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Journey To Where ScreenplayDonald JamesDirectorTom CleggFinal shooting script 18th February 1976 Amendments 2,4,11,17,18,22, 25 March 1976 Cast: Commander John KoenigMartin LandauDoctor Helena RussellBarbara Bain MayaCatherine SchellTony VerdeschiTony Anholt Alan CarterNick Tate Doctor Ben VincentJeffrey Kissoon YaskoYasuko NagazumiJacksonLaurence Harrington KateSarah BullenDr Charles LoganFreddie Jones CarlaIsla BlairMacdonaldRoger Bizley1st operative texasNorwich Duff 2nd OperativeOld cronePeggy PageMaya/Hyde5 swordsmen Sets: Int. Command Centre Int. Medical Centre Int. Power Room Int. Texas City Space Station Ext. Wooded Area (location) Int. Dungeon & Tunnel Int. Great Hall Int. Torture Chamber & Tunnel Hook 1. EXT. MOON (SFX) CARLA (VO): "This is a neutrino transmission. This is a neutrino transmission." 2.INT. COMMAND CENTRE Koenig is walking in through the front arch. CARLA (VO): "Calling Moonbase Alpha by neutrino transmission." KOENIG (walks in & to Tony): "Where from?" TONY: "Dunno. But it's no random transmission." -Big Screen (SFX): stars TONY (VO): "They're calling us." CARLA (VO): "Calling Moonbase Alpha by neutrino transmission." -Command Centre. KOENIG: "Yasko. Identification." YASKO (as Koenig paces): "This is Moonbase Alpha. Identify." CARLA (VO): "Moonbase Alpha." -Big Screen (SFX): CARLA (VO): "Moonbase Alpha." -Command Centre. CARLA (VO): "This is Space Station One, Texas City, Planet Earth. I repeat. This is Space Station One, " 5.INT. MEDICAL Helena, Ben and a patient in bed listen. CARLA (VO): "Texas City, planet Earth. Please stand by." 6.INT. COMMAND CENTRE KOENIG: "Tony. Keep that channel open." YASKO: "They've broken contact." KOENIG: "Well get them back. Tony. What about neutrino transmissions?" TONY: "When we left Earth the first neutrino experiments had just begun." MAYA: "They can cover billions of miles in a matter of seconds." KOENIG: "But could they have perfected that system so soon?" TONY (stands): "Yeah, sure. We've been in space for months." KOENIG: "Which in Earth terms is decades." TONY: "Right!" KOENIG: "Okay. Okay. So it could be Earth." LOGAN (VO): "Moonbase Alpha." -Big Screen (SFX): LOGAN (VO): "Moonbase Alpha." -Command Centre. LOGAN (VO): "Respond." KOENIG: "This is Commander John Koenig of Moonbase Alpha." -Big Screen (SFX): LOGAN (VO): "Commander. This is Doctor Charles Logan " -Command Centre. LOGAN (VO): " senior space scientist, Texas City. I think you will understand when I tell you that our year is twenty one twenty A.D. Please listen carefully." ((during this, Helena & Ben enter)) "In seventy two hours a galactic eclipse will cut our communication channel to you. But in that time, if you can act quickly enough, we are capable of transferring you back to Earth. I repeat. A return to your own planet Earth is possible -if you put yourselves completely in our hands." TONY: "That's fantastic." KOENIG: "It could be. If that's really a transmission from Earth." FADE OUT ACT ONE JOURNEY TO WHERE featuring Tony Anholt Nick Tate guest stars Freddie Jones, Isla Blair production executive Reg Hill associate producer F. Sherwin Green technical director David Lane lighting cameraman Frank Watts BSC production designer Keith Wilson special effects designed and directed by Brian Johnson writer Donald James director Tom Clegg EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Seen over hills. 7.INT. COMMAND CENTRE Jackson touches Yasko's shoulder & smiles as he passes her (Kate & Ben are leant over her desk). Jackson goes to check the computer. He passes Maya taking a readout. KOENIG: "Well?" MAYA: "The eclipse story checks out. In seventy two hours an entire constellation will begin to move between us and Earth's solar system. Communications will be impossible for almost a century." YASKO: "Standing by for construction details for the transference dome." LOGAN (VO): "Commander Koenig." -Big Screen (SFX): LOGAN (VO): "This is Logan." -Command Centre. LOGAN (VO): "Is your Science Officer ready to receive our instructions for building the transference dome?" KOENIG (goes to his desk): "No, Doctor Logan, she is not." ((Kate & Alan turn with surprise to him)) LOGAN (VO): "Commander. We have time to make the transfer but you must start construction work now." KOENIG: "What was the name of the wife of the first man in space?" TONY: "Hey. The natives are growing restless." KOENIG: "Let's hope Logan can calm them down." TONY: "Right." LOGAN (VO): "The first man in space was the Russian Yuri Gagarin. He was unmarried. The first married man in space was the American Alan Shepherd, May fifth, nineteen sixty one. His wife was Louise Shepherd." KOENIG: "Who won the World series in nineteen ninety eight?" LOGAN (VO): "I don't need a computer for that. The nineteen ninety eight World Series was won four three by the Boston Red Socks against the Saint Louis Cardinals." ((Koenig laughs)) "That was the last time the Red Socks won the series before all competitive sports were abandoned in the year twenty twenty six. About the transference dome?" KOENIG: "Forgive my caution, doctor. Maya. As soon as you have Doctor Logan's instructions I want you to contact the Engineering Section and have construction started." Maya walks away, emotionless. Alan & the others look round gleefully. TONY (leaving): "Wow wee.." KOENIG: "Hey hey!" ((he & Helena hug)) 9.INT. MEDICAL Tony at his brewing machine. A beep. TONY: "Yeah, come in." ((Maya enters & leans to look past him at the machine)) MAYA: "Progress?" TONY: "Mm mm" ((drinks beer)) "Oh. Oh wow. that is...fantastic. Well. Pretty fantastic. It took me six months to reach this stage of perfection. How about a sample?" MAYA: "No thanks. I've tasted your last concoction." TONY: "Oh, come on, it's not going to affect you." Maya drinks. Close on her eyes: she transforms into Mr Hyde & hisses at him. MAYA/HYDE: "You're right, Tony. It doesn't have any effect at all." TONY: "All I wanted was an honest opinion." ((she transforms back & laughs)) "What does an alien know about beer anyway? Give me that." MAYA: "Do you know your problem, Tony?" TONY: "No, what's my problem, Maya?" MAYA: "You're prejudiced." TONY: "Me, prejudiced? Just because you look funny, come from the planet Psychon and turned into an eel the last time I put my arms around you?" MAYA: "Prejudiced." TONY: "That's not prejudice." MAYA: "What is it then?" TONY: "Fascination. Now come on, how about a hand with these?" ((of a tray of beer; she turns her head from side to side playfully)) "Look, Maya, how about a h-hand with the- " ((she laughs)) "Listen, everybody's in Command Centre waiting to celebrate our return to Earth." ((He takes tray off- she is sombre. At door)) "Well, don't just stand there, come on." ((she smiles & follows)) 10.EXT. TEXAS CITY (SFX) Close on Tower. 11.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN (entering): "Carla. We have sixty hours in which to indoctrinate the people of Alpha." CARLA: "The material is assembled, Doctor Logan. I'm ready to transmit." LOGAN: "Mm. Mm." 12.INT. COMMAND CENTRE CARLA (VO): "Moonbase Alpha. Moonbase Alpha. This is Space Station One, Texas City, Planet Earth." ((as Alphans enter, including Maya & Tony)) -Big Screen (SFX): Texas City tower. CARLA (VO): "Texas City is one of several metropolitan complexes which now comprise the inhabited area of " -Command Centre: CARLA (VO): " what you used to call the United States. You might like to see one or two of the others." -Big Screen (SFX): Two more shots of towers. CARLA (VO): "Pacific City. And grand Metropolis." -Command Centre: CARLA (VO): "What you used to know as Boston, New York, New Jersey, the whole eastern seaboard." -Big Screen (SFX): CARLA (VO): "You can see we've come a long way." -Command Centre: HELENA: "The cities are fantastic. But what about the countryside?" CARLA (VO): "Nobody lives there now." 13.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION CARLA: "And in any case our personal telesensual systems can create the illusion of Spring in the Rocky Mountains, fall in old New England, " 14.INT. COMMAND CENTRE CARLA (VO): " simply by the touch of a button." HELENA: "But why not just go there, go to the Rockies in the spring and New England in the fall?" 15.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION CARLA: "The pollution of the twenty first century. It destroyed everything." 16.INT. COMMAND CENTRE -Big Screen (SFX): Leafless trees. CARLA (VO): "Trees." ((Picture: dead cow in desert)) "Crops." ((Soapy river)) "Rivers." ((static over picture)) -Command Centre: CARLA (VO): "That's why we built the metrocomplexes and retired to them." INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION CARLA: "Now of course, who needs nature?" 16.INT. COMMAND CENTRE KATE: "Who needs nature?" ((Toasts with Tony's beer)) MAN: "Who needs nature?" ALAN (& others): "Ah, who needs nature?" ((they drink)) TONY: "Ah, well?" ALAN: "Well, umm. On an ascending scale of ten I'd say that you'd reached maybe..two?" TONY: "You know your problem? You've got no taste, kid." ALAN: "Ah hah, before I tasted this, I had." TONY: "Hmff. Pilot." ALAN (laughs): "Maya." ((returns cup to her tray; then puts finger to his tongue)) 23.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN (stands & walks away): "Less than thirty hours to go and Koenig insists we transfer test instruments first." CARLA: "In his place would you do any different?" 17.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) A building beyond the base. 18.INT. POWER ROOM Ben & Helena with red Ariel capsule inside a column. HELENA: "The test package is assembled." 19.INT. COMMAND CENTRE HELENA (VO): "Sensors in the antenna are designed to simulate blood pressure " -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 20) HELENA (on screen): " respiration and body temperature. This is the heart of the system." BEN (shows wrist monitor): "With this recorder we can follow the readings all the way to Earth." ((he puts it on the side of the capsule)) -Command Centre: (sc 21) KOENIG: "Doctor Logan. Test package in position. It's all yours from now on." LOGAN (VO): "Thank you Commander." 23.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "Transfer procedure green." OPERATIVE: "Neutrino factor green." OPERATIVE 2: "All charges green." LOGAN: "Reception area." CARLA (as halation in area): "Halation begins." INT. POWER ROOM 25.INT. COMMAND CENTRE -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 25) Package. -Command Centre: (sc 26) KOENIG: "Begin monitoring." HELENA: "Heart role normal. Body temperature normal." 27.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION HELENA (VO): "Respiration normal." LOGAN: "Good. Now expect a slight temperature drop as the process begins." OPERATIVE: "Thirty seven." LOGAN: "Heart and respiration should remain normal." OPERATIVE: "Thirty five. Thirty four. Thirty three. Thirty two. Thirty one." ((a panel on the desk flashes. Logan goes to it)) "Thirty. Twenty nine. Twenty eight." ((Logan picks up the small card & studies it)) "Twenty seven. Twenty six. Twenty five." CARLA: "What is it?" OPERATIVE: "Twenty four. Twenty three." LOGAN: "Adverse weather condition." OPERATIVE: "Twenty two." CARLA: "Freak storm activity?" LOGAN: "Worse than that. Commander Koenig. We have seismic reports of a small quake in the Gulf of Mexico." 28.INT. COMMAND CENTRE KOENIG: "In nineteen ninety nine our earthquake prediction systems were highly sophisticated." LOGAN: "And they're even more sophisticated now." 27.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "But this area of Central America is still too unstable for any exact predictions." 28.INT. COMMAND CENTRE KOENIG: "Could these small shocks affect your calculations?" 29.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "Well of course they could." 30.INT. COMMAND CENTRE KOENIG: "Will you delay the transfer?" 31.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "Delay - why? This is simply a test package." 32.INT. POWER ROOM Package. Whine heard. 33.INT. COMMAND CENTRE HELENA: "Temperature falling. Heart and respiration normal." KOENIG: "Good. Good." 34.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION OPERATIVE: "Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven." CARLA: "Interference zero." OPERATIVE: "Six. Five." CARLA: "Still zero." ((looking at wavy line on screen)) OPERATIVE: "Four." LOGAN: "Excellent. Let's go." LOGAN and OPERATIVE together: "Three. Two. One." Halations in reception area. 35.INT. POWER ROOM Package disappears in halation. 36.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION Logan goes to window of reception area. 35.INT. POWER ROOM Package gone. 36.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION Package appears. Logan enters, looks back at Carla, touches the aerial & rubs his hands gleefully. LOGAN: "Moonbase Alpha. Your test package is here with us on Earth. Readings?" 37.INT. COMMAND CENTRE HELENA: "Heart, respiration..and temperature normal." TONY: "Fantastic! Chalk one up for our side!" Alan picks up & spins Yasko. Much merriment. INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION Logan strides back to Carla. INT. COMMAND CENTRE KOENIG: "Doctor Logan. What's the forecast on the quake activity?" 38.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN (as selects a pill): "There is no precise forecast, Commander." KOENIG (VO): "Is there any risk?" LOGAN: "Yes. Whether you take it or not is up to you." ((puts pill in mouth)) Beat. 39.INT. COMMAND CENTRE KOENIG: "How many can you transfer at one time?" LOGAN (VO): "Three." MAYA: "No precise quake forecast- that means the whole transfer process could be affected." TONY: "Yeah. The Earth tremors could distort the beam reflection. John, why don't you hold off, just for a while?" KOENIG: "Time, Tony. We have no time. Room for two more." HELENA: "You never know when you need a doctor." JACKSON (whispers to Alan): "Why should they go first?" ALAN: "Why, do you want to take the risk?" TONY: "They said three, didn't they?" MAYA: "You told me heroes were fools who had a talent for nothing else." Alan & Tony step forward together. KOENIG: "Sorry, Tony. You're in command of Alpha now. Let's go." TONY: "Good luck." MAYA (drinking): "You know, this stuff doesn't taste so bad after all." Tony puts his hand to her cup to stop her taking another drink. 45.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "Ladies and gentlemen. This is no longer just an experiment. We have at last escaped from the laboratory." ((they turn back to their desks)) 41.INT. POWER ROOM The three check their watches. TONY (VO): "Respiration, heart, temperature rate?" KOENIG: "A okay." ALAN (quietly sings): "Fly me from the moon at last.." ((to them, cheerfully)) "Let Alpha be my long lost past." ((all laugh)) 42.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY: "Ready to go, John." 43.INT. POWER ROOM KOENIG: "You call the signals, Tony." 44.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY: "Doctor Logan. Take good care of them." INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION They all looks at Logan, walking away from the desk. 46.INT. POWER ROOM Halation. 47.INT. COMMAND CENTRE BEN: "Doctor Russell- heart and respiration normal. Temperature falling. Ninety eight point one. Ninety seven point one. Commander Koenig. Alan Carter." 48.INT. POWER ROOM Halation. BEN (VO): "Similar temperature drops. Ninety six point three." 49.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION OPERATIVE: "Nine. Eight." 49A.EXT. TEXAS CITY (SFX) Rumbling heard over Earth surface. OPERATIVE (VO): "Seven. Six." 49.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION CARLA: "High seismic activity." OPERATIVE: "Five." LOGAN: "Location." OPERATIVE: "Four." CARLA: "Gulf of Mexico." OPERATIVE: "Three." CARLA: "Closing." OPERATIVE: "Two. One." CARLA: "Abort?" LOGAN: "Too late." 49A.EXT. TEXAS CITY (SFX) Surface: rocks roll down, crevasse opens. 50.INT. POWER ROOM Halation. 49A.EXT. TEXAS CITY (SFX) Surface, domes beyond. Crevasse opens. 50.INT. POWER ROOM Halation. 49A.EXT. TEXAS CITY (SFX) -Surface as crevasse opens. -Surface, domes beyond, as rocks fall into foreground crevasse. 51.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION Rocks violently. INT. POWER ROOM Halation obscures Alphans. EXT. TEXAS CITY (SFX) -Surface: explosion in crevasse. -Surface: rockfall. -Surface: explosion in crevasse. INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION In shaking, operatives leave their desks. EXT. TEXAS CITY (SFX) Surface, domes beyond. Rockfalls foreground. 51.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION Logan goes to the reception chamber. There is a small explosion inside. LOGAN: "They're not here, Alpha. Well, are they- there?" INT. POWER ROOM Halation fades leaving empty cabinet. LOGAN (VO): "Are they still there?" 52.INT. COMMAND CENTRE LOGAN (VO): "They've gotta be there, Alpha." Ben types furiously on console. INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "They've gotta be there." INT. POWER ROOM Deserted room. INT. COMMAND CENTRE Ben typing as Tony & Maya look over his shoulder. FADE OUT ACT TWO 54.EXT. WOODED AREA Koenig wakes by stream & looks around. Unseen by him, a figure watches in the bushes. Koenig sees Helena lying beyond the bushes & goes to her, to be joined by Alan. KOENIG: "Helena. Helena. You alright? Alan?" ALAN: "Yeah." HELENA: "What happened?" KOENIG: "Dunno." HELENA (cont): "Where are we?" KOENIG: "Dunno.. pushed our luck too far..something went wrong." ALAN (licking leaf dew): "Rain. Trees. Well, at least it's an atmosphere we can breathe." HELENA: "But they said that -everything between -the cities was desert, was a wasteland." KOENIG: "So wherever we are, we're not on Earth. It's a wonder we're alive." 55.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION Two operatives work in the Reception Area. LOGAN: "Get that power line hooked up right away. Carla, check the main computer." TONY (VO): "Doctor Logan, what's happening down there?" LOGAN (with sigh): "Give us time." 56.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY (angrily): "Time?! What for?! Where are they, doctor? I want to know what's happened." LOGAN (VO): "The equipment's damaged, we don't know how badly yet." BEN: "We have a reading. Doctor Russell. Heart, respiration, temperature, normal. Commander Koenig, normal." MAYA: "Tony. Wherever they are, they're alive." TONY: "Doctor Logan. We're reading them. They're somewhere in space. You've got to find them." 57.EXT. WOODED AREA Alan drills twigs. Helena coughs as Koenig gives her his jacket. HELENA: "John, you're going to need that yourself." KOENIG: "We'll all be warm if Alan ever gets that fire started." ALAN (laughs, then sings): "Fire, fire, burn so bold, can't you see she's feeling cold. Well, now you can see why I got drummed out of the boy scouts. Hey. Will you tell me something." KOENIG: "Anything if you stop singing." ALAN: "If we're not on Earth, where are we?" KOENIG: "We could be anywhere in the Universe." HELENA: "We'll never get back." KOENIG: "We'll get back. If you were Logan, what would you do?" HELENA: "I'd recreate the conditions that caused the error." KOENIG: "And pinpoint our location." ((Helena coughs)) ALAN: "Yeah, well he'd better not drag his feet. That eclipse takes place in less than twenty four hours." KOENIG: "He'll have time to spare. Get that fire started, will you?" ALAN: "Hey, I've got a suggestion. Let's go find some shelter, huh?" KOENIG: "Alright. Come on." ((they both help Helena up)) HELENA: "Oh, come on, I can walk." ((coughs)) -They walk through the bushes. A man peers at them as they pass, then moves off through the vegetation. A second observer follows him. -Helena sneezes. KOENIG: "Bless you. It's the damp air. You're not used to it." ALAN: "Damp air? A cold." HELENA: "Now look, you'd better stay away. After the germ free environment of Alpha, we've no resistance. A common cold could be as lethal as cholera or the Black Plague." KOENIG: "You're the doctor, Helena." HELENA: "There's no immediate danger. But development into pneumonia..." ((coughs)) KOENIG: "Logan will be recalculating now. We'll be on Earth before it ever gets that far." ((She coughs & goes on; Koenig looks at Alan & they follow)) 58.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "How's that recalculation coming?" CARLA: "Too many variables. The computer's acting up." LOGAN: "Stay on it." ((uses desk)) "Logan here." RADIO (VO): "Yes, sir." LOGAN: "I want seismic units to reproduce that last earthquake effect." RADIO (VO): "Yes, sir." CARLA: "I'm not sure we can detonate." LOGAN: "I want it set up anyway. Alpha, any change?" TONY (VO): "Respiration, heart rate, temperature all normal." 59.INT. COMMAND CENTRE MAYA: "Wait a minute. Normal except for Doctor Russell's temperature- it's rising." TONY: "Rising!" BEN: "That probably means...infection!" TONY: "Doctor Logan. You've got to find them. Fast." 60.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "I'm doing everything I can at this end. I have search teams scanning the desert." 61.INT. COMMAND CENTRE MAYA: "Earth's desert is uninhabited. They couldn't breathe that polluted air. They'd be dead by now." 62.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN (covering face in hand): "I know that, but I don't want to overlook any possibility." 63.EXT. WOODED AREA Koenig feels his arms in the cold air. He sees a track of paw prints. ALAN: "Animals." KOENIG: "I wonder what kind?" ALAN: "Atmosphere. Rain. Birds. Vegetation and animals. Chances are there's going to be some kind of intelligent life form too." Others go on, leaving Alan looking at track. A bird twitters. Alan looks back & runs off. Further on, Helena stops, coughing. HELENA: "John, please, stay away." KOENIG: "How about checking your temperature?" HELENA: "It's climbing." Alan reaches an open glade & bank, the earth matted with leaves. He looks up: a man jumps on him, but Alan throws him off. Hearing, Koenig runs off, leaving Helena. In the glade the man draws a sword & sweeps it at Alan, who ducks & retreats. Alan kicks the man back, but the assailant rises. Alan again retreats & finds himself against a tree: he kicks the man away again & picks up a branch, using it to block the sword sweeps. Alan thrusts with the branch, but it is knocked away & he falls to the ground. The man lifts the sword to impale him, but is jumped upon by Koenig, who takes the sword. The two Alphans & the man circle. KOENIG: "We need help. We're not going to hurt you. We just need help. Help us." ((The man runs off)) "Helena." ((they run off)) Alan & Koenig emerge out of bushes to see Helena surrounded by five swordsmen. KOENIG: "Helena." Koenig throws down his sword & some of the men go to them to push them to Helena. 64.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "There must be a way." CARLA: "We need time to reprogram." LOGAN: "We don't have time." CARLA: "Doctor, the- the computer is not acting." LOGAN: "Moonbase Alpha." 65.INT. COMMAND CENTRE LOGAN (VO): "We have a problem." TONY (irony): "Huh, well how about that. Join the tribe, Space Station One. Define, please." LOGAN (VO): "We've set up a seismic unit to simulate the identical earth tremor conditions at the time of transference." TONY: "But." INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "But our main computer is damaged. Won't activate, no time to repair and reprogram." INT. COMMAND CENTRE LOGAN (VO): "Impossible to detonate." MAYA: "I think I can handle it from here, Tony." TONY: "Hold on, Space Station One. We have an expert who thinks she can solve your problem. Here she is." MAYA: "How heavy would the force be, doctor?" 66.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "The explosives would give us the equivalent of a force Beta Zero quake." 67.INT. COMMAND CENTRE Maya takes a readout from the computer banks. MAYA: "At our present rate of speed and distance from you, I can send a beam down in thirty seconds." 68.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION MAYA (VO): "Can you clear a channel in your computer?" LOGAN: "We can sure try." Carla works at her desk. A small panel displays 'Channel clear' CARLA: "I've cleared a channel for you, Moonbase Alpha, but I don't know how long I can keep it locked." MAYA (VO): "I'm matching up with you, Space Station One." 68A.INT. COMMAND CENTRE Maya types. A bar on her monitor screen lights. MAYA: "Matched up. Ready to beam." ((Quietly:)) "Hope we don't do a wipeout." 68B.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "Well, if you do, we'll be the first to let you know." 68C.INT. COMMAND CENTRE MAYA: "Ready, Space Station One?" LOGAN (VO): "Ready as we'll ever be." MAYA: "Switch on for detonation. Now." EXT. TEXAS CITY (SFX) Surface: Detonations. Surface: Detonations. INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION Rocking. EXT. TEXAS CITY (SFX) Surface: crevasse opens. Surface: crevasse opens. INT. COMMAND CENTRE CU Tony. FADE OUT ACT THREE EXT. TEXAS CITY (SFX) Dust settling on surface before domes. INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION CARLA (as Logan climbs to his feet beyond): "Something's coming up. I've got a location." LOGAN: "What is it?" CARLA: "It's calibrating now." LOGAN: "Where is it?" CARLA (confused): "Well, uh, uh, according to this readout- they're somewhere on Earth!" LOGAN: "Well, that's, that's impossible." CARLA: "They'd be dead if they were on Earth." 71.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY: "Is it possible your pollution didn't affect everywhere on Earth- that somewhere there's some freak valley, an air bubble almost?" 72.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION TONY (VO): "Somewhere where they could still breathe?" CARLA: "Not possible. We've surveyed the whole of the Earth's surface for such a place for experimental purposes." LOGAN: "No. No, whatever planet they're on, it can't be Earth. We can do nothing but continue to recalculate and hope that we can do it in time." MAYA (VO): "Doctor Logan, if...when you locate Commander Koenig, what happens? He has no transference dome." LOGAN: "Reverse the magnetic field on the projection pods on your transference dome and he can be returned to Alpha." 72A.INT. COMMAND CENTRE YASKO (walks up): "How long? How long have they got?" MAYA: "In eighteen hours the eclipse will block out all communications." YASKO: "And there'll never be another chance?" MAYA: "Not in your lifetime, Yasko." ((beat)) TONY: "Look, I'm sorry, everybody, I - Well, I guess I haven't been thinking the way I should. We still have time to send some of you back down to Earth. If anybody wants to try it. Look, you all heard what Maya said. There may not be another chance." YASKO (walks to sit at her desk): "I'd rather stay on Alpha than end up somewhere -in space..." TONY: "Is that the way the rest of you feel?" The personnel disperse. 74.INT. DUNGEON TUNNEL Alphans roughly pushed along. MAN: "Slavord." 75.INT. DUNGEON The are propelled into the cell and the door closed. Helena coughs. KOENIG: "Easy. Easy." HELENA: "John." ((coughs)) KOENIG: "What's a foot or two closer in this place? If we're going to get it we're all going to get it." ((to Alan, hitting wall)) "Anything?" ALAN: "No, it's at least six feet thick." KOENIG: "Check the door." ((Alan walks to the door & pulls himself up to look through the bars over the door)) "Helena. You look.." HELENA: "Yeh, I look beautiful. I look like a monster." ((coughs)) KOENIG: "I think you look great." HELENA: "To another monster." KOENIG: "Thanks a lot." HELENA (after laugh; worried, feverish:): "John. Check your temperature, please." KOENIG (also checking his own): "Ninety eight point six." ALAN: "Uh huh. Normal." KOENIG: "Yours?" ((She coughs)) "Get those guards to understand we need some help." ALAN (knocking on door): "Hey! Hey!" 76.INT. DUNGEON TUNNEL Guards by fire. GUARD: "Varsarlootion." ((more knocking)) "Varsarlootion!" ((Gaelic: 'Quiet in there')) 77.INT. DUNGEON Alan gives up & feels his hand. KOENIG: "If we could just get your temperature down." HELENA: "It won't matter in the long run." KOENIG: "I'm talking about now, in the next hour, not the next week." HELENA: "So am I. My guess is that it's viral pneumonia." KOENIG: "Pneumonia?" ((she coughs)) "What's the cure?" HELENA (feverish): "If we were on Alpha it would be so simple." (looks round) ALAN: "What is it, Helena?" HELENA: "Is that fungus? Scrape some of that off." ((Alan does & gives her some)) "It could be." KOENIG: "Could be what?" HELENA: "Fungoids are the basis of the barmycin range of drugs which were discovered just before we left Earth. It's the only known cure for viral pneumonia." KOENIG: "Supposing it's a variant of the same fungoid. How do you prepare the drug?" HELENA: "You need heat...any vegetable fibre...and some of this. It's rudimentary...but it-it could stave it off, until Doctor Logan can recalculate his error." KOENIG: "Heat. That means we've got to get out of this place, in order to build a fire." ALAN: "No chance. Walls of solid rock. Ten inches of seasoned timber in that door. Even if we were sure that it was safe to move her." KOENIG: "Okay, Helena. You're the doctor. How many hours?" HELENA: "Six. Eight. John. If you don't get out of here, you'll be dead too." He kisses her. She cries. 78.INT. DUNGEON TUNNEL Guards. A knocking starts. 79.INT. DUNGEON Koenig & Alan kick door. 78.INT. DUNGEON TUNNEL GUARD: "Wunderbeer!" 79.INT. DUNGEON ALAN: "Well, I think they'd just about like us to stop." KOENIG: "Yeh." They kick the door again, & Alan hits it with a rock. 80.INT. DUNGEON TUNNEL Guards stand up. GUARD: "Varsarma." 81.INT. DUNGEON The guards enter the cell. GUARD: "Varsarma." Koenig holds his wrist monitor to his face, projecting alternately red, green & blue light on his grimace. Alan then kicks & hits one of the distracted guard over the head. Koenig hits the other on the back of the head & pushes him into the wall. He helps up Helena. KOENIG: "The fungus." Alan, holding the torch, grabs some & closes the door on the guards. 88.INT. COMMAND CENTRE MAYA: "Look at the problem again, doctor. You've run your seismic reconstruction. On that basis you've recalculated. Again and again." 89.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN (standing against the wall, looking away): "And the answer's the same each time. Earth. But it isn't possible!" ((hits fist into hand)) 90.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY (drinking coffee): "Because they're still alive." LOGAN (VO): "Exactly." 82.EXT. WOODED AREA Night, a campfire. Koenig & Alan grind fungus on rocks. ALAN: "Enough?" ((sound of thunder over)) HELENA: "Now the fungus." Alan gives Koenig fungus; he rubs it in his hands & adds it to the grinding rock. KOENIG: "How's that?" 84.EXT. MOON (SFX) In Earth sky. 82.EXT. WOODED AREA KOENIG (going to her): "What is it, Helena?" 84.EXT. MOON (SFX) In Earth sky. HELENA (VO): "It's the Moon." 83.EXT. WOODED AREA KOENIG: "Helena, we've left the Moon." HELENA: "It's the Moon." KOENIG: "She's delirious. Let's give her some of that." HELENA: "It's the Moon, John. It's the Moon." KOENIG: "Here, have some of this." HELENA: "It's the Moon." 84.EXT. MOON (SFX) In Earth sky. 83.EXT. WOODED AREA KOENIG: "It's a moon, Helena, but it's not our Moon. This planet could have six or seven moons." HELENA: "It's the Moon." 86.EXT. MOON (SFX) In Earth sky. ALAN: "Hey, that mountain could almost be Copernicus." KOENIG: "And the Mare Imbrium above it." 87.EXT. WOODED AREA They stand. KOENIG: "It's our Moon, Alan." 86.EXT. MOON (SFX) ALAN (VO): "If that's the Moon, " 86.EXT. WOODED AREA ALAN: " then this is the Earth after all. The lifeforms we've seen don't just coincidentally resemble us." KOENIG: "Right." ALAN: "It can't be. It broke away. The Moon broke out of the Earth's orbit." KOENIG: "In nineteen ninety nine." ALAN: "Then this is the Earth before the Moon broke away." KOENIG: "We may be hundreds of years back in time." FADE OUT ACT FOUR EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Close on base. 90.INT. COMMAND CENTRE MAYA: "The possibility that they landed on a planet with a breathable atmosphere are one in a billion." TONY: "Then you think they're on Earth?" MAYA: "The probability that they're alive elsewhere is almost unacceptable." TONY: "Then why can't Logan find them?" MAYA: "Perhaps he's searching in the wrong time." 91.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "I can't accept that they're on Earth at some time in the distant past." MAYA (VO): "Or the future." 92.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY: "Look. You know that they can't live on the Earth's surface in present conditions. And we know that they are still alive. So please. Rethink your calculations." MAYA: "And remember, Doctor Logan. We have only ten hours." 93.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "If you're wrong...they'll be no time for any recalculation." 94.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY: "I'll take that risk, Doctor." LOGAN (VO): "Alright. We'll go your way." 95.EXT. WOODED AREA ALAN: "Okay, if this is Earth, where on Earth? And when?" KOENIG: "I'd say we're fairly far north." ALAN: "Yeah, the people seem European." KOENIG (to Helena): "Time for some more. How you feeling?" HELENA: "Like I'm coming back from the dead. It worked." KOENIG: "Your temperature down?" ((looks at watch)) HELENA: "John, look." ((They look at their watches, flashing red, green, blue)) KOENIG: "They're switching on and off." ALAN: "Well, they can't all be malfunctioning at the same time." KOENIG: "It's Alpha, trying to make contact." ((Hear footsteps; men with torches surround them)) "If only we could communicate with them." MACDONALD: "So you are the English fugitives who thought to cheat me of a fat ransom." 96.INT. COMMAND CENTRE Ben leans back in his seat before the medical monitor. TONY: "Keep it going." BEN: "What good will it do? How can they tell us where they are? And at what point in time?" TONY: "You keep signalling. Let them know that we're still searching." 97.INT. GREAT HALL An old hag laughs & squabbles for meat from a spit. Koenig & Helena are sat opposite Alan, with MacDonald at the head of the table. MACDONALD: "You're gentlefolk, that's clear. And worth a pretty penny in ransom to some great lord in England. But there's one thing I still don't understand." ((drinks)) KOENIG (aside to Helena): "How are you feeling?" HELENA: "Rotten. My temperature's up." MACDONALD: "Why do three English travel Scotland without armed escort? You must know you'd make fair hostages to any Scottish clan." KOENIG: "Yes, um,.. Explain that, Alan." ALAN: "Ah, well, would you believe we lost our way?" MACDONALD (laughs, then serious): "No, my friends. But I believe that one of you was running away with the wife of some great English lord." ALAN: "Hey, now wait a minute.." MACDONALD (slams down tankard): "And that lord would pay much gold to get her back." ALAN: "No, it's just not like that." MACDONALD: "Then why do you disguise yourselves in that strange garb? The lady dressed in men's clothes. And speak in that odd manner." KOENIG: "Alan." MACDONALD: "With the last flicker of that candle, the old year runs out." ((stands for toast)) "Let's drink that this new year will better it. Hamigold juslange renewell." Chorus of approval as drink ((*Gaelic: 'I drink to the New Year')) ALAN: "Here's looking at you." KOENIG: "Slange." ((drinks)) "Your language?" MACDONALD: "The Gaelic. Scotland's language. I learned your tongue a quarter century ago to the year as chief castellain for the English prisoners after our victory at Bannockburn." ((stands again for toast)) "Tuch tohogan de Robert Bruce an asplar altaronich. Robert Bruce and Bannockburn." ALL: "Aye!" and "Bannockburn." MACDONALD: "Robert Bruce and Bannockburn." MAN: "Aye, aye, aye!" KOENIG (to Alan): "Bannockburn: when was the battle fought?" ALAN: "Bannockburn. Bannockburn. I can't remember. It's a long while since I was at school, John." KOENIG: "New Year's Day, twenty five years after Bannockburn. If we can get that message to Maya, Logan's computer will know." Starts to operate watch, but MacDonald grabs his wrist & takes it from him. MACDONALD: "What plaything is this?" ((Knife put to Alan to surrender his watch)) "You too my lady." ((but Helena is faint)) "Is the lady sick?" KOENIG: "She has been, she needs some sleep." MACDONALD: "I ask you. Is the lady sick?" ((Points knife to him)) KOENIG: "Give us some shelter where she can rest. Put some guards on it if you like." MACDONALD (takes sword & stands back): "I understand now. The lady has the plague. Gaver lurvage!" MAN: "Burn them!" MACDONALD: "Gaver lurvage! That's why you were wandering the forest. Turned out by some great lord to die. Gaver lurvage." Commotion & old hag pushes them away. 98.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN (sat; quiet): "Thirty minutes before the eclipse begins." ((beat)) "I think we all have to accept that we have no hope of recovering them now." 99.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY: "No, doctor. We accept nothing. Until that eclipse actually takes place." 101A.INT. TUNNEL TO TORTURE CHAMBER The Alphans are shoved along, a sword to Koenig's neck. KOENIG: "It's not the plague, I tell you. she can be cured. It's not the plague!" MacDonald & the Old Hag chide him. KOENIG: "Like I tell you, it's not the plague!" MacDonald calls again. They are pushed against a wall. MACDONALD: "Keel suzsa." Their wrists are placed in shackles by the hag. KOENIG: "It's not the plague, she can be cured." MACDONALD: "Gaver lurvage. Lush nigavich." ((throws faggots of wood before them)) KOENIG: "It's not the plague, she can be cured!" MACDONALD: "Cured? For the pestilence there's only one cure." The wood before them is ignited. KOENIG: "Helena. Reach out to me as far as you can." ((takes her wrist watch)) MACDONALD: "A pretty ransom they'd have fetched." ((Hag laughs)) KOENIG: "Let's just hope somebody on Alpha remembers their old training." 104.INT. COMMAND CENTRE Ben leans forward to the monitor: all Helena's levels are flashing. BEN: "We're getting something on the indicators." ((they all gather round)) TONY: "Yasko, does that mean anything to you?" YASKO: "Just some sort of code." TONY: "Anybody? Does anybody get that?" JACKSON: "Wait a minute." ((looks)) "It's the old Morse code." MAYA: "Morse code?" JACKSON: "An old form of signal. We used to learn it as astronaut cadets." TONY: "Maya, the computer." Her desk screen spells out 'SCOTLAND' MAYA: "Scotland?" TONY: "It's in the British Isles." ((calls)) "Location established. Scotland." 105.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "Carla. Recalibrate. Scotland." 106.INT. TORTURE CHAMBER In flames Koenig signals. 108.INT. COMMAND CENTRE Screen: 'New Year Bannockburn Plus Twenty Five' MAYA: "Bannockburn plus twenty five." TONY: "Doctor Logan, do you read me? Bannockburn plus twenty five." 109.INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION LOGAN: "Thirteen fourteen. Plus twenty five. Scotland thirteen thirty nine." CARLA: "Transfer procedure green." 110.INT. TORTURE CHAMBER Alphans in fire. Koenig still presses Helena's watch. INT. TEXAS CITY SPACE STATION CARLA: "Halation positive." 111.INT. TORTURE CHAMBER The bonfire. A green glow absorbs the Alphans & they disappear. MacDonald looks on amazed. FADE OUT EPILOGUE 114.EXT. MOON (SFX) LOGAN (VO): "Texas City calling Moonbase Alpha. Texas City calling Moonbase Alpha." 115.INT. COMMAND CENTRE LOGAN: "This is our final transmission. All channels will now close." KOENIG: "Goodbye Texas City. And thanks anyway." ((leaves, others disperse)) 116.INT. MEDICAL TONY (giving cup to Helena in bed): "Helena. We're going to toast your recovery." MAYA: "Short lived recovery if she's going to have any of that." TONY: "Oh, you're starting that again, huh? Alien." ((Koenig enters)) "Ah, John. Have a drink." KOENIG (picking cup off tray): "On your scale of one to ten, where are you now?" TONY: "Oh, huh, huh- " ((drinks)) ALAN: "Would you believe still two?" TONY: "Oh, about five." KOENIG: "No thank you." ((gives cup to Alan; Alan puts it on tray)) TONY: "You know your problem? No sense of adventure." MAYA (hurrying to him): "You're not giving up, Tony, are you?" ALAN (hammy): "No, no, no. He's just going back to the drawing board." TONY: "Pilot." ((they go)) KOENIG (to Helena): "Better?" HELENA: "Mm. You know, when I think about all the events we could have been part of -what rotten luck to have drawn Scotland in thirteen thirty nine." KOENIG: "Oh, sure, we could have caught the massacre of Saint Bartholomew, the Spanish Inquisition, the retreat from Moscow, the sinking of the Titanic, the storming of the Bastille." HELENA: "Okay." KOENIG: "The London Blitz." HELENA: "Okay, you win." ((they smile)) "With a history like that who wants to go back to Earth anyway?" ((he leans to kiss her cheek)) FREEZE FRAME producer Fred Freiberger from ITC Television c ITC -Incorporated Television Company Ltd MCMXXVI Jeffrey Kissoon dr ben vincent Yasuko Nagazumi yasko Roger Bizley macdonald Laurence Harrington jackson Norwich Duff 1st operative texas Peggy Page old crone music by Derek Wadsworth production manager Donald Toms casting director Lesley de Pettitt editor Mike Campbell GBFE sound supervisor Roy Baker sound editors Peter Pennell, Jack Knight music editor Alan Willis financial director Terence Connors sound recordist Claude Hitchcock camera operator Neil Binney costume designer Emma Porteous assistant director Ken Baker continuity Gladys Goldsmith construction manager Bill Waldron make-up Basil Newall, Connie Reeves hairdresser Jan Dorman, Jeannette Freeman wardrobe Masada Wilmot asst. art director Michael Ford Processed at Rank Film Laboratories SPECIAL EFFECTS lighting cameraman Nick Allder camera operator David Litchfield electronics Michael S. E. Downing SPACE 1999 created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson Filmed at Pinewood & Bray Studios, England