, uh, I'm sorry, I, uh, well, you meet some strange types in space, I guess I got carried away by over precautions, of course, you're, ah, you're all good people. I, ah, well, I'm sorry." ((extends hand to Koenig; he shakes it, smiling)) "Could I doubt ladies of such beauty and distinction? Beauty unequalled on a thousand planets." -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 26) star field. -Command Centre (sc 27): TAYBOR: "So you want to return to your Earth? This galaxy?" KOENIG: "No. Galaxy M one oh four." TAYBOR: "Oh." -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 28) Ten star fields cross screen. TAYBOR: "Ah? One oh four?" -Command Centre (sc 29): TAYBOR: "I can't say I recall it, exactly. It's interesting, though." -Big Screen: starfield: TAYBOR (VO): "It's the first intergalactic Moon I've come across." -Command Centre (sc 29): KOENIG: "I can't explain it. There've been space warps..." TAYBOR: "Aah! The little doors into hyperspace! So you do jump! Now, ah, let me find the M one oh four of yours on my charts. Which quadrant?" KOENIG: "Well, it's half way between PKS eleven forty eight double zero and three C four five four." TAYBOR: "Oh, I can't say that rings a bell either. Which Universal Quadrant?" KOENIG: "It's a.. spiral galaxy, it's right near N G C one eighty five and, ah, M thirty three. It's a small cluster of thirty or so." TAYBOR: "You do know the Quadrant, don't you, skipper?" KOENIG: "Well, I can screen a general diagram. I'm sure you can match it up with your charts." TAYBOR: "General diagram? Match up? Well,.. It doesn't work that way. If you can't give me the Quadrant, you can't give me the routing angle, can you?" KOENIG: "No." TAYBOR: "Or the subcluster or the spindrift?" ((Koenig shakes head,defeated)) "Well, I'm sorry. I just can't fix co-ordinates." KOENIG: "At least where are we now?" -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 30) Green dot flashes in star map. TAYBOR: "That's where you are." -Command Centre (sc 31): TAYBOR: "Aah, it's a big Universe. A lonely place to wander in. Oh, oh, come on. Let me cheer you up. Come aboard the S. S. Emporium. See what you fancy." KOENIG: "Thank you, Taybor." Others suspicious. TONY (quietly to Koenig): "John. Is it a good idea to go aboard his ship?" KOENIG: "I want that jump drive." TONY: "Yeh, I know. But he may have ideas about jump driving us out into space and then taking over Alpha." KOENIG: "Tony, I've already offered him Moonbase Alpha. He's turned it down." ((loud)) "Alright, Taybor. Let's go." TAYBOR: "Oh, splendid, skipper. Come. Allow me to pipe you aboard." ((twists hand & Koenig & Taybor disappear)) 32.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON They appear in the room of reflections and glittering light. TAYBOR: "My home! The old Emporium. Registered in Kantonrek for tax purposes." KOENIG: "Like an art gallery." TAYBOR: "Without beauty surrounding him, a man's soul corrodes into dust. Do you know, how many years, how much effort to accumulate this incomparable collection?" KOENIG (serious): "Taybor. If we can adapt your drive to our Eagles, we'd have a chance. You show me how it works, and I'll trade you anything, anything we've got." Beat. TAYBOR (goes to controls): "There you are, skipper. The jump drive." -Screen: shows spinning coloured, translucent plastic pieces. TAYBOR (VO): "I honestly do not understand it myself. That terrifying jumble is cast in one piece, with no moving parts." KOENIG: "How do you start it?" -Grand Salon (sc 34): TAYBOR: "Well, you switch that on. Something happens to all this, I suppose." ((sits)) "Once activated, it sets up some sort of chain reaction. If we come to terms, I'll let you study it. But all you'll get is a headache, I can assure you." KOENIG: "And that jumps you into hyperspace?" TAYBOR: "I never did understand. But let me show you the most beautiful sight in Creation." Humming. 35.INT. COMMAND CENTRE -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 35) Emporium fades into kaleidoscope. -Command Centre (sc 36) YASKO: "Tony!" -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 35) kaleidoscope fills shape of Emporium. -Command Centre (sc 36): TONY: "John. Do you read me?" ((sc 36)) 37.EXT. MOON SURFACE (SFX) Emporium finally disappears. TONY (VO): "Come in, John." 38.INT. COMMAND CENTRE HELENA: "What's he up to?" TONY: "Taybor the trader." FADE OUT: ACT TWO EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) -Eagle launches. -Eagle launches. 40.INT. COMMAND CENTRE -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 40) lunar hills. Cross grid over it. TONY (VO): "Well?" MAYA (VO): "The scanners clear, Tony." -Command Centre (sc 41) MAYA: "They must be in hyperspace." TONY: "Security? Get Fraser and McDougall on the surface on the double. Check out the entire area where that alien ship landed." SECURITY (VO): "Yes, sir." HELENA: "What does he want with John? Ransom?" TONY: "That wouldn't make sense. He could have taken anything he wanted any time." 42.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Two Eagles fly over hills; a third follows. ANDREWS (VO): "Eagle One to Command Centre." 43.INT. COMMAND CENTRE ANDREWS (on screen): "Empty space out here. No sign of anything." TONY: "Search patterns, everything in the book." 44.EXT. SPACE (SFX) The 3 Eagles peel off. 47.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY: "Maya, you know about hyperspace. Where is that ship?" MAYA: "I don't know, Tony. It could be a million light years away. There's no way of figuring." TONY: "Well, if you can't figure, then guess!" ((realises futility of it & rubs his head)) 49.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON TAYBOR (as the walls pulse with green light): "Beautiful, isn't it? The unending totality of hyperspace. It never ceases to move me deeply." KOENIG: "How can this ship register hyperspace?" TAYBOR: "We're not registering it, we are there." KOENIG: "You've left Alpha?" TAYBOR: "You, too, skipper. Oh, no, we haven't left Alpha." KOENIG (takes comlock): "Koenig to Alpha. Koenig to Alpha. Come in, Alpha." TAYBOR: "That won't work out here, my friend." KOENIG: "Out here? What do you mean, out here? You just said you haven't left Alpha." TAYBOR: "We haven't. Space has! The old Emporium is positioned exactly where she was on your Moon, not budged one inch, but we have shifted from common or garden continuum space to this dimension. Ah, more of a non-dimension, to be precise." KOENIG: "Put me through to my Command Centre." TAYBOR: "I can't! With the ship on stasis and the jump drive not warmed up." KOENIG: "You were able to teleport before. Yourself and your gadgets." TAYBOR: "Yes. The drive was still warm after the jump. I thought you said you wanted to get away from Alpha." KOENIG: "Where are you taking me, Taybor?" TAYBOR: "To the zoo, where you belong. Or better still, the slave market on Shaymonol." KOENIG: "No games, Taybor." ((draws gun)) "Get me back." TAYBOR: "Uh? That was a joke, skipper!" KOENIG: "Right now. I don't have much of a sense of humour." TAYBOR: "Ooh." ((laughs to self)) "What is a little joke? You actually think you're on your way to the zoo? You actually take me seriously? The zoo? Huh, huh.. The slave market?..." ((laughter)) KOENIG: "Alright, Taybor. I enjoyed seeing Hyperspace and I thought your joke was very funny. Now do we get down to discussing trade for that jump drive, or do you just get me back to Alpha?" TAYBOR: "Both, skipper. Both, I promise you. Ah, look. The old drive's warmed up. Of course we could still sneak off and have a couple of quick drinks on Aion Five. Only kidding, skipper. I can't resist it." ((waves hands)) "Estimated time of arrival thirty seconds." KOENIG (using comlock): "Alpha, do you read me?" ((sc 51)) -Tony appears on screen, before Koenig: TONY (on screen): "John, where are you?" -Grand Salon: KOENIG: "E T A thirty seconds." HELENA: "Where?" KOENIG: "Same place as before." 55.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY: "Fraser! McDougall!" 57.EXT. MOON SURFACE Two astronauts in moonbuggy. TONY (VO): "Get the hell out of there!" FRASER: "What?" TONY (VO): "Step on it! Clear that area!" FRASER: "What's the panic, Alpha?" INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY: "If you want to stay alive, get the hell out of there and make it fast!" 58.EXT. MOON SURFACE (SFX) Moonbuggy driving. INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY: "Faster!" 59.EXT. MOON SURFACE (SFX) -Moonbuggy driving along. -New angle as kaleidoscope pattern covers them. -New angle as they drive off. -Kaleidoscope becomes the Emporium. 60.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY: "You're all clear, well done. Okay, Eagles return to base." EXT. MOON SURFACE (SFX) Kaleidoscope fades from Emporium. 63.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON TAYBOR: "Satisfied?" KOENIG: "Taybor. Just what is it you want in trade?" TAYBOR: "Maya, skipper. Maya." FADE OUT: ACT THREE EXT. S.S. EMPORIUM (SFX) 64.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON TAYBOR (walks Koenig round): "Think of her amidst all this beauty, skipper. Think of this beauty, enhanced by her essence." KOENIG: "No, Taybor. The answer is still no." TAYBOR: "You want the jump drive, skipper?" KOENIG: "Taybor. Maya is not mine to give away." TAYBOR: "Pity. Those are my terms. Maya for the jump drive." KOENIG: "No deal." KOENIG: "You don't value your return to Earth as much as I thought." KOENIG: "Taybor, anything. Anything else on Alpha." TAYBOR: "Well. That seems to put an end to all discussion, doesn't it? Alone. Alone. All alone. Alone on a wide, wide sea. But you wouldn't know about that, would you skipper? Being alone. Loneliness." KOENIG: "Taybor. What if it didn't have to be that way? What if I did give Maya to you?" TAYBOR: "Skipper? You mean that?" KOENIG: "A duplicate Maya. An exact likeness. A perfect image. To travel with you everywhere you go in the Universe. Able to talk to you in her voice and Maya's voice. Just think, you'd never be alone again. You'd always have Maya with you. What's more, she'd never grow old. She'd always be beautiful, Taybor. Always be beautiful. Never grow old." TAYBOR: "Um. Skipper. You are as adept a trader as Taybor. If she'll be as you say, it's a deal." 65.INT. TECHNICAL SECTION Close up of Maya's face. Helena places instruments by her face. She is sculpting the robot Maya. The real Maya sits alongside. Taybor watches. TAYBOR: "Aah, um. A bit more of a smile on her face." ((Helena places instruments in front, which buzz)) "Aah, lovely. Aah, Doctor Russell. Could she have a little more of a wide eyed expression?" ((she holds instruments to the head; they hum)) HELENA: "How's that?" TAYBOR (considers): "Aah. Perfect. Absolutely perfect." 66.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON TAYBOR: "Are you really my beauty?" MAYA/MODEL: "Yes, Taybor." TAYBOR (twisting hand): "Ahoy there." 69.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TAYBOR: "Skipper." KOENIG: "Well, Taybor?" -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 68) Taybor. TAYBOR: "She's beyond perfection. As if she's been aboard forever. A creature of beauty to bring cheer and warmth " -Command Centre (sc 69) TAYBOR (VO): " into the life of this lonely wanderer." TONY (an aside to Koenig): "A wax work dummy with a computer voice? He's not right in the head." KOENIG: "He's too alright in the head." ((loud)) "Then you accept, Taybor?" 71.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON TAYBOR: "I accept, skipper. The jump drive is yours. But it's gonna take me some little time to decipher the master diagram." INT. COMMAND CENTRE TAYBOR (VO): "Meanwhile, ah, you can concentrate on the more rudimentary elements." 71.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON TAYBOR: "Call it a preorientation. Before you get to the brain boggling parts." ((laughs)) 73.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TAYBOR (VO): "You should be receiving it now." Pyramidal perspex object materialises on Koenig's desk. KOENIG: "Got it, Taybor. Thanks. For the diagram." ((Inspects it, baffled)) "Oh, by the way. Everyone on Alpha's anxious to trade wares with you." -Big Screen (SFX): Taybor TAYBOR (VO): "Delighted!" KOENIG: "In the Recreation Centre, then. One hour." -Command Centre: KOENIG: "Mister Verdeschi and Maya will assist you. I'll join you later." -Big Screen (SFX): TAYBOR (VO): "I'll be waiting, skipper." -Command Centre (as screen heard bleeping off): TONY: "You know, John, there's a little man running round inside my head who says you trust him less than I do, if that's possible." KOENIG: "It's possible." 74.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON TAYBOR: "I shall take you to the ends of the Universe, my flower, to sights unseen except by these eyes of mine. There's one planet, far beyond the beaten stars, a paradise, you will love it!" MAYA/MODEL: "I will love it, Taybor." TAYBOR: "That's what I like to hear." He walks to the platform & teleports. 75.INT. SURVEY EQUIPMENT ROOM -Ext. Door, with sign "Survey Equipment Room". -Subjective camera tracks over boxes: 'Deep Strata Scan', 'Strata Analysis', 'Top Dust Spectrometer', 'Thermal Spec/ Short Field', a nuclear charge, and a box labeled 'Limpets/ Multi-Channel'. A hand takes a short cylindrical box marked "LIM/TRAN". Koenig opens it & lifts out a small limpet. 76.INT. RECREATION CENTRE Ben enters, bumping into a girl as she leaves. Taybor addresses an audience. TAYBOR: "Come, come, dear people. Don't be bashful! What am I traded for this only one of its kind silver ball? I shall repeat again. It shall bring you sunshine where there is no sunshine, or if you turn it a degree, it will bring you soft trade winds from the sands of the planet Med. The sound of gentle waters rolling upon the sands will lull you in peace as though it were a symphony, as though the music of the Universe were being piped into your ears. Or this. A mirror, ladies and gentlemen, from the mystics high in the mountains of the planet Shand. Look into this mirror and see former images come to life again. Renew your youth, see your loved ones. What am I traded for this priceless item?" YASKO: "The silver ball for my bonsai tree." TAYBOR: "Done." KATE: "This pure hand loomed wool sweater for the mirror." TAYBOR: "Done." BEN: "The silver ball and the mirror for this ship in the bottle. It took me three years to make." TAYBOR (reluctant): "Done.. " ((sees Helena leaving)) "Ah, dear Doctor Russell. One precious moment, patience, my friends. I wanted to thank you for the creation of my lovely Miss Maya. A small token of my appreciation." ((Bottle appears in hand)) "It is essence of the planet Hermosia. Gathered from hyperspace by robot ships while its sun was going nova. It's, ah, aptly named 'infidelity', considering the sudden disappearance of its life giving orb." HELENA: "That's very, very kind of you, but.. " TAYBOR: "Say no more. It is my gift, I insist. Try it at once, for me." HELENA: "Alright. I'll try it. Thank you. Thank you." ((leaves)) 77.EXT. S.S. EMPORIUM (SFX) View under ship to Moonbase: an astronaut is standing in a buggy under the hull. 78.EXT. S.S. EMPORIUM Section hull. Koenig attaches the limpet, extends the aerial and turns the dial: close on it (labeled 'Limpet TRansmitter Type 42/77'). 79.INT. RECREATION CENTRE TAYBOR: "Well, my dear Alphans, I am afraid that is the last of my wares." ((Moan of "aah..")) "Ah, ah, the last! Oh, you have stripped me bare. However, I will see what I can rummage up when I get back to my ship. I thank you all for the honour of being able to trade with you." 80.EXT. S.S. EMPORIUM (SFX) View under Emporium to Moonbase, as moonbuggy leaves. 81.INT. RECREATION CENTRE TONY: "Time's getting on, Maya. We'd better get back to the Command Centre." MAYA: "Mmm." TONY: "Taybor. I'm sure the Commander will be in touch with you." TAYBOR: "I'm sure." MAYA: "I can compute all the figures of the trading if you want, Taybor." TAYBOR: "No, that won't be necessary, my dear Miss Maya." ((Diadem cluster materialises in his hand)) "I could not leave without presenting you with a small momento." MAYA: "It's beautiful." TAYBOR: "Not so beautiful as you. From the rocks of the ice caves on the planet of North Iridescent. My eternal gratitude for your patience in helping to bring the image of your beauty into my life." MAYA: "I must show it to Helena." TAYBOR: "Allow me to accompany you. No objections, Mister Verdeschi?" Maya nods at him. TONY: "Alright, well... I'll see you in Command Centre." ((leaves)) Taybor twists his hand & he & Maya disappear. FADE OUT: ACT FOUR 82.EXT. S.S. EMPORIUM (SFX) Pan up ship. 83.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON Close on Maya/Model. MAYA (VO): "Who is she?" TAYBOR: "You don't know who she is?" MAYA: "Never saw her before in my life." ((sees collection)) "What are those?" TAYBOR: "Collections, my jewel. Priceless riches for the gratification of those who can appreciate true beauty." MAYA: "We are leaving?" TAYBOR: "Soon, soon. But I've promised the skipper that I will be waiting for him and I always keep my promise...for we must say goodbye." 84.INT. COMMAND CENTRE KOENIG (entering): "Taybor's trading session over?" TONY: "Yeah. But the man does put on a good sideshow, I've got to admit that." KOENIG: "Where's Maya?" TONY: "Oh, she, ah, she's stopped off at Helena's. Wanted to show her going away present from Taybor." Koenig considers, then leaves. 86.INT. LIVING QUARTERS Helena relaxing. KOENIG (VO): "Helena." HELENA: "Come in, John." KOENIG (entering): "Helena, I... " HELENA: "The fragrance of this perfume is beautiful, isn't it?" KOENIG (going to hold her): "It's out of this world." HELENA: "Umm. Out of this world." KOENIG: "Where'd you get it?" HELENA: "Don't ask questions, to me. Make me laugh." KOENIG: "It's beautiful. Strong." HELENA: "Oh, it's beautiful. And the wonderful thing about Taybor's perfume is that it makes you feel like doing whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it. And the Moon can just keep on rolling by." KOENIG (sobering up at name): "Taybor's perfume. Wait a minute. It's not right." HELENA: "It's beautiful." KOENIG: "Something's not right." HELENA: "Oh, it's right, John." KOENIG: "No, Taybor's perfume." HELENA: "Umm." KOENIG: "Helena, it distorts the mind." HELENA: "Be free, John. Float in space." 87.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON -On screen are shown Koenig & Helena in her quarters. KOENIG (regaining control sharply): "Taybor's tricked us! Listen to me, Helena!" -Taybor watches: KOENIG (VO): "Helena, listen to me, we've been tricked." -On screen: Koenig holds Helena as she recovers KOENIG: "We've been tricked." HELENA: "No.." KOENIG (more softly): "You alright?" HELENA: "I..I'm alright." -Taybor turns to Maya. ((sc 89) TAYBOR: "Relax. Relax. We shall be leaving soon." MAYA: "Leaving soon." 90.INT. COMMAND CENTRE KOENIG (enters): "Yasko. Link me up to Taybor's ship." TAYBOR (VO): "You've never been unlinked, skipper." -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 91) Taybor. TAYBOR: "I just couldn't depart without saying goodbye." He turns to the side to look back at Maya. -Command Centre: Helena enters as Tony stands & walks forward. 92.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON TAYBOR: "Heh heh. I must say you Alphans are children when it comes to trading." INT. COMMAND CENTRE KOENIG: "We've kept our part of the bargain, Taybor. Give Maya back." 94.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON TAYBOR: "Give her back? Well, I wouldn't want you wandering round the Universe saying that Taybor the trader was dishonest. Can't afford to have my license revoked. So you shall have your Maya back." ((turns to Maya & twists hand)) 95.INT. COMMAND CENTRE Maya/Model appears (with no necklace). They start to her, back her face explodes. They hear Taybor's laugh. -Big Screen (SFX): Taybor TAYBOR (laughter): "Did..did you think I'd settle for a copy, skipper? I..I only collect originals!" ((laughter)) ((sc 96)) -Command Centre: they watch, appalled. 97.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON Maya drops the cluster from her neck as Taybor laughs. MAYA (sternly): "Send me back, Taybor." TAYBOR: "Not now, Miss Maya." ((waves hand over controls)) 98.EXT. S.S. EMPORIUM (SFX) Fades into kaleidoscope. 97.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON TAYBOR: "I am willing to marry you, if being a bride is what you wish." 98.EXT. S.S. EMPORIUM (SFX) Kaleidoscope disappears leaving bare lunar surface. 99.INT. COMMAND CENTRE YASKO: "They've moved into hyperspace, Commander." KOENIG: "Yasko. Scan the area where Taybor's ship was standing." -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 100) close on lunar hills, cross grid over. YASKO: "There sir." -They watch. ((sc 101)) KOENIG: "Nothing. Okay." TONY: "What'd'you mean, okay?" 102.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON TAYBOR (advancing on her): "We will travel the galaxies together, tasting of their wonders." MAYA (tips over cylinder between them): "I want to go back to Alpha!" TAYBOR (continuing on): "Not only is your beauty breathtaking, but you have the spirit of a wild untamed beast." MAYA: "You don't know how wild, Taybor." She transforms into a snarling white dog. Taybor twists his a hand and a net materialises around her. TAYBOR: "A transmorph!" Maya transforms from a dog into a weasel ((sc 103)) and crawls out the cage. She reverts to Maya, but finds herself in a glass case. (sc 104) Taybor turns away. 105.INT. COMMAND CENTRE -Big Screen (SFX): Taybor TAYBOR: "You never told me that my beauty " -Command Centre: TAYBOR (VO): " was a transmorph. Now that wasn't very honest of you, skipper." KOENIG: "You never asked." TAYBOR: "Bye skipper." KOENIG: "Wait!" -Big Screen (SFX): TAYBOR: "Taybor the trader has completed his transaction. The best to date!" -Command Centre as link cut: TONY: "They're in hyperspace. We'll never get her back." ((sc 106)) KOENIG: "I think we will. I've planted a limpet transmitter on Taybor's spaceship." HELENA: "It means we have contact with hyperspace?" KOENIG: "Exactly. Yasko. Open channel D four." YASKO: "Yes, sir." 109.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON TAYBOR: "You will come to love it out here one day, my pretty." MAYA: "Send me back." TAYBOR: "What? Lose my most beautiful possession? When in hyperspace there is no way you can return. Alpha cannot even contact us." 110.INT. COMMAND CENTRE YASKO: "Frequency open, Commander." KOENIG: "Maya. We have a limpet transmitter " 111.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON KOENIG (VO): " attached to Taybor's spaceship. We know you're in hyperspace and there's no way we can get you back." INT. COMMAND CENTRE KOENIG: "Remember. Taybor surrounds himself with things of beauty, that's why you're there." 111.INT. TAYBOR'S GRAND SALON KOENIG: "Please try to understand. Try to understand." TAYBOR: "It seems the skipper is more perceptive than I thought." MAYA: "Yes, I understand. You wanted no longer to be lonely, Taybor. You wanted companionship." TAYBOR: "Yes,.. my beauty... Yes." MAYA: "Then you shall have it, Taybor, love.." Sound of lightning strike, as Maya transforms into a gross slatternly woman. Bursts into laughter as glass shatters. TAYBOR (appalled): "Noo! Please, you can't do this to me! You can't be the one to desecrate the beauty of all I given my life to gather. Please change!" MAYA/FAT: "I have locked myself in this form, and I will stay with you forever!" TAYBOR: "You foolish metamorph.. I'm giving you the opportunity to be surrounded by beauty forever!" MAYA/FAT: "Taybor. You know everything about hyperspace, but you know nothing about inner space. I will be the judge of where I want to be, and I want to be back on Alpha." TAYBOR: "Please change...change back again. You've got to stay with me. I'll make you stay with me!" MAYA/FAT: "Alright, Taybor. I will stay with you. It will be your pleasure to look at me in this form, a female reflection of yourself...forever!" TAYBOR: "Aargh!" ((quiet moan:)) "Forever...forever...forever..." 112.INT. COMMAND CENTRE Maya rematerialises. HELENA: "Maya!" TONY: "Maya! You alright? It's really you, is it?" MAYA: "Thank you, Commander. You were right. He only wanted beautiful things around him." TONY: "Well, it's lucky you don't qualify." MAYA: "That's not nice." Laughter. FADE OUT: EPILOGUE 113.INT. COMMAND CENTRE MAYA: "You know, I could have had a hairdo at the Astra on Azoth." HELENA: "You could have?" MAYA: "Mmm. If I'd just said the word Taybor would have given me the Universe." TONY: "The Universe, oh sure. Rabbits out of the hat, you mean. He was nothing more than a con man." 114.INT. RECREATION CENTRE Alphans admiring silver balls and mirrors. Suddenly they are replaced in their hands by sweaters and their other old belongings. 115.INT. COMMAND CENTRE YASKO: "Commander. I am getting reports from all over Alpha. All the traded things are vanishing." Helena looks at Maya's desk. HELENA: "All our things are reappearing. Kate's sweater, Yasko's bonsai tree, Doctor Vincent's ship- outside the bottle." ((laughter)) The pyramid disappears in Koenig's hands. KOENIG: "Well, looks as if- Taybor's a sore loser after all." TONY (at Maya): "If you just said the word, he'd have given you the Universe, huh?" MAYA: "Well, he had a nice way of speaking. Unlike some people I know." HELENA: "Alright. The thing is, to beware of traders bearing gifts." KOENIG: "I was just thinking of that perfume Taybor gave you." HELENA: "Keep thinking. We don't need Taybor's perfume." ((she walks past him to the door)) FREEZE FRAME producer Fred Freiberger from ITC Television c ITC -Incorporated Television Company Ltd MCMXXVI Jeffrey Kissoon dr ben vincent John Hug fraser Yasuko Nagazumi yasko Laraine Humphreys karen Rita Webb slatternly woman Mel Taylor andrews music by Derek Wadsworth production manager Donald Toms casting director Lesley de Pettitt editor Alan Killick sound supervisor Roy Baker sound editors Peter Pennell, Jack T Knight GBFE music editor Alan Willis financial director Terence Connors sound recordist Claude Hitchcock camera operator Neil Binney costume designer Emma Porteous assistant director Robert Lynn continuity Gladys Goldsmith construction manager Bill Waldron make-up Basil Newall, Connie Reeves hairdresser Jan Dorman, Jeannette Freeman wardrobe Masada Wilmot asst. art director Michael Ford SPECIAL EFFECTS lighting cameraman Nick Allder camera operator David Litchfield electronics Michael S. E. Downing Processed at Rank Film Laboratories SPACE 1999 created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson Filmed at Pinewood & Bray Studios, England