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The Exiles ScreenplayDonald JamesDirectorRay AustinFinal shooting script 8th January 1976 Amendments 2nd & 4th February 1976 Cast: Commander John KoenigMartin LandauDoctor Helena RussellBarbara Bain MayaCatherine SchellTony VerdeschiTony Anholt Alan CarterNick Tate Sandra BenesZienia Merton Doctor Bob MathiasAnton Philips KateSarah BullenPetrovPeter PorteousGuard2 nurses (n/s)2 techniciansCantarPeter DuncanZovaStacy DorningMirellaMargaret InglisMantorStalAnthony BlackettOld Lady (Maya/Ugly)Peggy Ledger Maya/gorilla Sets: Int. Command Centre Int. Medical Centre Int. Life Support Centre/Power Room Int. Recreation Centre/ solarium (clip from The Taybor) Int. Research Unit Int. Koenig's Quarters Int. Alpha Corridor Int. Eagle Pilot Section Int. Eagle Passenger Section Int. Golos Life Support centre Ext. Space / Golos Capsule Hook EXT. MOON (SFX) HELENA (VO): "Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Four hundred and three days after leaving Earth's orbit." 1.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Close on base. HELENA (VO): "Doctor Helena Russell recording. For the sixth consecutive day we've been travelling in an area of " 2.INT. MEDICAL Dark. HELENA (cont): " deep space where the stars are so close that we're constantly bathed in a lovely blue light. There are no patients in the Medical Section, our life support systems are functioning smoothly, and the Universe about us in incredibly peaceful." 3.INT. COMMAND CENTRE Helena enters. Klaxon is sounding. HELENA: "A swarm of space bees." ((sc 5)) -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 4) Many small capsules in space. TONY (VO): "Yeh. Every one with an atomic sting in its tail, maybe." Koenig walks up, wearing his black jacket. (sc 5) KOENIG: "Range?" SANDRA: "Nine hundred and eighty thousand and closing." KOENIG: "Sensor reading?" MAYA: "Fifty three unknown objects." -Big Screen (SFX): capsules MAYA (VO): "Dense, metallic, approximate length ten feet." Maya. MAYA: "Insufficient data to compute intention." KOENIG: "Course?" SANDRA: "Bearing away from Alpha." TONY: "We have magnification." -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 6) CUs of capsules Command Centre TONY (stands): "Those are missiles." KOENIG: "Hold it." -Big Screen (SFX): CU capsules. KOENIG (VO): "They're passing. Let 'em go." Beeping starts. SANDRA: "Commander." -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 10) CU as capsules shift course TONY (VO): "They're turning." Command Centre (sc 11) KOENIG: "Red alert!" Alarms. TONY: "Launch Eagle flights one and two." EXT. MOON (SFX) Ten small capsules head to Moon. 12.EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle launches. Another launches. 13.INT. COMMAND CENTRE HELENA: "Medical, prepare casualty reception. Rescue units standby." SANDRA: "Ranging closing, one eight zero, one six zero." (sc 15) TONY: "Raise defence shields." SANDRA: "One three zero, one one zero." -Big Screen (SFX): capsules KOENIG (VO): "Arm main lasers." Command Centre TONY: "At this closing speed we'll never get 'em all." EXT. MOON (SFX) Twenty one missiles heading to Moon. Two Eagles rise over lunar horizon. 18.INT. COMMAND CENTRE SANDRA: "Eagles climbing to intercept." KOENIG: "Target." -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 19) TONY (VO): "There are too many of them." Command Centre. (sc 20) TONY: "Some are bound to get through." SANDRA: "Range critical." KOENIG: "Prepare to fire." Bleeping. SANDRA: "Commander, target changing course." -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 21) shifting again. KOENIG (VO): "Hold fire." Command Centre. (sc 22) TONY: "They're pulling away." MAYA: "No. They're locking into orbit around the Moon, Commander." TONY: "Anything on armament?" MAYA: "Still insufficient data. Sensors unable to probe the shell." KOENIG (VO): "Detonation possibilities?" TONY (VO): "Three. Pressure, time fused or remote control." -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 23) Command Centre (sc 24) KOENIG: "I want a transporter Eagle on the pad ready for immediate lift off. We've got to check them out. We certainly can't leave fifty missiles hanging over our heads." EXT. MOON (SFX) Missiles over Moon horizon. FADE OUT: ACT ONE THE EXILES featuring Tony Anholt Nick Tate Zienia Merton guest stars Peter Duncan, Stacy Dorning production executive Reg Hill associate producer F. Sherwin Green technical director David Lane lighting cameraman Frank Watts BSC production designer Keith Wilson special effects designed and directed by Brian Johnson writer Donald James director Ray Austin EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle rises over base. Titles over. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan & Koenig. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle moves under Moon's horizon. 29.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION KOENIG: "Alan. Bring us in close to that " EXT. SPACE (SFX) Two capsules. KOENIG (cont): " lead pair. And tell Tony we'll take it from here." ALAN: "Right." INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION KOENIG: "I also want all other Eagles to return to base." ((gets up)) ALAN: "Tony? Eagle Four. We'll maintain the mission from here. Oh, and have all the other Eagles clear the area." 30.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY: "Eagle flights one and two return to base." SANDRA: "Confirm Eagle flights one and two return to base." 31.EXT. SPACE (SFX) -Two Eagles under the Moon with 3 capsules. The Eagles turn away. -Underview of Eagle & two capsules. (sc 32) 34.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Koenig is putting on Maya's E V A pack. KOENIG: "Maya." MAYA: "Thank you." Koenig secures EVA pack on her. ALAN (on screen): "Along side now, sir." KOENIG: "Stand by for depressurisation." ALAN (on screen): "Standing by." Koenig attaches the umbilical ropes to the EVA packs. They close their visors. 33.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle by 2 capsules. 34.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Int: the door opens to space. Ext: looking in, as they throw out their umbilical lines. Int: the two spin out. INT. COMMAND CENTRE Watching. Big Screen (studio): view of 2 astronauts under the capsules. Sandra. Big Screen (studio): Koenig feeling top of capsule. EXT. SPACE Koenig looks up from the missile. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Many missiles. KOENIG (VO): "There's no uniform formation." 39.EXT. SPACE Koenig turns back to his capsule. KOENIG: "They're in clusters, two, three, and four." MAYA (coming up other side): "No evidence of electrical activity. No heat emission." KOENIG (moves to rear of capsule): "Rocket motor propulsion, gas points. That means a guidance capacity." MAYA (moving scanner over): "No longer functioning." 40.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY (drinks): "You got anything, John?" KOENIG (VO): "Not enough to make an assessment." Big Screen (SFX): KOENIG: "For that we're going to have to take a look inside. I'm bringing one down." Command Centre. TONY: "Bringing one down?" 43.EXT. SPACE KOENIG: "Prepare one of the underground caves. I want to be as far from Command Centre as possible when we open this thing up." EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle arm swings out. EXT. SPACE Koenig & Maya move capsule. KOENIG: "Let's take it home." 44.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY: "You heard the man." SANDRA: "Rescue, Medical and Decontamination Units proceed to Underground Research Area." 45A.INT. CORRIDOR Reception. A man in red jumpsuit runs to the Travel Unit doors. A man in blue "Decon" jumpsuit runs up after. As they move in: BOB: "Hold those doors!" Bob & 2 nurses run up & in. INT. TRAVEL TUBE (SFX) Moves off. EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Pan along tube from Tower past building. INT. TRAVEL TUBE (SFX) Two shots. 46.EXT. MOON SURFACE (SFX) Pan over hill, with inset windows, to landing Eagle. 52.INT. COMMAND CENTRE -Big Screen (SFX): (52) CU side of Eagle & capsule as lands. Sandra & Kate (sc 51) EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) CU tube extending to Eagle. 54.INT. RESEARCH UNIT Helena enters unit from cave. HELENA: "Stand by." ((Koenig & Maya enter after her & hand over spacesuits)) "We've safeguarded against the obvious dangers. Bacteria, toxic chemicals. All the rest is guesswork." KOENIG: "Tony." 55.INT. COMMAND CENTRE KOENIG (VO): "I want you to hook us up to Main Computer. We're going to run every single test possible before we pierce this thing." Tony goes to Computer. 56.INT. RESEARCH UNIT Koenig goes to the door. KOENIG: "Fellars, suit up. We're bringing it in." ((Door closes; two technicians put on helmets)) "Alright, let's go." -Cave. Capsule slides in to the 2 technicians. 57.INT. COMMAND CENTRE TONY: "Immediate relay." SANDRA: "Immediate relay." 58.INT. RESEARCH UNIT View in cave through window into unit: reflections of technicians & capsule over watching Alphans. KOENIG: "Begin the scan." ((buzzing)) "What have you got?" MAYA (at desk): "Theoretical possibilities about the construction technique. But nothing of any practical value in terms of piercing it." KOENIG: "Helena?" HELENA: "Without opening it up there's still no data about the chemical or bacteriological dangers." KOENIG: "We'll have to go in blind." ((presses button)) "Alright. We're going to cut it with the laser. Activate all safety precautions." The men enter the unit. -Unit, view through window as tanks lowered from roof. Maya operates switch & laser descends. She turns a dial. -Cave, as laser fires. (SFX) -Alphans watch. -Laser firing (SFX) -Alphans watch. -Laser firing (SFX) -Alphans watch. Maya turns it off. MAYA: "Cylinder pierced, Commander." KOENIG: "Let's take a look." -Cave as Koenig, Maya, & two technicians enter. A clicking is heard. KOENIG: "Moving parts. There's some sort of mechanism inside." MAYA: "Perhaps a detonation device." KOENIG: "Computer reaction." -Unit. HELENA: "No radiation increase, no bacteriological change." -Cave. HELENA (VO): "No pressure variation, no toxic chemical presence." KOENIG: "Fill it with nitrogen. Freeze that device." Men goes to capsule. Dry ice is pumped in to it. There is an explosion: they all are thrown back. -Unit. Helena & Bob move to the door, but Koenig rises before the window. KOENIG: "Stay in there, Helena! You too, Mathias, stay in there! Maya, you alright." -Cave. A technician is by the capsule. TECHNICIAN: "Commander." -Unit. Bob & Helena watch as they go to the capsule. -Cave. Koenig looks in a hole in the capsule: a frozen face. -Unit. HELENA: "What is it?" -Cave. KOENIG: "It's humanoid. We've just killed it." Cantar's face. FADE OUT ACT TWO 61.INT. MEDICAL Cantar under plastic tent. Bob watches him, then pulls out 2 leads. He is about to remove a third lead when a bleeping starts. BOB: "Doctor Russell." HELENA: "Start the defibrilator." ((Cantar given electric shock; to Koenig entering)) "He's alive." KOENIG: "Alive?" HELENA: "Just barely." KOENIG: "That's impossible. That liquid nitrogen we injected in the container should have frozen him to death." HELENA: "He was already in a state of deep freeze before we injected the container. Cryobiology. The application of freezing techniques to living tissue." ((Pinging heard; to Bob)) "He's fading. Increase the voltage." KOENIG: "Is there any chance he'll make it?" BOB: "We still can't assess the effect of the explosion on him." KOENIG (to comms post): "Tony." TONY (on screen): "Yeah." KOENIG: "I want you to bring another one of those containers down." TONY (on screen): "Prepare transporter Eagle for launching. Any particular container?" KOENIG: "Yes. Make it the twin of the one we've got." TONY (on screen): "Right." HELENA: "Why bring another one down? We don't know how to unseal it." KOENIG: "Helena, he can tell us how to open it. You've got to keep him alive." HELENA: "I'm a doctor, John. I save life for the sake of saving life." KOENIG: "Helena, these people know the secret of travel in space. Some day our survival may depend on knowing that secret." HELENA: "Well, we know part of the answer already. There's a plastic membrane covering his entire body." ((Koenig goes to Cantar)) "You can't see it, it's a fine as tissue. Unfortunately it's insulating his heart against the electrical stimulation." BOB: "He's fading again." HELENA: "Double the voltage." BOB: "It'll kill him." HELENA: "Double it." ((Sharp shock given. Cantar breathes)) "We have normal respiration." ((his eyes flicker; they uncover the tent)) "Nurse." ((Nurse removes tent.)) CANTAR (breathing heavily): "Cantar, my name is Cantar." KOENIG: "Cantar." CANTAR: "My people, you must save my people." KOENIG: "We will if you help us." CANTAR: "Have you, have you si-, have you sighted -the others?" KOENIG: "Yes. They're in orbit around our base." CANTAR: "You must recover them -immediately. The cylinder - the cylinders.." HELENA: "Let him rest, John." KOENIG: "We've got to know." ((To Cantar)) "How do we open those containers?" CANTAR: "They're not constructed to withstand the gravitational forces. If they're left in orbit, they'll shatter." KOENIG: "How do we open them without blowing them apart?" CANTAR: "To relieve the internal pressure you must heat the capsule from the outside." EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle arm swings out to capsule. EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle lands on pad. INT. RESEARCH UNIT In the cave: the capsule is heated by a lamp, operated by Maya. MAYA: "Heat seven points off maximum." KOENIG: "Kill it." They enter the cave. The capsule clicks, then a hole appears (bump cutting). Koenig looks in. KOENIG: "Maya." The frozen face of a girl inside. 65.INT. MEDICAL Koenig leads in two nurses towing Zova on a stretcher. CANTAR: "Zova." ((Instruments placed on her)) "She's my wife." KOENIG: "Those containers were floating in pairs." CANTAR: "In pairs, threes and fours, family groups. It appealed to their sadistic sense of humour." KOENIG: "Whose sense of humour? Where are you from?" CANTAR: "I come from Golos. Known to us as the Peace Planet." KOENIG: "You were invaded?" CANTAR: "No, we were cast out. Exiled. It was an internal struggle. We were unarmed, helpless. The others were few in number, but ruthless." Zova is given a cardiac shock. A bleeping starts (heartbeat) KOENIG: "Is she breathing?" HELENA: "She'll be alright." CANTAR: "You are humane people. You will save us all, I know that." 67.INT. COMMAND CENTRE KOENIG: "Out of the question. Our life support facilities cannot support any more. It's impossible for us to bring those containers down." Cantar walks forward, looking at Tony, then Helena. Each turns away from him to look at Koenig. CANTAR: "In thirty six of your hours, gravity will shatter " ((-Big Screen: capsules pass)) " those containers." ((-Command Centre)) "Can you stand by and let that happen? Can you, Commander?" KOENIG: "Our medical officer, Doctor Russell, is in charge of life support systems. Helena, would you try to explain?" HELENA: "We can't even permit any new births here on Alpha. We can barely sustain the people we have." KOENIG: "You see, Cantar, we have no choice." CANTAR: "We can give you a choice. Zova and myself. We can use our skills to increase your recycling capacity tenfold." KOENIG: "In thirty six hours?" CANTAR: "If that's all the time we have, yes." KOENIG: "I'm sorry, Cantar, I can't take the chance." CANTAR: "You say you want to learn the secret of suspended animation. In space travel. You bring them down, and I will give you the secret." KOENIG: "No." CANTAR: "Then send us back. Send Zova and myself back to die with our people." Cantar walks away. Koenig looks down. Helena looks after Cantar, then at Koenig. 70.INT. LIVING QUARTERS Koenig is looking down. Pull back to see him standing in his quarters, Tony & Helena sat beyond. TONY: "Those are people out there, like you and me." KOENIG: "They look like you and me, but that's all we know about them. About their minds, their motives, we know nothing." HELENA: "John, they're so young. Must you always assume the worst?" KOENIG: "Yes. Where the safety of Alpha is concerned." HELENA: "But what do we do, abandon them and watch them die?" KOENIG (sits): "Helena. When I was an astronaut cadet I was on a resupply mission to a Venus space station. As we were preparing to dock, a computer diagnosis informed us of fourteen of the scientists up there were sick. Three already dead. They had a disease unknown to Earth against which we had no antidote. My commander had to make a decision. He couldn't bring that disease back to Earth. We left those men to die." HELENA: "John. This situation is entirely different. These people are free of any sickness, and if they can increase our life support capacity think of what it can mean to us." KOENIG (stands; firmly): "Helena, they may have something, something our sensors can't detect. My concern is with the survival of this base." HELENA: "Survival?" TONY (stands in protest): "Is survival all important? What sort of society is it that abandons fifty innocent beings?" HELENA: "We're concerned about our own survival, of course John, what price?" TONY: "Look. You asked what sort of people they are? What sort of people are we?" Beat. Koenig looks at them, then goes to a wall screen. SANDRA (on screen): "Commander." KOENIG: "Have Cantar come to my quarters immediately." ((screen cut)) HELENA: "Thank you, John." KOENIG: "Don't thank me yet." ((he waves his hand dismissively)) EXT. MOON (SFX) Capsules over horizon. 70.INT. LIVING QUARTERS Cantar enters. Koenig is facing away, his arms folded. CANTAR: "Doctor Russell. Commander?" Koenig turns & fires his stun gun at Cantar. HELENA: "John!" TONY: "What are you doing? Have you gone mad?!" KOENIG: "I had to make sure our weapons were effective against them, I had to stun him." ((beat)) "Alright? Alright, let's let them try to expand our life support systems. But. I want security men on duty at all times." TONY: "Okay. I'll make sure they're never left alone in the life support complex." ((he starts off)) 71.INT. MEDICAL Bob brings Cantar in on a stretcher. Zova, in bed, looks concerned as they bring the gurney alongside her bed. Bob sits by her. BOB: "Don't look so worried. He'll be alright. He'll regain consciousness in an hour." ZOVA: "An hour?" BOB: "Yes, it's not such a long time. And they'll be no ill effects." Bob leaves. Cantar opens his eyes & looks at Zova. She smiles faintly. FADE OUT: ACT THREE EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Close. HELENA (VO): "Moonbase Alpha Status Report. Supplemental. Doctor Helena Russell recording." INT. LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM CU Cantar & Zova. HELENA (VO): "For almost thirty hours Cantar and Zova have been working to adjust our life support systems." EXT. MOON SURFACE (SFX) Moonbuggy & 2 astronauts driving between lunar hills. HELENA (VO): "The rest of our personnel are back on daily routine." INT. EAGLE HANGER Eagle with top boosters, held by cradle. (Full view) HELENA (VO): " doing their jobs when on duty." INT. RECREATION CENTRE Girls sunbathing. HELENA (VO): " relaxing when off. We're all grateful for the compassion Commander Koenig has shown for the aliens. There is once again a warm feeling " INT. COMMAND CENTRE -Big Screen (SFX): Missiles passing Moon HELENA (VO): " of well being on Moonbase Alpha." -Command Centre. Koenig stands at his desk and presses a switch. SECURITY (VO): "Security. Life support section." KOENIG: "Everything under control?" SECURITY (VO): "Yes sir." KOENIG: "I want an immediate report on any break in the routine." SECURITY (VO): "Yes sir." KOENIG: "Tony. I'll be with Doctor Russell if you need me. For anything." ((he leaves)) TONY (at his desk): "Right." 72.INT. LIVING QUARTERS Helena wears green smock, Maya a canvas dress. HELENA: "Maya, you would be the envy of every woman on Earth. To be able to change your hair colour at will, the colour of your eyes to match your dress, take off a few pounds here, add an inch there. To change your very form. Wow." Screen bleeps. Helena goes to a cupboard and takes off her smock. KOENIG (on screen): "Helena. Can I come in?" HELENA: "Give me a minute, John." ((takes off smock, goes to bust)) "Oh, I hope he likes it." MAYA: "Are you quite sure about Commander Koenig's sense of humour?" HELENA: "Uh hum." Close on Maya's eyes: she turns into Helena. KOENIG (entering): "Helena." ((sees both Helenas)) "All right. Which is it?" HELENA: "You mean you can't tell?" KOENIG: "Well, of course I can tell. Maya can only hold that shape for one hour. All I have to do is sit back and wait." MAYA/HELENA: "Why wait that long?" KOENIG: "What do you have in mind?" Maya/Helena goes up to kiss him, then the real Helena does so. HELENA: "Well?" MAYA/HELENA: "Well?" KOENIG: "Very simple, nothing to it." HELENA: "Really?" KOENIG: "There was absolutely no difference." HELENA: "Oh, you know something. I take back everything nice I've ever said about you. Including the fact that you're a man of perception." KOENIG (to Helena): "Helena." ((Maya/Helena looks at real Helena & realises game is up)) "I think you're needed in the Research Unit. Your friends are waiting to start work. And Maya. Back to your station." ((Laughs)) MAYA (as herself, giving mock salute): "Yes, Commander." ((she turns at the door to smile, then leaves)) KOENIG (admiring bust): "You know you're very talented, that's terrific." HELENA: "Oh, I'm glad you like it, I was going to give it to you." KOENIG: "Was?" HELENA: "No difference, huh?" ((she walks away)) EXT. MOON (SFX) Capsules over horizon. 73.INT. LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM Cantar & Zova are working, a brilliant light between them and a piercing noise. In the anteroom Helena & guard cover their ears in pain. INT. CORRIDOR Technician Kate & Petrov. PETROV: "I'll see you in the Recreation Room when we've finished, right?" KATE: "Yes." They part, Petrov entering Technical. As she walks on, there is an explosion out of Technical behind her. -Another corridor. Koenig & Tony hear & run. -Corridor. Kate enters Technical, followed by Koenig & Tony. INT. TECHNICAL Kate pushes away boxes & beams, followed by Koenig & Tony. They reach Petrov, his leg trapped under a beam. KOENIG: "Lift!" ((he & Tony try to lift beam)) TONY: "Can't shift it." KOENIG (taking comlock): "Maya, get down here right away." Tony goes to a computer bank. MAN (VO): "Medical Section." TONY: "Emergency Area B." KOENIG: "What happened?" PETROV: "Circuit overload. Life support system." KOENIG: "Life support!" 73.INT. LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM The piercing buzz stops. Helena goes in to them. HELENA: "Is it working?" CANTAR: "We're making progress." ZOVA: "But we can't be certain until we can make a final test - in the power section." HELENA: "The power section's off-limits, Commander's orders." CANTAR: "When the time comes I'll talk to the Commander. I'm sure he'll understand. I must try again." HELENA: "The sound-it doesn't bother your ears?" CANTAR: "No." HELENA: "It does mine, I'll be out here." ((she leaves)) INT. TECHNICAL Maya enters wrecked room. KOENIG: "Maya. The girder." Maya transforms into a scarfaced hairy humanoid & lifts the girder. The stretcher team enters. KOENIG: "Okay, that's it." TONY: "Clear." Maya transforms back. PETROV (on stretcher): "I don't understand. It never happened before." KOENIG: "And it won't happen again." MAN (off screen): "Commander. We have another casualty in here." KOENIG (to Tony & Maya): "Get down to Life Support, I want those aliens out of there. No arguments, go!" 76.INT. LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM CANTAR: "Final test." HELENA: "Good luck." Cantar & Zova put in a circuit board. The piercing buzz makes both Alphans scream, the guard falling to the floor, Helena staggering out the door. INT. CORRIDOR Tony & Maya run along. 76.INT. LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM Buzz fades out. The Alphans uncover their ears. Cantar goes to the Power Room door. HELENA: "Cantar." Cantar turns back to the door & the guard draws his gun. The Cantar turns back to him & holds out his arm. CANTAR: "Stop." GUARD: "Commander's orders. No-ones to go in there." INT. CORRIDOR Tony & Maya slow up. TONY: "Hey, Maya, wait a minute. Let's not explode down there like a couple of rockets. Play it cool. We don't want to panic them. Okay?" MAYA: "Okay." 76.INT. LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM Cantar steps forward & holds his arm to the guard. The guard fires, but Cantar is unaffected, & goes to the guard, takes his laser & puts his hand in the small of his back. With a buzz the guard collapses to the floor. Cantar returns to the door with Zova. 76.INT. POWER ROOM -Power Room. Cantar & Zova enter. Helena follows & reaches for the alarm button, but Zova places her hand in her back, stunning her. Tony & Maya approach & see the guard; Maya crouches by the guard as Tony goes through. TONY: "Maya!" Tony goes to the alarm button but Cantar uses the stun gun on him. Maya jumps & becomes a panther, landing & growling at Cantar. Cantar drops the gun but Zova takes it & stuns the panther: Maya recovers her own form as she falls on her side. 81.INT. LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM Koenig & 2 guards run into the anteroom where the guard lies in front of the closed door. GUARD: "The door is jammed, Commander!" 82.INT. POWER ROOM Koenig looks in through the window of Life Support, seeing Maya on the floor, as are Helena & Tony, now at the feet of Cantar & Zova. Piercing sound over. Koenig knocks angrily on the window. 83.INT. LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEM Antechamber. Koenig returns, grabs a guard's gun & pushes him away. KOENIG: "Give me that!" Koenig fires at the door control panel & pushes open the door. 83.INT. POWER ROOM Koenig enters, but has to cover his ears & drop the gun in the piercing sound. A blue light grows from Cantar & Zova: when it fades the aliens, & Helena & Tony, are gone. Koenig uncovers his ears & walks forward. FADE OUT ACT FOUR 84.EXT. SPACE (SFX) In blue haze, vortex effect travels to planet. 85.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) In blue haze, close on alien towers under a purple sky. 86.INT. LIFE SUPPORT CENTRE. GOLOS In blue haze the two aliens & 2 Alphans (now awake & standing) materialise. STAL: "Mantor." ((Cantar pushes the Alphans away)) MANTOR: "Exiles." Cantar fires the stun gun at instrumentation. CANTAR: "A puny weapon against us. But it has it's uses." STAL: "Destroy this system and within hours hundreds of our people will be dead." CANTAR: "Bring Ragnar here. Tell him Cantar will destroy all life on Golos unless he comes." ((Beat. Cantar fires again)) "Bring him!" ((They go. Cantar points the gun at the Alphans)) "You look at me with surprise, Doctor Russell." HELENA: "Contempt." CANTAR: "You're like the people here on Golos. Crippled by your moral ideas of loyalty, gratitude and fair play." HELENA: "And you and Zova are free spirits, I suppose. Free to hate, threaten and kill." TONY: "You're wasting your breath, Helena. He doesn't even understand what you're talking about." ZOVA: "No, let her speak." CANTAR: "Yes. It amuses us." HELENA: "It's clear to see why you were exiled." TONY: "Yeh, what I don't understand is why they didn't kill you." The door opens and Mirella enters. MIRELLA: "I have come as you wished, Cantar." CANTAR: "Ragnar. I want Ragnar." MIRELLA: "Ragnar is dead. Long dead. I am Mirella, chief counsellor of Golos." CANTAR: "His daughter?" MIRELLA: "His descendant. Ragnar died over three hundred years ago." Beat. CANTAR: "Of course. Time on Golos continued while we floated frozen in space." MIRELLA: "In Ragnar's time you were cast out for crimes against our people. Now you come back with weapons and threats of destruction." ((She looks at the Alphans)). "Are these your allies?" HELENA: "We're his prisoners." MIRELLA: "Two of you can't hope to hold all Golos to ransom forever." ZOVA: "Two of us now. But there will be more. On Moonbase Alpha we have found the ideal platform to recover our people." HELENA: "You don't think Commander Koenig will let you?" CANTAR: "Zova will make sure he does." 87.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Close through vortex; the light in the centre becomes the Moon, approaching. 88.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Close through vortex on Alpha. INT. LIFE SUPPORT Blue haze fills computer alcove. 89.INT. COMMAND CENTRE SANDRA: "Activity in life support." KOENIG: "Give me visual." -Big Screen (SFX): Zova appears in blue in front of computer. Close on her as she walks up to camera. ZOVA: "Commander Koenig. I think we should talk." -Koenig reacts. 90.INT. LIVING QUARTERS Maya & Koenig stand by the door. Zova walks from them. ZOVA: "A simple arrangement. You recover our people, and we return Helena Russell and Tony Verdeschi." KOENIG: "You know how to show gratitude." ZOVA: "Contact is possible. Can I give him your answer?" KOENIG (walks up the her): "You're asking me to sell a whole planet into slavery. No. I won't do it." ZOVA: "You forget. We have Doctor Russell." KOENIG: "And we have you." He walks back to Maya. Zova squeezes the clay face of Helena. Helena's screams & Cantar's laughter heard over. 91.INT. LIFE SUPPORT CENTRE. GOLOS Helena screaming & Cantar laughing. 92.INT. LIVING QUARTERS KOENIG: "Stop it." Screams die out to sobs. ZOVA: "Well, Commander?" KOENIG: "All right." ZOVA: "A word of caution, Commander. Your life support systems are now tuned to my mental processes. I can destroy them by simple concentration." KOENIG: "And you would." ZOVA: "If you give me cause." Koenig goes to a screen: a bearded man appears on it. KOENIG: "We will recover the remaining containers. Begin preparations now." MAN (on screen): "Yes, Commander." ((Screen blanks. Zova leaves as Maya walks to Koenig)) MAYA: "You can't do it, Commander." KOENIG: "You think I have a choice?" MAYA: "That transfer process nearly blew our whole life support power system. To attempt to transfer fifty more people would inevitably destroy it." KOENIG (activates screen): "Launch recovery Eagles." MAN (on screen): "Yes, sir." Koenig leaves. Close on the mashed face of the bust. 93.EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle launch. Another Eagle launch. 94.EXT. SPACE (SFX) -Lunar horizon & capsules. Eagle above, & leg of another top foreground. -Eagle rises over Moon. 95.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION ALAN (copilot seat): "Ten miles, Commander." KOENIG (VO): "Alright, Alan." 96.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION KOENIG (by forward screen): "Let us know when we're alongside." Koenig walks back to the seats, where Zova is sat, with Maya. 97.INT. LIFE SUPPORT CENTRE. GOLOS Cantar opens his hand. Burn in: (sc 97A) Koenig, Maya & Zova in Eagle Passenger Section. (sc 98) Cantar goes to Mirella. CANTAR: "Tell them. Tell the people we are the new rulers of Golos. Tell them. Or I will destroy the Main Life Plant." ((aims gun at table)) Beat. Mirella waves her arms in front of a wall panel. MIRELLA: "People of Golos. This is your chief counsellor, Mirella. Three hundred years ago " HELENA (to Tony, quietly): "That protective membrane." MIRELLA (cont): " our ancestors exiled the rulers " HELENA (over): "Get his attention, divert him." TONY: "Right." MIRELLA (cont): " of the planet. Those exiles have now returned." EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle, several capsules & Moon. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION ALAN (VO): "Alongside, Commander." KOENIG: "Alright, let's get ready." As Maya takes an E V A backpack Koenig stops her, his body hiding this from Zova. He then takes a helmet to Zova. MAYA (uses bulkhead screen): "Alan. Standby for depressurisation." ALAN (on screen): "Standing by." ((screen blanks)) 98.INT. LIFE SUPPORT CENTRE. GOLOS MIRELLA: "We have no choice but to surrender to them." Tony throws an object but is stunned by Cantar. Helena scratches Cantar's face, but is thrown off. He aims the gun at her. CANTAR: "Later. You'll suffer for this." He looks in his palm. -(sc 99) Eagle Passenger section as Koenig fixes a rope clip to Zova's belt. -Cantar watches 99.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Koenig attaches himself, but unclips Zova's lead from the Eagle rail. INT. LIFE SUPPORT CENTRE. GOLOS CANTAR: "Zova!" 99.INT. LIFE SUPPORT CENTRE. GOLOS Koenig & Maya drop their visors & Koenig pushes Zova. CANTAR (faint): "He tricked you." KOENIG: "Maya, out of the way." CANTAR: "Zova, the life line, he unhooked it." ((Door opens: she is pushed out)) "Zova, the life line, he unhooked it." 102.INT. LIFE SUPPORT CENTRE. GOLOS Cantar looks in his hand: burn in: -(sc 101)(SFX) Zova spins into space from Eagle, 3 capsules & Moon. (102) Cantar points the gun at Helena. CANTAR: "You'll pay for what Koenig has done." But Mirella grabs his arm: she is thrown off & Cantar fires after Helena, running away. She hides behind the shadows. HELENA: "You're getting old, Cantar." Cantar now aged, fires gun. CANTAR: "I'm young. I was young when Ragnar was alive and I'm still young." HELENA: "Time is running out, Cantar." CANTAR (now grey): "Nothing's changed!" HELENA: "You have changed." CANTAR: "No!" ((fires 3 times. Mirella looks on in horror)) HELENA: "You can't win. Your protective membrane, it's gone! It's pierced. Look at yourself!" ((Cantar's hand hits the table- he slowly raises it)) "You're no longer young, Cantar, you're aging! Every second you're aging ten years!" ((Bearded Cantar looks at his hand)) "Cantar." ((Ancient Cantar wanders about, searching her)) "You're beginning to decay, Cantar. You're getting feeble." ((he totters to Mirella)) "Your mind is slowing down. Your muscles won't respond." ((Cantar staggers by the table & leans on it, holding the laser. Tony rises on the other side)) "You're too feeble to fire that gun. Cantar, you're three hundred years old." The gun falls from his hand. Cantar slowly collapses behind the table. Tony stands up, amazed. MIRELLA: "Thank you. On behalf of the millions on Golos, I thank you." HELENA: "Are you alright, Tony?" TONY: "Yeah, I'm fine. What happened?" HELENA: "I'll tell you when we get back to Alpha." TONY (to Mirella): "Can you help us get back to Alpha?" 109.INT. COMMAND CENTRE -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 109) Capsules. -Command Centre (sc 110) MAYA: "I've double checked the calculations. The antigravity effect will return them exactly to their original course." Koenig looks at his monitor: from 00 04 minutes/seconds to 00 02. -Big Screen (SFX): (sc 111) Capsules KOENIG (VO): "Activate." 113.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Capsules curve up over Moon horizon. INT. COMMAND CENTRE Koenig at his desk, watching. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Capsules fly into space. 106.INT. COMMAND CENTRE MAYA: "Commander! I'm registering a tremendous surge of energy from the power section." ((Koenig stands and quickly heads off)) 105.INT. POWER ROOM Out of blue glare Helena & Tony appear. They look at their hands, then hold hands, laughing & leave. 108.INT. CORRIDOR Helena & Tony run up to Koenig. KOENIG: "What took you so long?" HELENA: "Who said there was an emergency?" They walk off. FADE OUT EPILOGUE EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) 75.INT. COMMAND CENTRE Tony is leaning on Maya's desk. Sandra is beyond, working. TONY (aside to Maya): "You know if this was a military base you'd be court martialled." MAYA: "Court martialled?" ((types on desk)) "Court martial. A military or naval trial for breach of discipline. Me?" TONY: "Well, it's all over Alpha. That switch you pulled on the Commander. First rule of any chain of command, don't embarrass the man in charge." MAYA (loudly): "In your world a kiss causes embarrassment?" TONY: "Well, apparently it does in your world too, since you had to change into another woman to do it." MAYA: "It's more fun that way. Would you like to try?" Tony turns away, to face Sandra. SANDRA: "Go on, Tony." Tony turns back to face an ugly old hag (Maya/ugly) MAYA/UGLY: "I'm waiting, Tony." TONY: "You've got a long wait, kid. Ciao." MAYA/UGLY: "Shallow. That's what you are, Tony. What does it matter what I look like on the outside. It's still me, inside. Kiss." ((He smirks)) "Be known as a man of principle." TONY: "I'd sooner be known as a man of taste." He goes to his seat. As Maya she walks to lean on his shoulder. MAYA: "Oh, Tony." TONY: "Maya." 115.INT. LIVING QUARTERS Helena looks at her defaced sculpture. HELENA: "I bet you have a great big long story about how this came about." KOENIG: "Well, I-" HELENA: "And why you did that to me, and probably, " KOENIG: "I didn't do it." HELENA: " probably , probably you think I look better that way " KOENIG: "Helena." HELENA: " than the way I did before." KOENIG: "I can explain, really, it's not quite as simple as-" HELENA (over): "Yeh, I bet you can. Uh hum." KOENIG: "Helena." HELENA: "I'll tell you what." KOENIG: "What?" HELENA: "Make me a pretty nose." She walks off. FREEZE FRAME producer Fred Freiberger from ITC Television c ITC -Incorporated Television Company Ltd MCMXXVI Margaret Inglis mirella Anthony Blackett stal Peggy Ledger old lady Anton Philips dr mathias music by Derek Wadsworth production manager Donald Toms casting director Lesley de Pettitt editor Alan Killick sound supervisor Roy Baker sound editors Peter Pennell music editor Alan Willis financial director Terence Connors sound recordist Claude Hitchcock camera operator Neil Binney costume designer Emma Porteous assistant director Robert Lynn continuity Gladys Goldsmith construction manager Bill Waldron make-up Connie Reeves hairdresser Jan Dorman wardrobe Masada Wilmot asst. art director Michael Ford Processed at Rank Film Laboratories SPECIAL EFFECTS lighting cameraman Nick Allder camera operator David Litchfield electronics Michael S. E. Downing SPACE 1999 created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson Filmed at Pinewood & Bray Studios, England