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TheTestament Of Arkadia ScreenplayJohnny ByrneDirectorDavid TomblinFinal shooting script 5th February 1975 Music: "Appassionata" composed by Serge Lancen "Picture Of Autumn" composed by Arel Dutur. Cast: Commander John KoenigMartin LandauDoctor Helena RussellBarbara Bain Professor Victor BergmanBarry Morse Paul MorrowPrentis Hancock Alan CarterNick Tate Sandra BenesZienia Merton David KanoClifton JamesDoctor Bob MathiasAnton Philips Tanya AlexanderSuzanne Roquette Irwin (guard)N'Dole (guard)Eagle 3 pilot (VO)Eagle 5 pilot (VO)Luke FerroOrso Maria Guerrini Anna DavisLisa HarrowKate (n/s)Sarah Bullen Sets: Int. Main Mission Int. Command Office Int. Gymnasium (revamp Command Office) Int. Boarding Tube Int. Alpha Corridor Int. Travel Tube Int. Protein Store corridor Int. Reference Library Int. Eagle Pilot Section Int. Eagle Passenger Section Ext. Planet Surface Int. Cave Hook EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) INT. COMMAND OFFICE A picture of Earth is on the comms post. Pan across darkened room to Koenig, writing in a large black journal. KOENIG (VO): "Our struggle to survive in a hostile Universe had long erased the memory of the cataclysmic disaster that first hurled our Moon out of Earth's orbit. The recent events that occurred on the planet Arkadia have revived that painful memory, and forced us to reconsider our purpose in space." ((turns page)) "And when it started it was to prove terrifying..." 3. INT. GYMNASIUM LUKE: "Hii-yah!" Luke, clad in full kendo gear, swings down a strike upon Koenig. They fight, accompanied by Edo music. One is swept down by a foot, but sweeps his bo so the attacker has to jump over it. They rise & fight. The comms post bleeps & causes Koenig to misjudge & hit the side of Luke's head. PAUL (on screen): "Commander." KOENIG: "Yes, Paul." PAUL (on screen): "Emergency." Koenig throws his stick to Luke & starts to leave. KOENIG: "I owe you one. Return match next week, right?" LUKE: "Alright, Commander." Luke follows Koenig out. 1. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Moon approaches planet & it's sun. 4. INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG (enters): "Well, what is it?" ((studies report that Paul hands him)) "Sandra. What's our position?" SANDRA: "Eight point five degrees relative. There is no mistake. Our course is altering." KOENIG: "That's strange." -Big Screen (SFX): the planet. KOENIG (VO): "We're nowhere near the gravitational pull of that planet." VICTOR: "Oh, no." -Main Mission: VICTOR: "It's nothing to do with gravitation. Or magnetism either." KOENIG: "Let's find out what it is. Activate Long Range Scanners." SANDRA: "Scanner " -Big Screen (SFX): breaks into static. SANDRA (VO): " malfunction. And there is a power loss." -Main Mission: DAVID: "There's something wrong with the generators, Commander. There's a five per cent power loss right across the board." 5. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Moon drifts nearer planet & sun. 6. INT. MAIN MISSION DAVID: "Power loss rate now seven per cent." A sudden jerk throws the Alphans forward against their desks. 7. EXT. SPACE (SFX) The Moon is slows by the planet & sun. 6. INT. MAIN MISSION PAUL (quietly): "We're slowing down." 9. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Moon becomes still, in conjunction with the planet & sun. 10. INT. MAIN MISSION They still lean forward. KOENIG: "Check the sensors." SANDRA: "Nothing." DAVID: "Power loss now..eight per cent." 11. EXT. SPACE (SFX) The Moon, planet & sun. 12. INT. MAIN MISSION The staff are thrown backwards against the steps. They slowly rise & walk forward again, staring at the Big Screen. KOENIG: "We've stopped dead." KOENIG (VO narration): "The unbelievable had happened. Our Moon was locked fast in space." EXT. SPACE (SFX) Moon & planet. FADE OUT ACT ONE THE TESTAMENT OF ARKADIA guest stars Orso Maria Guerriai, Lisa Harrow screenplay by Johnny Byrne moon city costumes designed by Rudi Gernreich directed by David Tomblin 13. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Moon, planet & sun. 14. INT. COMMAND OFFICE Koenig, Helena & Victor. VICTOR: "Gravity, or magnetic forces, could effect the course, the speed of an object the size of the Moon." HELENA: "But they couldn't stop us cold like this?" VICTOR: "No, no; of course, nothing we know of could do that." KOENIG: "Then there's gotta be a third force. And it must have something to do with that planet out there." DAVID (appearing on comms post screen): "We've completed the tests on the generators, Commander. We can't trace any faults, but- " KOENIG: "But?" DAVID (on screen): "We're still losing power." KOENIG: "How? If there's nothing wrong with the generators?" DAVID (on screen): "Computer puts it down to..external forces." KOENIG: "External forces. Great. That tells us everything." DAVID (on screen): "Computer's not a crystal ball, Commander. She can only predict on specific data." KOENIG: "Alright, Kano." ((screen changes, via diagram of planet orbit, to Paul)) "Paul. What's the situation?" PAUL (on screen): "Alpha's feeling the effect of the power loss, Commander. A kind of, ah, huh, creeping paralysis. So far only the long range systems are affected. But it's getting worse." Screen returns to test card. Koenig opens the doors to Main Mission with his comlock & walks through. 14. INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG: "Sandra. How long can we last?" SANDRA: "At the present rate of loss we have thirty eight hours. Phased economies would give us ten hours more." KOENIG: "Forty eight hours." ((walks to Alan)) "What's the flying time to that planet?" ALAN (types): "Ah, thirty hours. Round trip." KOENIG: "Thirty hours." ((beat)) "Alright, we'll take down a team. Victor, scientific. Helena, environmental. We'll take two security men. Kano. I want Computer to select two people with the widest possible experience to round off the team. Now, with our long range systems not functioning we won't be able to rely on Main Computer down there, so let's take along everything we'll need on the surface. Alan, I want you to arm and provision an Eagle for eight, immediate lift off." ALAN: "Right." KOENIG: "Paul. Power economy starting right now." Koenig leaves, passing a monitor screen reading 'POWER LOSS RATE 11%' 17. EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle is raised to surface on pad. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Koenig & Alan. 19. EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle lifts off. KOENIG (VO narration): "The planet had been under routine observation for some time before the crisis." 20. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan glances at Koenig, flying. KOENIG (VO narration): "Every indication told us " INT. MAIN MISSION Sandra looks up from her desk to the monitor screen: changes from 11% to 12%. KOENIG (VO narration): " it was devoid of any form of life. As the power loss was affecting our long range systems we would shortly lose radio contact with Alpha." EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle leaves Moon. KOENIG (VO narration): "So we set course for the planet. Once there, we would truly be on our own." INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION KOENIG (VO narration): "With us went the future of our people." 22. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION KOENIG (VO narration): "For if we failed, our existence, like the Moon, would come to a full stop." Victor checks the computer, then walks to sit by Helena, whistling tunelessly. Behind their seats Luke Ferro & Anna Davis sit. Anna is studying files as Luke focuses the lens of his camera on her. She holds up a report to block his camera, but he pulls it down to take his photo. Finally she throws something at him. KOENIG (appearing on screen): "It's a long ride, so get some sleep." Luke inspects his lens as Anna returns to her study. 23. INT. MAIN MISSION The screen changes from 'POWER LOSS RATE 13%' to 'POWER LOSS RATE 16%'. Sandra looks across at Paul solemnly. PAUL: "Activate Phase Three power cuts, Sandra." 24. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle flies to planet & sun. 25. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Victor sits at the desk working while Helena sleeps in her seat. Behind a sleeping Anna lowers her head to rest on Luke's shoulder as he dozes. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle approaches north west horizon of the planet as sunrise breaks below. 27. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION 'EAGLE ONE IN ORBIT' flashes on the screens. Anna raises her head from Luke's shoulder to find him watching her. LUKE: "Did you sleep well?" He chuckles. 26. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) The dark surface, with reddish brown bare soil & skeletal trees. In planet sky is the dazzling sun. The Eagle appears out of the glare. 29. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION KOENIG (entering): "Good morning." VICTOR: "Hello, John." HELENA: "Morning. Morning, John." KOENIG (handing Helena report): "Well, we've circled the planet twice, and there's no sign of habitation. Certainly no indication of intelligent life. But we're still looking." Helena gives Koenig a coffee mug as he sits tiredly. 30. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle flies over barren surface. 32/33. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION ALAN (appearing on screen): "We're wasting our time, Commander. It's just desolation and more desolation out there." KOENIG: "Alright, Alan. Keep looking." ((screen blanks)) "Victor. What have you got?" VICTOR (showing photos): "Umm...this was a living world, once. And then...something happened, some kind of holocaust, which obliterated all life." KOENIG: "Then the planet is uninhabitable?" VICTOR: "Ah, well-" HELENA: "No. The atmosphere is stabilised. The radiation levels are tolerable. The planet is as it was before life stopped." VICTOR: "Mm." KOENIG: "Let's get down there and find some real answers. Before life stops on Alpha." ((activates screen)) "Alan. Take her down." 34. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle lands in dark. 35. EXT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION The door opens. Koenig pauses, then walks out, followed by Alan & Helena. 36. EXT. PLANET SURFACE From the Eagle Koenig, Helena & Alan walk out into the twilight world. ((scene from 'Another Time, Another Place')) KOENIG (VO narration): "Overpowering impressions crowded in on us as we stepped out into the alien planet." INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Guard, Victor, Anna, Luke & other guard walk out. KOENIG (VO narration): "A sense of timeless solitude. The silent touch of an empty world." 37. EXT. PLANET SURFACE They walk along through the petrified forest. KOENIG (VO narration): "The total absence of life. Death had visited this world, so our data told us. And as we moved on we could feel it, closing in around us like a shroud." They stop. KOENIG: "Alright. Let's set up camp over there." As the others walk on, Helena walks by Koenig (sc 40) HELENA: "There were living things here once. Birds. Animals? Maybe even intelligent life." KOENIG: "Yeah. We're just a few thousand years too late." (sc 38) The guards finish packing the boxes in the clearing. IRWIN (GUARD): "Right. That's the lot." N'DOLE (GUARD 2): "Everything's here, Commander." KOENIG: "Good. Alright. Now, if you must leave your designated areas, let security know. Stay in pairs.. maintain communication at all time. more thing. The fate of Alpha..all of us..depends on the answers we come up with. Alright, let's go." ((they split up in pairs. Koenig looks up at the sky)) 38. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Moon in sky. 41. EXT. PLANET SURFACE Anna is sat looking at a leaf. Luke is walking around her with his camera. LUKE: "Strange place, isn't it?" ((she stands)) "So barren and solitary." ANNA (as picks another leaf from tree): "Any open space would seem like that after being cooped up on Alpha." LUKE: "No. No, it's something else. A feeling that maybe we are intruders. I don't know. Maybe you're right." ANNA (as compares leaf with book): "Luke!" LUKE (goes to her): "What is it?" ANNA: "Scan those trees." KOENIG (VO narration): "The first discovery had been made. The first link in the chain of events that would forge themselves into the inevitable shattering conclusion." 42. EXT. PLANET SURFACE Helena & Victor walk along the side of a cliff. KOENIG (VO narration): "Helena and Victor had also forged a link. The planet was not dead. It's soil was simply locked in stasis, waiting for the bacteria that would restart the cycle of life and death. But that was before the most incredible discovery of all..." Victor finds a cave opening behind a dead bush. He leads Helena in. 43/44. INT. CAVE Victor leads Helena into the dark cave. His light shines on a wooden table, on which lies one skeleton, while 4 others sit around it. FADE OUT ACT TWO 45. INT. CAVE Koenig stares at a skull. The guards & Alan, Helena & Victor are present. VICTOR: "John." ((Koenig goes to him)) "How much do you know about ancient Earth languages?" KOENIG: "Earth languages?" VICTOR: "'Cause unless I'm very much mistaken, that inscription is in Sanskrit, the basic proto-European root language. Sanskrit, the mother of tongues." KOENIG: "You sure?" VICTOR: "Mm, not entirely, but..." HELENA: "John. Anna Davis is a trained philologist." KOENIG: "What?" ((pause)) "Maybe computer knew something we didn't." ((takes comlock)) "Anna. Get here right away." (sc 46) Anna enters with Luke & is shown the inscription. KOENIG: "Anna." ANNA: "I don't believe it." KOENIG: "Sanskrit?" ANNA: "Sanskrit. Yes, but different somehow. An earlier form perhaps?" ((turns to them)) "But here? A million light years away from Earth? How?" KOENIG: "Can you decipher it?" ANNA: "Without the use of Main Computer it will take some time..yes, I think so." Behind, Luke is staring at the eye sockets of a skull. KOENIG: "Luke, will you... Luke." LUKE: "Yes, Commander?" 47. INT. MAIN MISSION Paul & David play blackgammon on David's desk. The monitor reads 'POWER LOSS RATE 26%'. Sandra & another girl, wearing silver jackets, bring in more such jackets. SANDRA: "This should warm the game up." The computer hums & the screen changes 'POWER LOSS RATE 30%'. Paul walks to his desk. PAUL: "This is Controller Paul Morrow. Attention please. Phase Four power reductions are now operative." 48. INT. CORRIDOR 4 jacketed Alphans watch a post. PAUL (on screen): "Until further notice, Travel Tube facilities between sections One to Five are suspended. Heating will be automatically reset to number four, and lighting systems to half power." 49. EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) The lights fade on the buildings. 50. INT. MAIN MISSION BOB (appearing on screen): "Paul. Look, I know you've got problems, but I must have more power, or my patients will freeze to death." Paul looks at Sandra & pauses. PAUL: "Sandra. Allocate Medical Section four extra units." BOB: "Thanks, Paul." ((screen blanks)) PAUL: "And reduce heating in here by four units." ((returns to David; throws dice)) DAVID: "Don't worry. It can only get worse." EXT. PLANET SURFACE Helena, Victor & the 2 guards are in the clearing camp. 51. INT. CAVE Anna sits at a table, typing on a portable computer. Luke photographs the skeletons, then returns to her. LUKE: "How is it going?" ANNA: "If only I had access to the Reference Library." LUKE: "Yes. And if they could talk, we'd know how they died. What have you found out?" ANNA: "Give me a chance, I might be able to tell you." LUKE: "Sorry." ANNA (she goes to him): "Oh, I'm sorry. Don't mind me. It's just that it's..very difficult. And I can make no real sense of it. I find it very disturbing." LUKE: "Yes. The sooner we get out of this place the better." 52. EXT. PLANET SURFACE Koenig & Alan arrive in the clearing. VICTOR: "Oh, hello. Any luck?" KOENIG: "No. Nothing we've seen could have caused what's happening on Alpha. Helena, those skeletons?" HELENA: "Well, they're humanoid. People very much like ourselves. The bones show that they died of radiation as long as twenty five thousand years ago. Now the cave could have been their last refuge." KOENIG: "And those inscriptions " 53. INT. CAVE KOENIG (VO): " could be their last message." Anna reads from her notes, with Helena, Alan, Luke, Koenig & Victor behind. ANNA: "To you.. who seek us out in the ages to come.. we salute you. The desolation you find.. distresses.. no, grieves.. we few who will soon die. Our civilisation gone. Our world, Arkane or Arkadia, poisoned, dying. We who happened.. ah, sorry, caused...our own...something..." VICTOR: "Destruction." ANNA: "Yes...destruction. No need now to say.. no, tell of that final.. event?.. happening?.." HELENA: "Holocaust?" ANNA: "Yes, that fits...the final holocaust when our world flamed in the inferno of a thousand exploding suns. There's more, but the imagery is difficult." KOENIG: "Keep trying." ANNA: "Arkadia is finished, but she, Arkadia, lives on in the bodies, hearts, the minds of the few who left before the end...taking...the life...the something.." LUKE: "The seeds." ANNA: "The seeds of a new beginning. To seek out and..." VICTOR: "Discover." LUKE: "No..begin...yes, that's seek out and begin again in the distant regions of space. Heed now the teachings...testament...yes, the testament of Arkadia. There's a passage here I can make no sense of. I'll need the Reference Library. Then it continues. You who are guided here, make us fertile, help again." A beat. KOENIG: "An Earth language. How could people from Earth be here twenty five thousand years ago?" LUKE: "No. Earth people didn't come here. The Arkadians..they found Earth. Ask Anna. She knows. Tell him, Anna. The trees. Tell him." ANNA: "We found oak, pine, willow, beech..forty different varieties of trees all native to Earth." LUKE: "You heard the inscription. The Arkadians took the seeds with them. They found a new Arkadia. Earth. Our people originated here on this planet." KOENIG (VO narration): "Though the discovery in the cave " EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Night: the forest. KOENIG (VO narration): " left us shaken, it did not explain what was destroying Alpha." 54. EXT. PLANET SURFACE The clearing. Alan walks to Koenig. ALAN: "We're running out of time, Commander. We have to get back to Alpha." KOENIG (VO narration): "Alpha was freezing to death and we were no nearer to understanding the force that held our Moon a static prisoner in space." Koenig walks to Helena. KOENIG: "We could bring life back to this planet. How long would it take to rejuvenate this soil?" HELENA: "It would take two years to get the crops growing." KOENIG: "If we brought our people down, how long could we last on survival rations?" HELENA: "There are over three hundred people, John. Six months at the most." KOENIG: "Six months." VICTOR: "But with no power...Alpha will freeze to death in twenty four hours." KOENIG: "So it's a suicide run either way. But at least down here we'd be buying time." ALAN: "Not much time." KOENIG: "But time enough to hope...for a miracle." 55. INT. CAVE Anna walks to Luke, collecting their equipment. They stare at the skeletons. The moment seems to pass & they resume collecting their equipment, but are drawn back to the skeletons. CU the hand bones on the table: fade in human hands. Five figures in monkish habits now sit at the table, their faces hidden within their hoods. KOENIG (VO narration): "And a miracle did occur. One that even now is beyond our understanding. A force, an undefinable intelligence, did exist on the planet. And Anna Davis and Luke Ferro activated it, or were chosen as the agents of its will. What passed between them we will never know, but they emerged from the cave their personalities profoundly transformed." Anna & Luke fall to their knees in wonder, then smile at each other broadly. Choral hymn. The spotlight comes back on & the skeletons have returned. Still smiling, Luke & Anna rise. Luke answers his comlock. KOENIG (VO): "We've decided to abandon Alpha. Get back here right away." Luke & Anna embrace. FADE OUT ACT THREE 58. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle leaves planet & sun. 59. EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Low shot. 60. EXT. MAIN MISSION A frosted viewport. A hand wipes a circle in the frost & David peers out. 61. INT. MAIN MISSION Screen reads 'POWER LOSS RATE 45%'. David returns to his desk & types. The figure becomes 47%. Sandra goes to her desk. Paul is doing press ups by computer. He gets up & goes to his desk. PAUL: "Phase Six power cuts now operative." ((types)) "Heating now automatically reduced to number two." ((to Sandra)) "And that includes Medical." 62/64. INT. CORRIDOR PAUL (VO): "All experimental sections are closing down." ((2 men & a girl run to a Travel Tube door)) "Travel Tube facilities throughout Alpha will cease. Effective immediately." The Unit doors start to open, then stall half open. The lights inside die. 65. INT. TRAVEL TUBE (SFX) The light in the tunnel dims. 64. INT. CORRIDOR The Alphans try the door again, but it stays half open. 68. INT. MAIN MISSION BOB (storming in): "Morrow! What the hell's going on?" PAUL: "There's nothing I can do, doctor." BOB: "If you don't give me more heat you might as well shoot my patients!" PAUL: "And I'm telling you there's no way I can give you that power back." BOB: "Damn it, those people can't survive in these temperatures!" PAUL: "If these temperature drops continue none of us will survive!" BOB: "Then it's on your conscience!" ((leaves angrily)) Sandra looks at Paul. The screen: it reads 50%. 69. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle flies to Moon. KOENIG (VO): "Main Mission. Come in, Main Mission." 70. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION KOENIG: "This is Koenig, do you read me?" PAUL (on screen): "We have you, Eagle One." KOENIG: "Paul, what's your situation?" PAUL (on screen): "Desperate. Fifty per cent power loss." KOENIG: "Alright. Listen carefully. Put Operation Exodus into effect immediately. We're evacuating. Details later." 71. INT. MAIN MISSION PAUL: "Stand by for an important announcement." Sandra goes to her desk & types. The monitor still reads 50%. PAUL: "We are putting Phase One of Operation Exodus-" SANDRA: "Paul! It has stopped! The power has stabilised." Paul goes to her desk & types. The figure remains 50%. PAUL: "Check computer." ((returns to his desk)) "Commander." 72. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION PAUL (on screen): "The power. It seems to be stabilising." KOENIG: "Stabilising?" ((pause)) "Are you sure?" 73. INT. MAIN MISSION DAVID (takes readout from desk): "Computer confirms. Power loss fifty per cent and stable." PAUL: "We're not losing any more power." 74. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION PAUL (VO): "The power's holding. Commander, do we still evacuate?" KOENIG: "No. Hold everything til we get there." 75. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Helena & Victor looks at each other. Luke & Anna are cautious. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle flies to Moon horizon. KOENIG (VO narration): "The inexplicable had happened again. Another event that seemed to defy logic." INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION KOENIG (VO narration): "Was this a sign that at last " 77. EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle lands. KOENIG (VO narration): " our desperate situation on Alpha was easing? And eventually we could hope for a full recovery and avoid committing our people to an uncertain future on a hostile planet?" INT. TRAVEL TUBE (SFX) Unit slows to a halt. KOENIG (VO narration): "Only time would tell." 79. INT. CORRIDOR They leave the Travel Unit, led by Koenig. KOENIG: "Helena, I want you to check our chances of survival against a permanent fifty per cent power loss, and rush it right through." ((she leaves)) VICTOR: "Do you want me to work on the planetary data?" KOENIG: "No. Store it for now, we'll deal with it later." VICTOR: "Right." Koenig & Victor leave, followed by the two guards & lastly Luke & Anna. 81. INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG (entering): "How we doing?" SANDRA: "No change." KOENIG: "Good. Paul. Inside. Thank you." ((as girl gives him jacket)) Paul follows Koenig into the office. 82. INT. COMMAND OFFICE KOENIG (stands at his desk): "Morale?" PAUL: "Bad. But with this situation what can you expect?" KOENIG: "Our first priority is the lives of our people." PAUL: "Planet?" KOENIG: "Even worse than here." HELENA (appearing on comms post screen): "John. If the power situation remains stable, our food and essential life support systems can cope. It'll be hard, but we can survive." KOENIG: "Paul. Cancel Operation Exodus." PAUL: "Right." As Paul returns to Main Mission Koenig puts on his silver jacket & sits. INT. CORRIDOR CU door with sign 'REFERENCE LIBRARY' 83. INT. REFERENCE LIBRARY Anna reads from a large book on a stand. Luke stands behind in the darkness. ANNA: "Neither past nor future. The future is the past. And the Testament Of Arkadia the link." ((walks to Luke)) "They spoke to us. And we listened to them, you and I, Luke. There is no mistake." 84. INT. CORRIDOR Luke & Anna emerge from a door. PAUL (on comms post screen): "Technical and Service Sections at Landing Bases may stand down. Security Alert to Reconnaissance Patrol to the Launch Pad no longer operative. Main Mission to all sections Alpha. Operation Exodus is cancelled. Repeat, cancelled. Personnel are instructed to report for normal duties." Anna & Luke looks at each other in alarm, then walk off. 85. INT. COMMAND OFFICE Koenig is at his desk, massaging his temples. He looks up to see Luke & Anna. ANNA: "Commander. We want to live on that planet." KOENIG: "Well, that's..completely out of the question." LUKE: "We belong there. We were guided to that planet." KOENIG: "Now listen to me. Up here we have a chance. A small chance but a chance. Down there we have none at all." ANNA: "A few of us could survive down there, we could, Luke and I-" KOENIG: "Yes, you'd make out. But you'd have to take half our supplies with you. Which would make life for us virtually impossible up here. No, no, I'm sorry." LUKE: "But we must go, Commander!" KOENIG: "Just do what I say! Now look, we have enough problems up here. Now please go." As he buries his face in his hands, they walk through into Main Mission. 86. INT. MAIN MISSION Luke & Anna exchange glances. LUKE (whisper): "Anna." Anna walks through Main Mission & out. Luke walks along the computer & looks down at David. 87. EXT. PROTEIN STORE Anna walks along a corridor & enters an alcove. At the end of the corridor two guards stand outside the Protein Store. 88. INT. MAIN MISSION Luke walks down to David at his desk. He leans on the desk so as the block the view of the staff behind & aims his laser at David. LUKE: "The combination of the Protein Store. Give it to me." ((David is still)) "I'll kill you. I'll kill everybody here." ((David types & rips off a readout. Luke puts his comlock close to his lips)) "Four. Zero. Nine." 89. EXT. PROTEIN STORE Anna listens on her comlock. LUKE (VO): "Eight. Zero. Four. Two." 88. INT. MAIN MISSION LUKE: "Eight. End." 89. EXT. PROTEIN STORE Anna draws her laser & sets it to stun. She steps out & stuns both guards, before running up to the door & typing out the sequence. She pushes open the door. ANNA: "Combination correct." 91. INT. MAIN MISSION David pushes Luke away & hits the alarm button. Luke swipes him with the laser & aims it at the others. He hurries into the corner by the arch & viewports. Koenig runs in & sees him. Helena enters through the arch & is grabbed by Luke, who holds her with the laser at her neck. FADE OUT ACT FOUR EXT. SPACE (SFX) Moon, sun & Arkadia 92. INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG (walking forward): "Ferro, you must be out of your mind, now put that laser away." LUKE: "I'll kill her! Now do as I ask." Beat. KOENIG: "Alright. An Eagle. Fuelled and ready to take off. Now release Doctor Russell." The two guards enter. N'DOLE (GUARD 2): "Commander. There's been an attack on the food store. Suspect, Anna Davis." ((sees Luke)) "We're looking for her now." LUKE: "Call them off. Do it!" KOENIG (uses Paul's desk): "Security. Call off the search." ((returns)) "Alright. An Eagle. What else?" LUKE: "A Moonbuggy. Stores and supplies to last us ..three years." KOENIG: "Do you realise..what the loss of those supplies will do to us? Be rational." LUKE: "You'll do it, Koenig, or she'll die." KOENIG: "Ferro. You have no chance of survival on that planet surface. It's dead! Barren!" LUKE: "No, Commander. We must bring back the seed of life to it's place of origin." VICTOR: "Luke. If you get what you're demanding, you'll be condemning Alpha, and all of us, to certain death." LUKE: "If it is Alpha's fate to be the sacrificial lamb, so be it! Don't you understand? It was no accident that brought us to that planet. Our destiny is clear. Preordained from the moment the Arkadians set foot on Earth." Anna enters. Beat. HELENA: "He's asking too much, John." KOENIG: "Luke. You've got a deal." ((goes to Paul)) "Paul, I want you to order stores and provisions and have them stowed on the Eagle. Alan, prepare the Eagle for immediate lift off." ((all are still)) "Do it!" The men go to their consoles & type. LUKE: "Be warned. Any attempt to stop us will fail, and bring down upon you the terrible forces of chaos and destruction." They leave. The guard starts forward, but Koenig stops him. KOENIG: "No. Let 'em go." KOENIG (VO narration): "Luke and Anna were beyond the call of logic and persuasion. They were caught in the grip of a fanatical obsession. Time bombs ticking away. With incalculable results " 94. INT. CORRIDOR Anna leads Helena & Luke along the deserted corridor. KOENIG (VO narration): " for all of us if we opposed them, especially for Helena Russell. My first priority was to get her back safely. But to do that would put the whole of Alpha in jeopardy." Anna leads them into a Travel Tube. 95. INT. TRAVEL TUBE (SFX) Travel Unit speeds off. 96. INT. MAIN MISSION PAUL (types): "The supplies are aboard the Eagle." Victor leaves Paul & goes to Koenig, in the centre of the desks. VICTOR: "Those supplies are vital to us, John. Regardless of whose life's at stake. Including Helena's." KOENIG: "Don't you think I know that, Victor?" 97. INT. TRAVEL TUBE (SFX) Unit speeds on. Unit speeds on. 98. INT. CORRIDOR Koenig, Victor & guard 2 walk along the deserted corridor. 97. INT. TRAVEL TUBE (SFX) Unit slows to a halt. EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Boarding tube extends to Eagle. CU boarding tube connecting to Eagle. 99. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Alan opens the door. Beyond the door (not travel unit) opens. LUKE: "Is it ready?" ALAN: "When the ship's sinking the rats are the first to leave." LUKE: "Move aside." Alan steps into the boarding tube as Luke, Anna & Helena enter the Eagle. INT. TRAVEL TUBE (SFX) Travel Unit slows. 102. INT. BOARDING TUBE Alan waits by the Eagle door. Koenig & Victor enter from the Travel Unit. ALAN: "They're inside." KOENIG (taking his comlock): "Luke." The Eagle door opens for Luke. KOENIG: "We've done everything you've asked. Now release Doctor Russell." LUKE: "Not yet, Commander." KOENIG (angrily): "Now we've kept our side of the bargain! Release her!" LUKE: "Doctor Russell comes with us." ((raises laser)) "Don't. We won't harm her, you have my word." ALAN: "Huh, we've heard that one before, Luke." LUKE: "This is what you'll do, Koenig. Escort us out into space. Use the unarmed Survey Eagle. And when we're out of range, then you can have her back." KOENIG: "Alan. Do as he says. Take Survey Eagle Two to follow them." Alan leaves. VICTOR: "Listen, Luke. There's still time. Release Doctor Russell, hand over those weapons and there's still a place here for you." LUKE: "There will be no more argument. I do what I must." ((he shuts the door)) INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan in pilot's seat. 103. EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle 2 is raised to the surface by buggy. 104. INT. MAIN MISSION LUKE (VO): "Don't forget, Koenig. Any sign of pursuit and Doctor Russell dies." KOENIG: "I understand." ((pause)) "There'll be no pursuit." ((he runs up to the office)) 105. EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle launches. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Luke pilots. 106. INT. MAIN MISSION PAUL: "Survey Eagle. Clear to lift off." 107. EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle launches. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan pilots. 08. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle leaves Moon. 109. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION (Eagle 4) Luke leaves his seat & goes back to the passenger section. 110. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Luke enters. ANNA: "Doctor. We're terribly sorry about all this." HELENA: "Sorry?" ANNA: "Mm." HELENA: "You are killing three hundred people." ANNA: "Try to understand. Think of all we've had to suffer since the Moon was cast out to roam the wilderness of space. Inexplicably to stop here? Think, Doctor. It gives meaning to all this." LUKE: "Believe us. There is a purpose." HELENA: "A purpose?" ((stands angrily)) "And you believe this purpose of yours justifies destroying Alpha?!" LUKE: "Doctor. When the lines of destiny meet, the tools it uses are no longer necessary. Isn't that so?" HELENA: "Look. Look, even if you could survive, Luke, Anna, do you realise what it'll be like? The only living beings on that whole barren planet?" ((they smile)) "You're going to a living hell." LUKE: "No, Doctor. We are going home." ((they extend arms to each other)) KOENIG (VO narration): "We were powerless. We had no way of knowing what went on out there in space. Would they release Helena?" EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle flies on. KOENIG (VO narration): "Or would they force more desperate demands on us?" INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan. KOENIG (VO narration): "Even Alan Carter, following in a Survey Eagle, " EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle. KOENIG (VO narration): " was now outside radio contact. All we could do was trust the words of fanatics, " 111. INT. COMMAND OFFICE KOENIG (VO narration): " and wait." Koenig is pacing. Paul appears on the comms post screen. PAUL (on screen): "Commander?" KOENIG: "Yes, Paul." PAUL (on screen): "We've tracked them on optical. They're just about to go into orbit round the planet." KOENIG: "Let me know the second you have radio contact with Carter." The screen blanks. EXT. SPACE (SFX) The two Eagles fly towards the planet & sun. 113. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION LUKE (appearing on Alan's screen): "Carter." ALAN: "Yeah." LUKE(on screen): "Standby for docking. It's time to part company." EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle turns in a wide circle. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Luke. 114. EXT. SPACE (SFX) The two Eagles move alongside. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Luke hears a bleep from his console. 114. EXT. SPACE (SFX) The boarding tube extends from one Eagle to the other. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan. 114. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Boarding tube connects both Eagles. 115. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Luke joins Helena & Anna. LUKE: "Goodbye, Doctor Russell." ((he puts his arm round Anna)) 115. INT. BOARDING TUBE Alan opens his door. On the other side the door opens for Helena. She crosses to Alan. Alan & Luke look at each other, then they close the doors. 116. EXT. SPACE (SFX) The tube retracts between the Eagles. 117. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Luke operates in the pilot's seat as Anna works in the copilot seat. EXT. SPACE (SFX) The boarding tube retracts. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Luke takes the control sticks. 118. EXT. SPACE (SFX) The Eagles separate, heading in opposite directions. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Luke looks at Anna. EXT. SPACE (SFX) As one Eagle flies to the Moon, the other heads in the other direction. 119. INT. COMMAND OFFICE Koenig is tapping his fingers on his desk. PAUL (on comms post screen): "We'll have voice contact with Carter in a few seconds, Commander." Koenig walks up to the doors & opens them to pass into Main Mission. INT. MAIN MISSION ALAN (VO): "Come in, Main Mission, Carter calling. Survey Eagle heading for Alpha." KOENIG: "Helena?" ALAN (VO): "Safe. But we've lost Luke and Anna." KOENIG (pressing buttons): "Technical." TECHNICAL (VO): "Commander." KOENIG: "Everything ready?" TECHNICAL (VO): "No problem. It's coming through now on sub space frequency two two zero." KOENIG: "Good." 120. EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle raised to surface by buggy KOENIG (VO): "Pursuit Eagle Three." PILOT (VO): "Commander." 121. INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG: "Pursuit Eagle Five." PILOT 5 (VO): "Eagle Five." 122. EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle raised to surface. KOENIG (VO): "Switch to sub space frequency two two zero." PILOT 5 (VO): "Right." 123. INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG: "Activate." A regular sonar blip is heard. PAUL: "So you put a trace on him." VICTOR: "That's right. Better get those supplies back." KOENIG: "Now I think you'd better get those pursuit Eagles launched." 124. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle lands. 125. INT. MAIN MISSION PAUL: "Pursuit Eagle Three and Five ready for launch, Commander." Suddenly they are all thrown back against the steps. 126. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Moon starts to move, to sound of distant rumbling. 127. INT. MAIN MISSION As sirens blare the staff uneasily return to their desks. PAUL: "We're moving." The screen changes from 'POWER LOSS RATE 47%' to 45%. SANDRA: "The power! We are gaining power!" KOENIG: "Cancel the launch." PAUL (types): "But the supplies?" KOENIG: "We've got our power back, we won't need them." VICTOR (remembering): "Alan and Helena." KOENIG: "Alan. This is an emergency." 128. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle leaves distant planet & sun. KOENIG (VO): "Full power. Alpha's on the move again." 129. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION KOENIG (on screen): "Hit that throttle or you'll get left behind." Alan pushes the control sticks forward. 131. EXT. PLANET SURFACE Luke is carrying a heavy box from the Moonbuggy as Anna attempts to lift another from it. Luke drops the box in shock as he looks up. LUKE: "Anna!" They look up. 131. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) The Moon is moving in the planet sky. (choral reprise) 131. EXT. PLANET SURFACE Luke & Anna smile. FADE OUT EPILOGUE 132. EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Low angle: tube extends to Eagle. 133. INT. BOARDING TUBE Koenig waits, pacing. The door opens & Helena emerges. KOENIG: "Alright?" HELENA: "Fine." ALAN (emerging): "We're fine." ((sees them looking at each other)) "Excuse me a moment." ((he leaves them)) KOENIG: "Sure you're alright?" HELENA: "I'm fine. They're all alone down there." KOENIG: "Yeah, Helena, I know. And there's nothing we can do about it. It was their choice." HELENA: "Was it their choice, John?" KOENIG (VO narration): "And so the circle was complete." EXT. PLANET SURFACE Luke holds the grains in his hand & looks at Anna, smiling. KOENIG (VO narration): "The seeds from Earth, so carefully stored and nurtured by us, had returned to their place of origin. I believe it is futile to seek answers to the incredible things that happened on Arkadia. All we know is that life has restarted there." EXT. SPACE (SFX) Moon. KOENIG (VO narration): "And that for us, the creation myth of the first man and woman " 134. INT. COMMAND OFFICE Earth on comms post screen. Koenig writes in his journal. KOENIG (VO narration): " has a new significance. Our immediate struggle is over. For Luke Ferro and Anna Davis it has just begun. They have found their beginnings. We still wander the emptiness of space seeking ours. We must keep faith and believe- " ((turns page)) "-that for us, for all of mankind, there is a purpose." He closes the journal & puts his pen on the cover. FREEZE FRAME series created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson An ITC RAI co-production produced by GROUP THREE for world-wide distribution c ITC -Incorporated Television Company Ltd. MCMLXXIV paul morrow Prentis Hancock david kano Clifton Jones sandra benes Zienia Merton dr mathias Anton Philips alan carter Nick Tate music by Barry Gray associate Vic Elms special effects Brian Johnson production designer Keith Wilson production manager Ron Fry director of photography Frank Watts BSC casting director Michael Barnes supervising editor David Lane camera operator Neil Binney assistant director Ken Baker sound recordist David Bowen editor Derek Hyde Chambers sound editor Peter Pennell music editor Alan Willis continuity Gladys Goldsmith Processed at the Rank Film Laboratories make-up Ann Cotton hair designer Helene Bevan wardrobe Eileen Sullivan Filmed at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, England SPECIAL EFFECTS director Nick Allder lighting cameraman Harry Oakes camera operator Frank Drake electronics Michael S. E. Downing