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One Moment Of Humanity ScreenplayTony BarwickDirectorCharles Crichton Final shooting script 12th February 1976 titled "One Second Of Humanity" Cast: Commander John KoenigMartin LandauDoctor Helena RussellBarbara Bain MayaCatherine SchellTony VerdeschiTony Anholt Alan CarterNick Tate Sandra BenesZienia Merton Operative KateSarah Bullen ZamaraBillie WhitelawZarlLeigh LawsonNumber 8Geoffrey Balydon VegansMaggie Henderson Laraine Humphrys Zena Clifton Jason Mitchell Paul Hastings Barry Rohde Jurgen Andersen ChoreographerLionel Blair Vegan/Assistant ChoreographerHilary Ding Sets: Int. Command Centre Int. Medical Centre Int. Power Room Int. Recreation Centre Int. Life Support Centre Int. Helena's Quarters Int. Alpha Corridor Int. Garden Of Vega Int. Vega Room Int. Master Computer/Vega Corrdior Int. Vega Corridor Int. Cave Hook 1. INT. LIVING QUARTERS Maya twirls, wearing a blue dress. Helena wears a pink dress. HELENA: "This is silly. The party isn't until tomorrow night." MAYA: "But it's fun. What do you think?" HELENA: "You look marvellous. I wonder.." MAYA: "What?" HELENA: "Well, your hair. Instead of a curl, you once had it, well, kind of twisted around. And I happen to know Tony liked it that way." ((she goes to look in the mirror)) MAYA: "Tony?" ((Close on eyes. Her hair transforms into style with purple flowers)) "Who cares what Tony thinks, anyway?" An alarm sounds. They look round in alarm. 2. INT. COMMAND CENTRE SANDRA: "Alarm circuits going haywire." TONY: "Computer pin point fault." ALAN (goes to side desk): "Section F malfunctional." 3,4.. INT. COMMAND CENTRE/ CORRIDOR Track Koenig (with Helena & Maya beyond) running up corridor & into Command Centre. Alarm sounds fade. TONY: "Main electronics malfunctioning." KOENIG: "Reset." TONY: "Negative." KOENIG (going to Alan): "Switch to emergency power." ALAN: "Negative." KOENIG: "Try again." -Big Screen (SFX): static, then blank. -Command Centre: lights die. ALAN: "Complete power loss." SANDRA: "A through G malfunction." KOENIG: "Life support systems?" HELENA: "Malfunctioning." The lights die. Alphans slowly freeze: Alan raising his arm, Tony & Helena staggering together, Sandra turning. In a green glow Zamara appears. FADE OUT ACT ONE ONE MOMENT OF HUMANITY featuring Tony Anholt Nick Tate Zienia Merton guest stars Billie Whitelaw, Leigh Lawson production executive Reg Hill associate producer F. Sherwin Green technical director David Lane lighting cameraman Frank Watts BSC production designer Keith Wilson special effects designed and directed by Brian Johnson writer Tony Barwick director Charles Crichton 5. INT. COMMAND CENTRE Zamara walks from the back of Command Centre past Alan, Koenig & Kate. She looks down at Sandra, then to Maya. She touches flowers in her hair, then looks at Helena & Tony. She watches them & nods. Koenig blinks & lifts his hand. The others are still frozen. ZAMARA: "They will be all right." She walks forward & the other Alphans move. Koenig walks to her. KOENIG: "Who are you? Where do you come from?" ZAMARA: "I am Zamara, of the planet Vega. Your small world has entered our sphere of influence. You are?" KOENIG: "John Koenig, Commander of this base. We are in your sphere of influence by accident, with no hostile intent." ZAMARA: "I accept your explanation." KOENIG: "Thank you." HELENA: "Our life support systems are still malfunctioning." KOENIG: "And we will take action if you don't unlock our systems.." ZAMARA: "Your systems are being held in an electro forcefield. It may also be programmed to affect your nerve centres." ((she sits at a side desk)) HELENA: "To immobilise us?" ZAMARA: "Yes. As you have just experienced." HELENA: "Our nervous systems are very delicately balanced." ZAMARA: "There will be no lasting effects, I assure you. And for the present I shall commit you...minimum life support power." ((bleeps heard & a screen comes on in front of her)) "It will be necessary for two of you to return with me to Vega." ALAN: "Why?" ZAMARA (firmly): "Because it is required. I have already told you we mean no harm." KOENIG: "Then unlock our systems." ZAMARA: "Commander. I have given you enough life support so that you can survive for forty eight hours. You have already wasted precious minutes." KOENIG (bitterly): "What do you expect us to do? Stand by while you drain our atmosphere?" ZAMARA: "Our only intention is to make sure that you don't interfere with our plan." KOENIG: "Don't interfere with us, and we will not interfere with you." ZAMARA: "What guarantee do I have of your good faith?" KOENIG (angry): "And what guarantee do I have of.." ((calms)) "..your good will?" ZAMARA: "Anyone who comes with me will be returned within the time limit. You have the assurance of the people of Vega." ((beat; firm)) "And you have no choice." Beat. Koenig walks away, then turns. KOENIG: "Alright, I'll go." ALAN (walking up to Zamara): "You said you wanted to take two of us." ZAMARA: "I think a Commander should stay with his command. And you are unsuitable." ((She walks to Helena and Tony; to Helena)) "I choose you." ((to Tony)) "And you." KOENIG: "Now, just a minute, nobody leaves.." ((he is immobilised)) ZAMARA: "You will travel to Vega by positronic transfer. All you have to do is to freely wish it. If you value the lives of your friends on Alpha, you will do it." ((Tony closes his eyes)) "You are holding back." ((Helena closes her eyes)) "Keep concentrating. Want it, desire it." They disappear in green light. Zamara unfreezes Koenig. KOENIG: "I want a line of communication kept open at all times. As you said." Zamara gestures to Sandra's desk. The screen changes from static to a testcard. SANDRA: "Communications...normal." Zamara disappears. 6. INT. GARDEN OF VEGA Tony materialises. He looks round a tree. By another tree Helena appears. TONY: "You alright?" HELENA: "You?" TONY: "Yeah." Tony looks out a window. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Planet surface: an icy wind swept tundra (cut from 'Death's Other Dominion'.) 6. INT. GARDEN OF VEGA Helena walks round the shrubbery & sees the masked figure of a number. ZARL (appearing behind her): "Did it startle you?" HELENA: "Yes." ZARL (to number): "Bring food for our guests." ((to Helena)) "I am Zarl. May your stay on Vega be one of pleasure." Tony is looking out. Zamara appears behind him, touching his shoulders sensuously. ZAMARA: "Outside the temperature is always sub zero and the atmosphere almost too thin to survive." ((she sits him, her hands moving to his face)) "Within the city, you will find all that you desire." EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Planet over base. ((clip from 'Death's Other Dominion')) 7. INT. COMMAND CENTRE Koenig puts on his red jacket. SANDRA: "This is Moonbase Alpha, come in. This is Alpha, come in, Doctor Russell. Still no answer, Commander." KOENIG (helping Maya put on orange jacket): "Well, keep trying. They lied to us. They're not letting us communicate." ((Alan moves to them)) MAYA: "If they lied about that, they'd lie about.." KOENIG: "Helena and Tony. We've got to get down to Vega." MAYA: "We can't do it without power." KOENIG: "Isn't it conceivable that it's a simple mechanical device that's fouling up our electronics?" MAYA: "Unlikely." KOENIG: "Well, just on the off chance, I'm organising a search." SANDRA: "This is Moonbase Alpha, come in. This is Alpha calling, come in, Doctor Russell." 6. INT. GARDEN OF VEGA The Vegans enter & surround the table. Zamara leads Tony by the hand to the table. ZARL: "Refresh yourselves." The Alphans sit with Zamara. A Number places food before her, whispering in her ear. NUMBER 8: "Whatever happens, do not react as they expect." HELENA: "Thank you." ZARL: "There is no need to thank a Number." TONY: "They're androids?" ZARL: "Automatons." NUMBER 8 (placing a mug by Helena): "If you show aggression, they will kill you." Zarl puts down another bowl & sits opposite Zamara, between the Alphans. ZARL: "Is the food to your liking?" ((Helena puts some in her mouth)) HELENA (disgusted): "It's very...unusual." ZAMARA: "You're a liar. It sticks in your throat, you decrepit hag." Tony is shocked, but Helena does not react. All the Vegans look at him. ZARL (offering him dish): "Won't you try?" HELENA: "The food is delicious, Tony." Tony tries some; as he does the standing Vegans bend to watch him closely. TONY (with effort): "Delicious." ZARL: "You foul mouthed, lying cretin." ((he sees Helena looking earnestly at him)) "You are..our guest. Eat." TONY: "Guest!?" ZARL: "Yes, you are free to do as you wish. Eat the food, throw it in my face, whatever you like. Call yourself a man? Act the part." ((Tony spits out food)) "You cringing, gutless, spineless.." Tony stands, grabbing the bowl. Helena stands as well, stopping him. HELENA: "Tony." ((He stops and passes the bowl to her)). "It's that we're not used to hot food. Cool it." She gives the bowl to a Number. They sits again, The Vegans drift away. 8/9. INT. POWER ROOM KOENIG: "Alright. This section seems clear. Let's try Section Seven." MAYA: "We have a critical problem. Heat loss and oxygen rundown." KOENIG: "How long do we have?" MAYA: "Forty two hours..maximum." KOENIG: "Couldn't we have some sort of temporary heating?" MAYA: "Any form of combustion would use oxygen." KOENIG: "What about a chemical reaction producing heat?" MAYA: "I'll get to work on it." KOENIG: "Good. Alan." ((he is in control room)) ALAN: "Ah, nothing. We've drawn a blank in every section." KOENIG: "The power packs of the Eagles. Take a detail down there and bring some back." ALAN: "Right." ((leaves)) MAYA: "Do you think he'll get through to the Eagles?" KOENIG: "Maybe, maybe not. We have to get power from somewhere." MAYA: "We might be able to use magnetic attraction." KOENIG: "Try anything." ((they leave, going in opposite directions)) 11/12. INT. VEGA ROOM The door opens. ZARL: "These are your quarters." ((they enter cautiously)) HELENA: "Lovely, we'll, ah, be very, very comfortable here." ZARL: "I'll leave you here to consider your...impoliteness." ((He steps outside)) "And remember. Time is not on your side." TONY: "Time for what?" ZAMARA: "To do what we want you to." TONY: "Which is?" ZARL: "Never mind. You will do it." The door closes on them; Tony jumps to it but the door is securely shut. TONY (takes comlock): "This is Tony Verdeschi calling Moonbase Alpha. Come in, Alpha. Alpha, come in." HELENA: "It's no use, Tony. They're not going to let us get through." TONY: "No." ((clips back comlock & takes laser, aiming at the door)) HELENA: "Oh, be careful. That's what they want." TONY: "Helena, what are you talking about? What's going on here?" HELENA: "One of the Numbers warned me." TONY: "Oh, now let's not start believing robots now." HELENA: "I believe that one. He said that if we show aggression, they'll kill us." TONY: "Kill? Why?" HELENA: "I don't know, I don't know anything. We've got to get some answers, we've got to get out of here. We've got to find that Number." TONY: "Right." ((raises laser to door, but stops)) "Hey, wait a minute, why did they let me keep a weapon?" HELENA: "They want us to use it." TONY: "Maybe they didn't know I had it?" HELENA: "They're far too intelligent for that." TONY: "Anyway, here goes." ((fires a blue beam at door, which slides open)) "Come on." 13. INT. VEGA CORRIDOR They enter the corridor. They walk on. A Vegan emerges from a door & they hide. Number 5 passes them. Tony looks at Helena, who nods, & they follow it. It enters a cave at the end of the corridor. They pause before following. 14-17. INT. CAVE They follow the number. It walks into a cavern with many Numbers sitting around. The Alphans walk forward. The numbers stand. HELENA: "We're here as friends." ((no response)) TONY: "You have...nothing to fear." HELENA: "The one who warned me..the one who spoke. Where is he? Please, we need your help. Maybe we could help each other." Number 8 moves forward from behind her & removes his mask to reveal a human face. TONY: "You're not android." NUMBER 8: "No. They are the androids. We are the humans." FADE OUT ACT TWO 18. INT. CAVE NUMBER 8: "Long ago we built the first robots, linked to a powerful computer. The computer designed more advanced robots, who in turn built more sophisticated computers." TONY: "A self generating system." NUMBER 8: "Yes. The cycle continued, until the robots evolved perfect humanoid form." HELENA: "They'd gotten their mechanical perfection from themselves." TONY: "Yes. What about their emotions?" NUMBER 8: "Their human characteristics they learnt from us, by example. Everything except love and hate." HELENA: "Why do you keep your faces covered?" NUMBER 8: "So that if we are caught off guard we will not show strong emotion." TONY: "Why don't they rip the masks off?" NUMBER 8: "Because they can't employ violence, never having experienced or seen it. They want to kill us, but they can't. They don't possess the emotions of anger and aggression. That is what they want from you. To teach them how to kill." HELENA: "Why do they want to kill?" NUMBER 8: "Because we're a threat." TONY: "How?" NUMBER 8: "They fear human ingenuity. As long as we live there is always a chance that we might reach the Master Computer and immobilise them." HELENA: "Where is the Master Computer?" NUMBER 8: "At the far end of corridor six. But it is guarded by an electronic barrier." HELENA: "Thank you." ((they stand)) TONY: "Thank you." ((They start to leave)) NUMBER 8: "Remember. The Vegans will do anything to make you show them violence. If you do, they will kill us all." ((They leave)) 19. INT. VEGA CORRIDOR They approach the Master Computer forcefield. TONY: "Let's find out about that forcefield." Tony fires, but there are sparks & a green forcefield glows in front of it. ZARL: "You're wasting your time." ((they turn to him & Zamara)) "All the power of your Moonbase would not even scratch it." ZAMARA: "And as for your primitive toy, it is useless against us." ZARL: "You were not to leave your quarters." TONY: "We were worried about our friends. We were trying to find a way to get back to them." HELENA: "Please. Release Alpha." ZARL: "If you're so concerned about your friends, why don't you go back?" HELENA: "You mean, you'd let us go?" ZARL: "To go back, all you have to do is wish it." Tony closes his eyes. Helena sighs & does the same. 20. INT. COMMAND CENTRE A green glow by a desk. Helena appears. Another glow by the rear doors. Tony appears. No other personnel are present. TONY: "You alright?" HELENA: "Where is everybody?" TONY: "I don't know." ((goes to Sandra's desk)) "Commander?" ((another button)) "Weapons Section? Petrov, why aren't you at your section?" ((another button)) "Medical Centre. Mathias!" ((Helena leaves & Tony sits)) 21. INT. CORRIDOR Helena runs up to a door. HELENA: "John?" Noone is inside. 23/ 23A. INT. POWER ROOM Helena enters & looks in the Life Support window. 24. INT. COMMAND CENTRE -Big Screen (SFX): space diagram & flashing green dot. -Command Centre: Helena returns. HELENA: "We're the only one on Alpha." TONY (angry): "We can't be!" HELENA: "We are, we're all alone." TONY: "Helena. The star chart." -Big Screen (SFX, sc 25): TONY (VO): "That pulsating dot is our present position." -Command Centre (sc 26): presses button. TONY: "And that " -Big Screen (SFX): TONY (VO cont): " was the position of Moonbase Alpha when we left it to go to Vega." -Command Centre: TONY: "We are now two light years from there, and moving further away every second." HELENA: "Two light years?" TONY: "We'll never get back there." -Big Screen (SFX, sc 27): two flashing dots. 28. INT. LIVING QUARTERS Tony enters Helena's room with coffee. TONY: "I thought you might like some coffee." HELENA: "Yes. Thank you." ((he puts down the tray)) "Tony. I've been thinking. The only place that John and everybody could be is down on Vega." TONY: "Yes, I know, I've been trying to figure out the same thing. They must have transferred everybody down there." HELENA: "If we're ever going to see them again, we've got to get back there." TONY: "How?" HELENA: "The same way we got there in the first place. By wishing it." TONY: "Oh, Helena." HELENA: "Tony. Try it. Please." He looks at her hopelessly. She nods. They close their eyes but nothing happens. TONY: "Nothing. We can't do it without them." HELENA: "John will find some way to contact us, I know he will." TONY: "Yeah." ((puts his hands on her shoulders)) "Yeah, sure he will. Come on, have some coffee, it'll help you relax." He leaves. Helena sits and takes the coffee. She sees a discarded red wrapper & a clear plastic lid, it's label reading 'Dexetrol', in her medical pack. She lifts the coffee to her lips but does not drink. 29. INT. COMMAND CENTRE Tony sits in Koenig's seat. 28. INT. LIVING QUARTERS Helena dictates into her log recorder, leaning on it. HELENA: "Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Doctor Helena Russell recording. Five hundred and fifteen days after leaving Earth's orbit. We don't know what has happened to John Koenig, Alan Carter, Maya..everybody. Tony Verdeschi and I are alone here on Alpha." INT. COMMAND CENTRE Tony sits. HELENA (VO): "The loneliness is beginning to have a terrible effect." 31. INT. LIVING QUARTERS HELENA: "If I had taken the dexetrol that Tony put in my coffee, I would be in deep sedation. I am forced to conclude that he has suffered some adverse effect as we went through the time warp." ((she goes to a shelf & picks up a laser)) "I have to consider him..unstable and potentially dangerous." (sc 32) The illumination panel behind the shelf, the panel darkens & we see Zarl & Zamara watching. ZAMARA: "She cannot withstand the pressure. Soon. It will be soon." ZARL: "Yes. But it seems so cruel." ZAMARA: "You're beginning to sound human, Zarl. Be careful. You know the dangers." The panel lightens. INT. CORRIDOR Outside her room, Tony takes his comlock. TONY: "Helena." 30. INT. LIVING QUARTERS TONY (VO): "Helena. Helena." Helena lies on her bed, facing away from the door & clutching a laser. As he enters he turns onto her back, putting the gun in the small of her back. HELENA: "Tony." TONY: "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were sleeping. I just came to see if you were alright." HELENA: "I'm alright. How are you?" TONY: "Oh.. still jumpy. Well, um, I'm sorry I disturbed you." He leaves. Helena goes to the door to listen. INT. CORRIDOR Tony walks away. 34. INT. LIFE SUPPORT CENTRE A hand opens a panel to some buttons marked 'Atmosphere Control' & presses the central key. 35. INT. COMMAND CENTRE A coarse alarm sounds. Tony sits up & uses the desk. 36. INT. LIVING QUARTERS Helena watches. TONY (on screen): "Helena. Helena, answer me. Helena! Helena!" Helena takes the laser & goes. 37. INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY: "Helena, we are losing our atmosphere. Where are you?" 38. INT. CORRIDOR Helena weakly runs as the alarm sounds. HELENA: "Now don't panic, Helena..I mustn't run...I've got to conserve oxygen.." FADE OUT ACT THREE INT. LIFE SUPPORT CENTRE Close on open Control panel. 40. INT. CORRIDOR Tony walks along, & passes a door out of which Helena emerges & starts off in the direction he came. 41. INT. COMMAND CENTRE Helena enters. 42. INT. LIFE SUPPORT CENTRE Tony enters & presses the Control button. The alarm ends & he breathes deeply. 43. INT. COMMAND CENTRE Helena looks up as the alarm ends. 44. INT. LIFE SUPPORT CENTRE Tony catches his breath, then goes to the door, pausing in thought. TONY (quietly): "Helena." 47. INT. COMMAND CENTRE Helena hides behind a desk as Tony enters. The door closes behind him. Tony looks around. Behind the shelf the light panel darkens to reveal Zamara & Zarl watching. ZAMARA: "They are getting frustrated, frightened." ZARL: "We know these emotions." ZAMARA: "Yes. And soon they will teach us how to kill." The panel lightens. HELENA (tired, tearful, holding laser over desk): "Tony. Drop the gun. Please." TONY: "Now, easy, Helena." ((raises gun)) HELENA: "Don't come any closer." TONY: "I only want to help you." HELENA: "Of course you do. That's why you put the dexetrol in my coffee." TONY: "Dexetrol? Wait a minute, think I drugged your coffee? That's why you sabotaged the Life Support system?" HELENA: "Now, Tony. Listen to me, please. You're hallucinating. I didn't sabotage the life support system. I'd be killing myself. Why would I do that?" TONY: "I don't know why. Maybe..loneliness..suspision..fear?" HELENA: "No." TONY: "Helena. We're the only two people on Alpha. It must have been you." HELENA (stands): "If we are the only two people on Alpha.." TONY: "If!" HELENA: "Then you must have put the dexetrol in my coffee." TONY: "Well, now who's hallucinating?" HELENA: "We're not the only people here." ((they look round. Favour the light panel.)) "They think they can make us hate each other. They think they can make us hate each other. Even kill each other." TONY (laughing): "How about that! Yi-he-he-he-hooey! Bang, bang, you're dead! They don't even know how much fun we've had playing these games!" ((they hug and spin round)) HELENA: "Ho, ho! I love it!" TONY (sitting at desk): "The party's over, kids! Come on out!" HELENA: "Come on, Zarl, Zamara." TONY: "Come on out, where-ever you are!" The Vegans enter through the arch. HELENA & TONY: "Aah-ha!" ZAMARA: "So you think it's a game, do you?" TONY: "Ooh? You mean it isn't?" HELENA: "You created this..complete replica of Alpha, down to the finest detail...and you lost." ((both snigger)) ZAMARA: "This time." ((Helena's face becomes more serious)) 49. INT. COMMAND CENTRE A monitor screen reads 'Moonbase Alpha/ Temperature/ 5 Below Zero." KOENIG: "Minus five degrees. We can't take this much longer. Can't you raise it a few degrees?" MAYA: "The chemical reaction is giving off maximum heat." ALAN (enters): "I can't get through to the Launching Pad. There's no power in the Travel Tube. And I'll bet no Eagle will have power for lift off." KOENIG (to Maya): "Is there any way we can produce more power?" MAYA: "The force field is blocking ionic transfer. Electrical currents simply cannot flow." KOENIG: "We've got to get down to Vega." ALAN: "Well, without our scanners we can't even find it." SANDRA: "Commander. Security Report. There is an alien form in the Recreation Area." They leave. 50. INT. RECREATION CENTRE Zamara opens a small drawer & puts a disc to her forehead: the volume of the music over (Beethoven's Ninth) increases. INT. GARDEN OF VEGA Zarl & the Vegans listen to the music over. 50. INT. RECREATION CENTRE Koenig, Alan and Maya run in. KOENIG: "Zamara." The music ends as she removes the disc from her forehead. ZAMARA: "No, Commander. I did not bring them with me." KOENIG: "Where are they?" ZAMARA: "Safe." ((she goes to the drawers & puts the disc down)) KOENIG: "Why have you come back?" ZAMARA: "We needed additional material." Alan shows Koenig his laser. Koenig nods. Alan shoots Zamara; no effect; Zamara puts another disc to her head. ZAMARA: "Why do you try these stupid games? Zarl, myself, all the Vegans, we are part of the completeness. An indestructible chain, you cannot touch us." ((takes another disc)) "Shakespeare. Julius Caesar. Ah. Murder. Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears?" KOENIG: "You have a retentive memory." ZAMARA: "Well, I viewed the pages. They murdered Julius Caesar. Why?" KOENIG: "It was a political act." ZAMARA: "And you on Alpha are not political?" KOENIG: "No, we're not." ZAMARA: "Hum. Then we do not want Julius Caesar." ((takes another disc)) KOENIG: "What do you want?" ZAMARA: "Interesting." KOENIG: "What is?" ZAMARA: "Othello." The Alphans look at each other, not understanding. Zamara holds disc to head, then removes it. ZAMARA: "So. Jealousy can also make humans kill." KOENIG: "I suppose so." ZAMARA: "And lovers feel so strongly." KOENIG: "Yes, Zamara, Helena and Tony, when will they be- " ZAMARA: "That is all I want to know." KOENIG: "What do you want to know?" ZAMARA: "That jealousy creates violence, and that lovers can be made to feel violent enough to kill." ((starts to disappear in glow)) KOENIG: "Zamara! Wait! Wait!" ((she stays)) "It won't work. Not with Helena and Tony." ZAMARA: "Won't work? According to your Shakespeare jealousy is the strongest of passions." KOENIG: "Yes, but only with lovers and Tony does not love Helena." ZAMARA: "Who loves her?" KOENIG: "I do." ZAMARA: "And the man?" KOENIG: "Tony Verdeschi? He's in love with Maya." ZAMARA (goes to Maya, softer): "So. Don't you miss him?" ((Koenig walks up to Maya. She addresses them both)) "Wouldn't you like to see them?" KOENIG: "Of course we would." ZAMARA: "Then want it..desire it..wish it..concentrate." Zamara, Koenig & Maya disappear. 51. INT. GARDEN OF VEGA Koenig & Maya materialise. Tony & Helena run up. HELENA: "John! John!" ((Koenig & Helena, & Maya & Tony embrace)) KOENIG: "How are you?" Zamara appears. ZAMARA: "You read the play Othello?" ZARL: "Through you, we all did." ZAMARA: "This time, we know the way." HELENA: "They're androids. They're going to try to use you." KOENIG: "As Othello." TONY: "There is a way to beat them. If we can get to the Main Computer. It's in a dome on the other side of the grove." HELENA: "It's protected by a forcefield." TONY: "Yeah." ZAMARA: "Let the celebration begin." ((they start to move to the centre)) KOENIG: "Maya." ((they look at a parrot; Maya transforms & flies off)) ZAMARA: "Soon you will make love to the woman, Helena. It will enrage her lover and we will have won." ZARL: "Through consuming jealousy." ZAMARA: "Yes. It was all there. The scheming Iago twisting a man's love into violent jealousy. Enough to kill." FADE OUT ACT FOUR 52. INT. VEGA CORRIDOR Maya/parrot flies up to the Main Computer & recoils from the forcefield. She changes into herself. 51. INT. GARDEN OF VEGA ZARL (watching Koenig & Helena, staring at each other): "The way he looks at feel something as strongly as jealousy. Can we be missing so much?" ZAMARA: "Emotion is a weakness. We can use it, but we must never become ensnared." ZARL: "The play begins." ((as music is played, he goes to Helena & leads her out to the centre of the grove)) "Chastened as an icicle, fashioned by the purest frost, I will melt thee." He spins her round close with her back to him. She turns her head sideways to him, then looks round the other way. Zarl kneels before Helena, putting her arm around him. He looks at Koenig, then slides his hand up her leg until Helena's hand stops him, putting her palm against his. Zarl stands & they circle, her hand on his shoulder to keep their distance. Zarl knocks her hand away & moves close (as to kiss), but she breaks away. Zamara goes to Zarl. ZAMARA: "Make love to her." KOENIG (whispers to Tony): "I don't know how much longer I can take this." TONY: "Well, hang on. Just as long as Maya can neutralise that computer." 54. INT. VEGA CORRIDOR Maya feels the forcefield & finds there is a space at the floor. She becomes a beetle & crawls under. 53. INT. GARDEN OF VEGA Zarl holds out Helena's arm & feels along it to her. They part to arm's length, holding hands, & he steps backwards, pulling her back on alternate arms. She spins off, but two Vegans catch her & push her back. They move close to Koenig, Zarl moving his hand over her waist so that Koenig can see. Zarl takes & kisses her hand. Koenig stands, but Tony puts his hand on his shoulder. They sit again. 56. INT. VEGA CORRIDOR Maya looks at the computer and studies the circuitry. 57. INT. GARDEN OF VEGA Zarl holds Helena closely from behind. He lifts her chin as if to kiss her mouth. Koenig clenches his fists. Helena retreats. Zarl offers his arms out & she takes them. She lies back on the steps. ZAMARA: "Kiss her." Tony puts a calming hand on Koenig's arm. Zarl lowers his head to Helena; she closes her eyes. Maya rejoins Tony & Koenig. MAYA: "The computer has a failsafe device. If the energy source is disturbed the whole planet explodes." Zarl and Helena kiss. Koenig looks at Tony, then bursts forward & punches Zarl, who falls back; the androids sigh. ZAMARA: "You have seen! You have been shown! Zarl, kill him!" Zarl clenches his fists & smashes a table. TONY: "There's got to be a way to stop them!" MAYA: "They're all linked together, like a chain..if we can break one link..." HELENA: "Like old Christmas tree lights, if one of them went out..they all did." Zarl smashes a statue, & starts to move to Koenig. ZAMARA: "Kill! Kill!" HELENA (rushing to Zarl): "Zarl, don't! You're not like them any more!" ZAMARA: "Kill her! Kill her!" HELENA: "You can become human." ZAMARA: "Can't you see what she's trying to do? Kill her!" KOENIG: "Zarl. You've felt tenderness, compassion, eh?" ZAMARA: "Kill her!" KOENIG: "Now feel love. Take it." ZAMARA: "Kill her." KOENIG: "Take that extra step! Don't stay a machine, become human!" ZAMARA: "Kill her!" HELENA: "Please!" ((Helena takes his hand)) ZAMARA: "" ((Zarl kisses Helena's hand)) "" Zarl looks up to Helena, then falls. Zamara screams & the Vegans slow & freeze. 58. INT. VEGA CORRIDOR Computer stops. 59. INT. GARDEN OF VEGA Helena kneels by Zarl. The Numbers uncover their faces. FADE OUT EPILOGUE 59. INT. GARDEN OF VEGA Number 8 walks up, uncovering his mask. The Alphans stand over Zarl. HELENA: "Zarl." ZARL: "Will..your" KOENIG: "They'll be fine." ZARL: "You were right. I did feel...something. Was it real?" HELENA: "I'm sorry, Zarl." ZARL: "No, don't be sorry. It was moment..of humanity." Zarl collapses back. FREEZE FRAME producer Fred Freiberger from ITC Television c ITC -Incorporated Television Company Ltd MCMXXVI Geoffrey Balydon number eight movements arranged by Lionel Blair music by Derek Wadsworth production manager Donald Toms casting director Lesley de Pettitt editor Mike Campbell GBFE sound supervisor Roy Baker This page is too big to be shown completely.