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Dragon's Domain ScreenplayChristopher Penfold DirectorCharles Crichton Final shooting script 21st January 1975 Music: "Adagio for strings and organ in G Minor" composed by Tommaso Albinoni, arranged by Allain Lombard (published by Delyse [Envoy] Recording Co.) Cast: Commander John KoenigMartin LandauDoctor Helena RussellBarbara Bain Professor Victor BergmanBarry Morse Paul MorrowPrentis Hancock Alan CarterNick Tate Sandra BenesZienia Merton David KanoClifton JamesDoctor Bob MathiasAnton Philips Tanya AlexanderSuzanne Roquette Kate (n/s)Sarah BullenNurse AnnePete Johnson (Eagle 2 pilot)Tony CelliniGianni Garko Dr monique bouchereBarbara Kellerman Dr darwin kingMichael Sheard Professor juliet mackieSusan Jameson Commisioner DixonDouglas Wilmer Space News NewsreaderBob Sherman Sets: Int. Main Mission Int. Helena's quarters Int. Cellini's Quarters Int. Victor's Quarters (flashback) Int. Medical Int. Technical (1996) Int. Alpha Corridor Int. Embarkation Point Int. Travel Tube Int. Eagle Pilot Section Int. Eagle Passenger Section Int. Ultra Probe Pilot Section/ Main Module Int. Earth hospital corridor Int. Earth hospital room Int. Dixon's Office Hook EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) 1.INT. LIVING QUARTERS Helena is typing on 'World Space Commission' 'Medical Authority' 'Case Report No' stationery HELENA (VO): "It was the eight hundred and seventy seventh day since our Moon left Earth. We were between galaxies, drifting through empty space. When Tony Cellini began to believe " 2.INT. LIVING QUARTERS HELENA (VO): " that he was closing for a second time with his mortal enemy." Cellini writhes in his sleep, a spinning form in the foreground. He wakes & it is gone. He rises & cautiously advances out of bed. The spinner appears & he backs against the wall. He edges along the wall until he finds a tomahawk, & runs at the spinner with it, but it disappears. The spinner reappears by the comms post & he strikes at it, but again it disappears & the tomahawk buries itself in the comms post. FADE OUT ACT ONE DRAGON'S DOMAIN guest stars Gianni Garko, Douglas Wilmer screenplay by Christopher Penfold moon city costumes designed by Rudi Gernreich directed by Charles Crichton EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Alpha buildings. 3.INT. MEDICAL Titles over. The comms post buzzes & Helena goes to it to take a read out. 4.INT. LIVING QUARTERS Cellini walks past the comms post in shock & puts on the lights. He goes to the centre of the room. The post buzzes & he answers it. HELENA (on screen): "Cellini, are you alright?" CELLINI: "Yes, I'm fine, thank you, doctor." HELENA (on screen): "Computer raised the alarm. Your pulse and metabolic rate had peaked into the danger zone." CELLINI: "No. It was a dream. That's all. Just a dream." HELENA (on screen): "Anything traumatic?" CELLINI: "No, nothing." HELENA (on screen, sighs): "Alright. If you need any help I'm on duty tonight." CELLINI: "Thank you, doctor. Thank you." Cellini goes to look out the window. 5.EXT. SPACE (SFX) 6.INT. LIVING QUARTERS Cellini walks back from the window, takes his comlock, & leaves out the door. 7.INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig & David are playing chess on the top of the steps. DAVID: "Check." KOENIG: "You've been playing computer all day." DAVID: "I was hoping for a real game, Commander. I beat computer every time." KOENIG: "Sure, you program it." ((David laughs)) DAVID: "It won't stop me beating you. Checkmate." ((Computer buzzes)) "Computer is probably angry because you insulted her." ((goes to his desk & takes a readout)) "Tony Cellini has entered the restricted area on launch pad four. But he's not on duty." KOENIG (uses comlock): "Tony. Tony, what's up?" 8.INT. CORRIDOR Tony walks along in his pyjamas. KOENIG (VO): "Answer me, Tony." 9.INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG: "Cancel his comlock." ((runs out)) 10.INT. EMBARKATION POINT Cellini reaches the door & tries his comlock: no action. Alan walks out of a door behind him. ALAN: "Hey, Tony. What're you doing, sleepwalking?" Alan places his a hand on Tony's shoulder, but he turns & hits Alan in the stomach, then over the head. Cellini then picks up his comlock & opens the doors with it. 13.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Cellini enters the Passenger module. 13.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Cellini walks in & sits. The door closes (Eagle 1) 14.INT. EMBARKATION POINT Koenig arrives & turns over Alan. He then sees & picks up Cellini's comlock. He uses his own. KOENIG: "Medical to Embarkation immediately. Kano, he's on board the stand by Eagle using Carter's comlock. Stop him." DAVID (VO): "The Eagle's on manual control, Commander. Computer can do nothing." Koenig uses his comlock on the doors: no action. An alarm buzzes & the sign 'Count Down' flashes. KOENIG (on comlock): "Computer, command order. Cancel safety restrictions on launch pad four and give me access." 16.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Screen flashes 'Abort Lift Off' 17.EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) CU tube connected to pod as engines fire. 16.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Tony tries to get lift off. 17.EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) CU tube as Eagle fires engines. 19.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Frustrated, Cellini gets up & goes out the door. 19.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Cellini enters & his hand scrambles for a laser from the rack as another hand does. Koenig & Cellini face each other. CELLINI: "Let me go, John." Cellini raises his laser, but Koenig fires & he falls. 20.INT. MEDICAL Cellini is on a bed. HELENA: "Thank you, Anne, I'll manage by myself now." The nurse leaves as Koenig enters through observation. ANNE: "Night, commander." KOENIG: "Well?" HELENA: "As well as can be expected after a point blank stun. I've been expecting something like this. He's unstable, John." KOENIG: "He's an individualist." HELENA: "I've never really understood your admiration for him." KOENIG: "Helena. He's not a coward. Nor is he emotionally disturbed." HELENA: "He's a suppressed hysteric. Where d'you think he was trying to get to out there in his pyjamas? We're nowhere. We're three months Eagle travel time to the nearest star system and he was going off on his own? Now if that's the act of a rational man... He didn't even take his toothbrush." KOENIG: "Helena. You didn't know him before the Ultra Probe was launched. He was the best amateur athlete I've ever seen, a poet, an all round astronaut, in fact the best all rounder I've ever met." HELENA: "I'm aware of his history." KOENIG (goes to viewport & looks out): "Something happened out there. Something happened out there beyond Ultra, that neither you nor I can understand. Hell, he can't even understand it. That's why it's haunted him. It's destroying him." HELENA (joins him): "Look, John. I know the Ultra Probe meant a great deal to you. But it's success was vital to Cellini. He can't take failure. For that reason alone you would've been the better commander of that Probe." KOENIG: "Stick to Cellini." HELENA: "Alright. I say that he made a disastrous mistake on that Probeship and being the acknowledged ace can't bring himself to admit it." KOENIG: "It's not his style." HELENA: "You think he's infallible, he thinks he's infallible, but I don't." KOENIG (he walks away): "Helena, nothing was proved." HELENA: "John. When it all happened I was a member of the Medical Team that examined Cellini. My report reinforced the case against him. I just presented the facts as I saw them." KOENIG (returns to her): "There were no facts!" HELENA: "He is unstable and as such he's a threat to the safety of Alpha." KOENIG: "Maybe I should've used the laser and killed him." HELENA: "John..." KOENIG (storming out): "Why don't you write another letter to the Space Commission?" 21.INT. CORRIDOR -Koenig storms up corridor. HELENA (VO): "John's anger was understandable. He and Cellini had been the driving force behind the Ultra Probe." -Koenig storms down corridor. HELENA (VO): "In nineteen ninety four, before this Moon left Earth's orbit, " 22.INT. LQ12 Victor walks from the comms post to the glass board & writes equations on it. HELENA (VO): " Professor Victor Bergman had discovered a new planet beyond the then known limits of Earth's solar system. He had called it Ultra." INT. TECHNICAL On a comms post screen a jingle & 'Space News' logo over picture of Earth. ANNOUNCER (on screen): "Space News, dateline September third, nineteen ninety six, brought to you from Houston, Planet Earth. The Ultra Probe. Who will command the ship? Anton Gorski, commander of Moonbase Alpha, is expected to put an end to the speculations later this week." VICTOR (turns it off): "Yes, yes. We need a decision, you know. You can't both go. Someone's gotta control the whole operation from here. You can't leave it to Gorski." KOENIG: "Alright, Tony. Tell you what. I'll flip you for it. Winner takes the ship, loser tells Gorski. Black or yellow?" CELLINI: "Black." ((Koenig flips: black)) "Well. The gods know the better astronaut." KOENIG: "The gods know my foot, the gods know the best brains have to stay down here on Alpha. Still I wish I was going." VICTOR: "I take it that's it, then?" KOENIG: "Yeah, that's it." 23.INT. EMBARKATION POINT HELENA (VO): "The launch date for the Ultra Probe was the sixth of June, nineteen ninety six. Commander Captain Tony Cellini. Astrophysicist Doctor Darwin King. Radiation expert Professor Juliet Mackie, and doctor Monique Bouchere, responsible for the medical, dietary and psychological well being of the team." Action during above: members shake hands with Victor & Koenig amongst the crowds of Alphans bidding them farewell. 25.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Tiny Eagle to Space Dock & the docked Ultra Probe. HELENA (VO): "They were shuttled to the interplanetary space station where the Ultra Probeship was docked." 26.INT. ULTRA PROBE They all enter. HELENA (VO): "Embarkation and countdown " ((Cellini sits in pilot seat)) " continued without a hitch. Launch took place at twelve hundred hours on schedule." 27.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Probe leaves Space Dock. ((music begins)) Another angle as Probe leads Space Dock (sc 28) INT. ULTRA PROBE Cellini pilots. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Probe in flight. 29.INT. ULTRA PROBE The crew check instruments. HELENA (VO): "So the longest ever manned spaceflight began. It continued through eight months of uneventful routine." -Pilot section. Darwin removes pilot Cellini's earphones to greet him, & takes his seat. -Monique in her seat (sc 30A) HELENA (VO): "Nothing disturbed the measured pace of the voyage. No malfunction of the ship broke the monotony. Navigation was faultless." 30.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Probe in flight. Probe in flight. 31.INT. ULTRA PROBE Monique gives piloting Cellini a cup of coffee & looks out a porthole. 30B.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Probeship approaches Ultra. 31.INT. ULTRA PROBE Monique & Cellini comment as she looks out the porthole. HELENA (VO): "For days excitement mounted as progressive readings confirmed the planet's condition was similar to Earth's." 32.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Probe over horizon. 33.INT. ULTRA PROBE Darwin gives Cellini a report. HELENA (VO): "Plans were made for a manned landing. But as the probeship moved behind Ultra,-" 33A.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Probe close over horizon. HELENA (VO): " all contact was temporarily lost with Moonbase Alpha." 34.INT. ULTRA PROBE HELENA (VO): "The landing was never made." CELLINI: "Darwin, could you give me an opinion here, please." ((theme ends)) DARWIN (looks at radar): "Metallic?" CELLINI: "Small and stationary." DARWIN: "Orbital reference one, zero, nine." CELLINI: "Beam everything we've got in that direction. We're going to take a look." DARWIN (leaves): "Right." 35.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Probe turns in space. FADE OUT: ACT TWO 36.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Probe approaches many distant ships (rear of Arra's shuttle; bomber; 2 others). 37.INT. ULTRA PROBE Cellini pilots as the girls look out the port hole. 36.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Probe passes hull of ship in foreground. 37.INT. ULTRA PROBE MONIQUE: "Fantastic." JULIE: "Where have they come from, what are they doing?" 37A.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Probe passes between three ships. 37.INT. ULTRA PROBE DARWIN: "There's absolutely no sign of life from any of them." MONIQUE: "Can they really be empty?" JULIE: "Perhaps it's some huge conference of all space peoples and this is just their car park." CELLINI: "But where's the conference?" 37A.EXT. SPACE (SFX) POV shot of graveyard spaceships: Sidon ship foreground, bomber & Arra shuttle over, with Dragon's ship docked to headless Ultra Probe seen beyond. 37B.INT. ULTRA PROBE CELLINI: "There's got to be someone around. Darwin. Check with computer." DARWIN: "Yeah." CELLINI: "Juliet. Put the booster on every band in the life spectrum." 38.EXT. SPACE (SFX) POV shot through spaceships: continuation of above, passing blue ship towards dragon ship & Ultra probe. 39.INT. ULTRA PROBE CELLINI: "There are ships here that could make the dream of interstellar travel a reality. We could be liberated from our own solar system." DARWIN: "All we need is someone to show us how it works." CELLINI: "Still no signs of life?" DARWIN: "Absolutely nothing." 40.EXT. SPACE (SFX) POV close on dragon ship. DARWIN (VO): "It's like a graveyard." CELLINI (VO): "We'll dock. If computer gives us the all clear " 39.INT. ULTRA PROBE CELLINI (cont): " we'll go aboard." DARWIN: "Alright." 42B.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Probe docks. CU Probe docks. 43.INT. ULTRA PROBE -Pilot section (sc 43) CELLINI: "Docking seal is perfect. Atmosphere is safe." -Main Module (sc 44) CELLINI (VO): "Temperature twenty eight degrees. Radiation " -Pilot section (sc 43) CELLINI: " zero. What could be better?" -Main Module (sc 44) DARWIN: "Come on, Sesame, open up." CELLINI (VO): "Just a check, Darwin." -Pilot section (sc 43) CELLINI: "I'm waiting to go out there too. Opening now." -Main Module (sc 44) The door opens. The forms of the spinner & space brain emerge. The girls scream. DARWIN: "Close it, Tony!" -Pilot section (sc 45) CELLINI: "What is it?" -Main Module (sc 44) Door closes. DARWIN: "Wind, noise, light. It's pretty weird." Spinner appears in rear door. Monster then appears. DARWIN: "Close the rear doors! Close them!" -Pilot section (sc 45) Cellini moves to controls, but they explode. -Main Module (sc 44) Monster writhes before Darwin. -Pilot section (sc 45) Cellini works furiously. CELLINI: "Main circuits have blown. Try manual." -Main Module (sc 44) Darwin moves to the door lever & tries to shift it from open. A spinner forms on him & he lets himself move forward. Julie screams. -Pilot section (sc 45) CELLINI: "Hold on. I'm coming through." -Main Module (sc 44) Julie screams. -Pilot section (sc 45) Cellini pulls at door. -Main Module (sc 46) Darwin is caught by the tentacles. DARWIN: "No - argh!" As Julie screams his body slides out of the mouth. Julie takes a laser & fires three blue rays into it. But the spinner forms on her & she advances to the monster, being dragged into the mouth. Monique sees her corpse slide out. The spinner forms on Monique & she rolls forward until a tentacle wraps round her neck. -Pilot section (sc 47) Tony puts in a circuit. CELLINI: "I'm finished!" -Main Module (sc 47A) Cellini enters & rushes forward to Monique. He holds her & fires twice at the monster. But it pulls her away from him MONIQUE (as sucked in): "No, no, no, no, nooo!!" Cellini fires at the monster again & runs back. The spinner forms on his back. -Central Module (sc 47A) Cellini tries to close the door, but a tentacle reaches through. He takes an axe & chops at two tentacles before the door will close. -Command Module (sc 47A) Cellini sits & straps in. He pulls up a lever marked 'Emergency Module Separation'. 48.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Command Module separates (sc 48) Command Module spins down, then turns clockwise fully, passing other ships. (sc 50) 51.INT. ULTRA PROBE Cellini wrestles with the controls as the module turns round. 50.EXT. SPACE (SFX) The module turns upside down, then reverses the spin. 53.INT. ULTRA PROBE Cellini as module steadies level. HELENA (VO): "Despite his ordeal, Cellini executed " 52.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Module steadies. ((music begins)) HELENA (VO): " a brilliant manoeuvre to put his lifeboat into a low orbit round Ultra " 53.INT. ULTRA PROBE Cellini. HELENA (VO): " which hurled him back to Earth. He survived alone in the module for over six months." 54.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Module flies through space. 55.INT. ULTRA PROBE Bearded Cellini checks the console & goes to Darwin's seat. 56.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Module. 56A.INT. ULTRA PROBE Cellini takes a food pill but then pushes the 'Survival Pack' off the table. 57.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Module. 56A.INT. ULTRA PROBE Cellini lies back in his chair, exhausted. HELENA (VO): "Cellini's module was eventually located and brought back to Alpha. He was on the point of death." 58.INT. EMBARKATION POINT Cellini is brought in the corridor on a stretcher. Bob checks him, Koenig & Victor watching. BOB: "Alright. Take him to Intensive Care." KOENIG: "Bob?" BOB: "It's incredible he's alive at all." KOENIG: "But he'll survive?" BOB: "Oh yes. On courage." HELENA (VO as they go): "But as Cellini began to recover his strength, the official attitude to him changed from congratulation to doubt." 59.INT. ULTRA PROBE Two technicians check instruments as a guard unplugs a small red box. HELENA (VO): "The story he told of his encounter with the monster was difficult to believe, and the recorded data of the black box cast further doubt on his veracity." 60.INT. HOSPITAL CORRIDOR Helena walks up. HELENA (VO): "As a member of the Space Commission Medical Team, I began to inquire into the mental state of the patient." (Music ends) Helena knocks on a door. A nurse opens it. HELENA: "Captain Cellini?" CELLINI (in bed within): "Yes?" 61.INT. HOSPITAL ROOM HELENA (entering): "Doctor Helena Russell, Space Commission Medical Centre." CELLINI: "Welcome, Doctor. I expect you've come to talk. Please, a chair for Doctor Russell." ((to nurse)) "If you've come to hear the story you'd better be comfortable." HELENA: "Thank you, Captain." CELLINI: "Don't call me Captain. Call me Tony. But you may not want to do that. Depends whether you've come to confirm prejudice or listen with an open mind." HELENA: "Now what do you mean?" CELLINI: "They don't believe me. They can't. You see, the green eyed monster from outer space if firmly established in childhood fantasy, like Father Christmas. How can they possibly believe?" HELENA: "Now look, let's not get on the wrong track, okay?" CELLINI: "The fact is, if a man with a red coat and a white beard drove into town he'd be arrested, certified. Unbelievable. And that's what you're going to do with me and my monster, right?!" HELENA: "I didn't even mention the monster." CELLINI: "But that's what you wanted to talk about, isn't it?" HELENA: "Now, I don't have anything specifically in mind, I'm open to anything. Father Christmas if you like." CELLINI: "If you like, Doctor; you came to see me. Maybe in a while we'll get around to my sex life." HELENA: "Alright. You seem fairly keen to talk on a wide range of topics." CELLINI: "I want to tell you the truth, Doctor. I want to tell you that everything I put down in my report is true. Tentacles, blood suckers, fire breath, the whole slimey fantastic story is true. No wanderings of a sick mind. I'm absolutely certain of every detail I've put down. And if the black box data conflicts with my story, then the black box is wrong." HELENA: "Now that is a somewhat surprising statement for a rational man." CELLINI: "I am not a rational man!" HELENA: "And yet you want to be believed?" CELLINI: "I want all of you, Koenig, Bergman, Dixon, everyone of you to throw out the criteria by which you judge what's real. You've got to abandon reason. You have to believe that I, Tony Cellini, have stood face to face with the dragon. I fought it single handed and survived. That's what you've got to believe!!" ((Helena approaches with hypodermic)) "No.." ((struggles)) HELENA: "Now come on, take it easy, Captain." ((he relaxes)) "Captain." He is injected & becomes subdued. CELLINI: "Please. Believe me." FADE OUT ACT THREE EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) 62.INT. TECHNICAL Koenig enters from the small room as Victor inspects the red box. KOENIG: "Victor." VICTOR: "Hmm?" KOENIG: "Bad news." VICTOR: "Hmm." KOENIG: "There's going to be a full scale inquiry. Commissioner Dixon has ordered us back to Earth. Their story is, Tony bungled the decompression procedure, opened the airlock prematurely and killed the crew." VICTOR: "Well. Seems a logical explanation. Well, at least it's easier to believe than a monster, isn't it?" KOENIG: "Victor. If the black box didn't record the monster, isn't it conceivable there are life forms our instruments can't detect?" VICTOR: "Oh yeah." KOENIG: "It could have even jammed the black box. Just because we haven't experienced something doesn't mean it doesn't exist." VICTOR: "No, but we're not likely to know that unless we go back for a second look." KOENIG: "No, I think we've gotta go back out there. In fact I know we must. Those spaceships out there could save the Space Program billions of dollars and hundreds of years. Now we know Tony wasn't fantasising about those. Because those contacts are clearly recorded on the black box." ((pats it)) VICTOR: "Yeah, but that's all they are. Contacts. How do we know they're spaceships?" KOENIG: "Must we disbelieve everything Tony says?" VICTOR: "No, no, no, of course not, but I mean here's a man virtually come back from the dead. It's only natural he should have nightmares. It would be unnatural if he didn't." KOENIG: "Look, I refuse to let them dismiss it like that." VICTOR: "John, I'm afraid the facts are that our Probe was a failure, and somebody's heads got to roll." KOENIG: "So it's got to be Tony's?" VICTOR: "While the balance of his mind is disturbed." KOENIG: "Well, I don't think it is. Not like they think." VICTOR: "Unfortunately it's Commissioner Dixon " 64.INT. COMMISSIONER DIXON'S OFFICE (EARTH) VICTOR (VO cont from above): " who'll be the judge of that." Dixon enters; Koenig, Victor & Cellini stand with coffee cups in hand. DIXON: "Good morning, gentlemen." VICTOR: "Good morning." DIXON: "Oh, sit down, sit down, please." ((they do)) "Well. We are in the red, aren't we? Strange that there's nothing like failure for drying up the money supply. Well, I hope we've all got some strong ideas for alleviating the, ah, drought." KOENIG: "Commissioner. What about the positive aspects of the mission? Why can't we concentrate public attention on the Earth-like qualities of the planet Ultra?" DIXON: "Hmm. I'm afraid that vague possibilities don't carry the P R power of a thumping dramatic failure." KOENIG: "Alright, then let's be positive. Let's launch a second probe right away, take our experience and put it to good use by getting right out there." DIXON: "Before we get carried away with the future, Koenig, we must first concentrate on the past. I want to know what you two think really happened out there." CELLINI: "I'm the only one who can answer that, Commissioner." DIXON: "Oh, yes?" CELLINI: "You've had my report." DIXON: "Oh, the whole world's had your report. That's my problem." CELLINI: "It's also the truth." DIXON: "Or an elaborate cover up for an error of judgement you haven't the guts to admit. Now what do you say to that?" CELLINI: "It's just not true." DIXON (walks round desk): "Now I need to know what you two have to say. Do you believe in monsters?" VICTOR: "Well, I believe that whatever caused the disaster affected Tony's mind in some way which he -can't recognise and we can't even guess at." DIXON: "Koenig?" KOENIG: "Commissioner. We know those ships are out there and one of them is ours. What we should be asking ourselves is why they're there and what happened to them." DIXON: "We have a series of unidentified bleeps recorded from the scanner, that's all. As far as I concerned this vision of a spaceship's graveyard is as much the product of a sick mind as a ghoulish monster. So please, let's keep to the facts. Now tell me straight, Bergman. What caused the interference on that tape?" VICTOR: "Well, how can you say, could be any one -" DIXON: "Could it be him?" VICTOR: "Well, yes, Tony could have done it, but I can't honestly see why he should." DIXON: "As a cover up." KOENIG: "Oh. Why would he restart normal recording four minutes and forty five seconds later?" DIXON: "Are you going to suggest the monster did it, Koenig?" KOENIG: "We can't dismiss that possibility." DIXON: "You surprise me, John." KOENIG: "Commissioner. That black box recorded a breathable atmosphere inside that alien spaceship. The docking seal was intact. The moment the door was open the recording stopped. Therefore there is no evidence of death by decompression on that tape. What I'm saying, Commissioner, is that your case against Cellini holds no more water than his story does." DIXON: "Quite obviously you're not concerned with your reputations. But mine is bound up with the future of the Space Program, and I'll do anything to save that. I'm afraid that I shall have to discredit this whole adventure." KOENIG: "Now Commissioner, we just can't scrap the Ultra Probe and ignore those ships out there. We've had a lot of success so far. We've learned a great deal about our solar system. We know what dangers to expect out there from black suns, neutron storms, radiation and the like, but...if we think we know everything that goes on out there we're making a terrible mistake!" DIXON: "Koenig. The reality of space adventuring is that it's terribly expensive. The chances come infrequently and then only one at a time. I very much regret it, but I shall have to relieve you all of your posts. You for some suitable medical supervision. And you two to remind you both what it's like to have your feet on the ground." Dixon sits & writes. They leave. 65.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Moonbase Alpha drops from Earth (clip from 'Breakaway') HELENA (VO): "By September thirteenth " Moon moves from small Earth (clip from 'Breakaway') HELENA (VO): " nineteen ninety nine, the day the Moon was blasted out of Earth's orbit, John Koenig was back on Alpha, as Commander of the base. Victor Bergman, Tony Cellini and I " Moon in space. HELENA (VO): " were also there. Memories of the Ultra Probeship disaster were obliterated in our fight for survival, until the night when Tony's nightmare revived all the old conflicts." 66.INT. MEDICAL HELENA (to nurse): "Thank you." ((she answers the comms post)) KOENIG (on screen): "How is he?" HELENA: "Alright." KOENIG (on screen): "How are you?" HELENA: "Alright." KOENIG (on screen): "Alright enough to let me in?" ((enters through the door)) HELENA: "But, John, I.." KOENIG: "You know as a kid I never could get cress to grow on blotting paper, but that's doing very well." HELENA: "Where did you get it?" KOENIG: "I inherited it, from my predecessor. There was this big bag of stuff just waiting to grow, I'd thought I'd give it a whirl." HELENA: "That's very beautiful. Is it for me?" ((she kisses him)) "Thank you." KOENIG: "You know, I must admit I got a little help from the guys in the Hydroponic Unit." HELENA: "Uh hum?" KOENIG: "But I deserve some credit. What I'm trying to say is, I'm sorry I chewed your head off." HELENA: "Well, you're doing it in a very nice way." KOENIG (of Cellini on bed): "How's he?" HELENA: "Much better." KOENIG: "You know I don't understand. It's five years since the Ultra Probe. Why should he break now?" HELENA: "Because it can happen at any time, which is exactly why I recommended that he never be returned to Alpha." KOENIG: "Helena, I requested it." ((she sniffs the flower)) CELLINI (siting up behind them): "Can I speak?" KOENIG: "Tony. Now just take it easy. It's alright." HELENA (removes his electrodes): "Here. Let me get these." KOENIG: "What happened last night?" CELLINI: "I - I felt there was something." KOENIG: "Where were you going? There's nothing around, nothing for billions of miles." He is silent. HELENA: "You had a nightmare last night, at oh three four seven. Medical Computer raised the alarm and I woke you. Remember?" CELLINI: "It was nothing." KOENIG: "Well, Tony. We found a tomahawk buried in the Communications Post in your quarters. Was it the monster? Then why now? What were you trying to do in the Eagle? Were you trying to run away from it?" CELLINI: "I was going to face it." Comms post bleeps. PAUL (on screen): "Commander, we have a contact. Could you come to Main Mission please?" KOENIG: "Alright, Paul." ((cuts link)) "I'll be right back." ((leaves)) 67.INT. MAIN MISSION They are all looking up at the Big Screen as Koenig enters. VICTOR: "John. Something quite extraordinary." -Big Screen (SFX): graveyard. ALAN (VO): "Kind of a space motor show." -Main Mission KOENIG: "Well, Victor?" VICTOR: "It's the same sort of thing Cellini described. The mission to planet Ultra." KOENIG (turning to him): "Victor. Last night Cellini had a violent nightmare. Fighting his monster. Now after the nightmares, maybe even as part of it, he tried to steal an Eagle. I had to stun him. Now he just came round and I asked him what happened. He said he was going out to face it." VICTOR: "The monster?" KOENIG: "Well, those could be the same spaceships he saw behind Ultra. And if they are, we could be facing the same danger he faced. Sandra,increase magnification." VICTOR: "John, we're light years away from Ultra." -Big Screen (SFX): ships: Sidon ship; beyond bomber, Arra shuttle, dragon ship & Ultra probe docked (POV track through ships) KOENIG (VO): "Victor, the Moon has moved, so could they." VICTOR (VO): "But the coincidence." -Main Mission KOENIG: "Something triggered Cellini. Something we can't ignore. Kano." DAVID: "Sir?" KOENIG: "I want Computer to check the records, the flight records of Ultra Probe nineteen ninety six. Now the flight recorder picked up certain contacts similar to those, I want to know if they're the same." SANDRA: "Commander, I have found it. The Ultra Probeship is there." -Big Screen (SFX): Ultra probe. -Main Mission. VICTOR: "It's incredible." KOENIG: "Yeah. So is Cellini's story about the monster. Alan, I want a docking Eagle on pad one for immediate lift off. I want an escort, three ships ready for action. Go." ((slaps on back)) ALAN: "Right, sir." As Alan leaves he passes Cellini & Helena entering. They look up. CELLINI: "So I get a second chance." ((goes to Paul)) "Any sign of life?" PAUL: "I've scanned the whole area. There's nothing." CELLINI: "There never was." KOENIG: "Tony. I'm taking an Eagle up there with an armed escort. We'll get as close as it's safe to and scan it. If Victor's absolutely certain there's no danger in the area or onboard the Probeship, we'll dock. Now, how does that sound to you?" CELLINI: "Sounds fine." KOENIG: "Are you willing to come with us?" CELLINI: "I'd insist." ((he looks at Victor)) 71.INT. EMBARKATION POINT Cellini, Victor & 2 guards lead, with Helena & Koenig following, up the corridor towards the Embarkation Point. HELENA: "He's too calm." KOENIG: "He's got a chance to clear himself after five years." HELENA: "I'm worried, John." 72.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION They enter. KOENIG: "Helena. Focus hard on those ships as we go by." CELLINI: "Excuse me. I have to apologise to Alan." 73.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Cellini finds Alan sitting at the flight console. CELLINI: "Alan. Sorry about last night." ALAN : "Yeah." As Alan turns back to the instruments, Cellini strikes his back & pulls him out of his seat. 74.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION The others see Cellini dragging Alan out & leaving him in the corridor. KOENIG: "Tony!" 75.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Cellini sits. 76.EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle lifts off, leaving pod. 77.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION KOENIG (using comlock): "Eagles three and four, immediate lift off. Follow Cellini in Eagle One. Eagle Two, jettison your passenger module and pick us up at launch pad one." Cellini appears on the computer screen. CELLINI (on screen): "Sorry, John. But it's my enemy." 78.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Podless Eagle, followed by 2 others, rises over base. FADE OUT ACT FOUR 79.EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle 2 lands over pod. 80.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION KOENIG: "Paul." PAUL (VO): "Commander?" KOENIG: "Beam every scanner we have in Cellini's direction. If you find anything let me know right away." PAUL (VO): "Yes sir." ((screen blanks)) KOENIG (to Helena): "You think he's gone ahead to destroy the evidence?" ALAN (recovering): "What's that guy got against me?" EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) CU boarding tube retracting. 81.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION PILOT: "Eagle Two docked on Eagle One, Commander." INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION KOENIG: "Alright, take it away. Give it everything we've got." 82.EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle 2 takes off. 92.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Podless Eagle flies on. 93.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Cellini. 94.EXT. SPACE (SFX) 2 pursuit Eagles. The 3 Eagles approach the spaceships. 95.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Koenig paces. PAUL (on screen): "He's nearing the spaceship now, Commander. He's running about six minutes ahead of you." KOENIG: "Thank you, Paul." ALAN: "He could dock the command module on the probe ship." VICTOR: "The control systems are compatible." HELENA: "We've got the area scanned from here, from Alpha, and close up from Eagles Three and Four. So far no life indications, no radiation, no energy field, nothing." KOENIG (answering screen): "Paul?" PAUL: "Still nothing indicated, Commander." KOENIG: "Dammit. There's gotta be something. He was right about those ships." HELENA: "That doesn't mean he was necessarily right about the monster." KOENIG: "No, but it makes him look a whole lot righter." -He activates the bulkhead screen: the graveyard ships (SFX) KOENIG (VO): "Victor?" -Victor watches. VICTOR: "Sorry, John, but beyond the obvious explanation I can't be much help." -The screen (SFX): ships. KOENIG (VO): "The obvious then." -They watch. VICTOR: "Well, they do look somewhat like flies caught in a spider's web." -The screen (SFX): dragon ship. KOENIG (VO): "Which brings us back to monsters." 97.EXT. SPACE (SFX) The podless Eagle moves over Ultra Probe. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Cellini. 97.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Command module separates from Eagle. (sc 97) Main body of Eagle spins off past ships. The command module docks with the Probeship. (sc 100) 101.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION KOENIG: "Alan. Line up for docking on the Probeship. Make it as smooth as you can." HELENA: "John. We're getting life signs on the Probeship. Cellini's. If there was anything else we'd be receiving it." KOENIG: "Providing our instruments can read it." 102.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Cellini gets up & takes an axe & rope from the Eagle corridor. 103.INT. ULTRA PROBE Cobwebs cover the corpses. Cellini enters. The spinner & the monster reappear. Cellini secures the rope, & the spinner forms on him. He lets himself edge forward, pulling on the rope. He starts to swing the axe, & tentacles wrap round his legs, neck & the rope. The rope begins to fray & finally breaks. Cellini rolls into the clutch of the tentacles; now close by it he stabs his knife above its 'eye'. The monster screams. 104.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle 2 edges alongside the Probeship. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION ALAN (piloting): "Docking complete, Commander." 105.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION The guards take guns & Koenig takes a laser rifle. KOENIG: "Helena. Maybe you'd better stay here. Let's go." They go out the starboard door. Helena pauses, then follows. 106.INT. ULTRA PROBE Cellini knifes the monster as the Alphans enter through the starboard door. They see Cellini sucked into it. The guards fire blue rays & Koenig's rifle a red beam at it. KOENIG: "Hold your fire!" He goes forward, picks up the dropped axe, & embeds it in the eye. The monster screams. Koenig backs as the tentacles retract & shrivel through the rear doors. They look down at the 3 corpses. They then leave. FADE OUT: EPILOGUE 109.EXT. SPACE (SFX) -Eagle separates from Probeship. (Theme over) HELENA (VO): "The monster was more than any of us could believe." -View over rear of Eagle back towards the Probe, mothership & other ships as it leaves them. HELENA (VO): "According to our criteria it was never alive, so how could we be sure that it was dead? As we hurried back to Alpha, before our Moon drifted beyond reach, we could only wonder about the astronauts of " -Eagle leaves other ships. HELENA (VO): " those other fabulous ships. All we knew about them is their terrible fate, the fate of Tony Cellini." 110.INT. LIVING QUARTERS Helena finishes typing & removes the paper from the platen. (Theme fades out) HELENA: "John. If we ever do find a new place to live, and if we succeed, we're going to need a whole new mythology." KOENIG: "Tony Cellini and the monster? No." HELENA: "Saint George and the dragon sounds pretty flat until you know the story." KOENIG: "The story is part of our history now, Helena. I think Tony would be very happy to know he put new life into an old myth." FREEZE FRAME series created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson An ITC RAI co-production produced by GROUP THREE for world-wide distribution c ITC -Incorporated Television Company Ltd. MCMLXXIV paul morrow Prentis Hancock david kano Clifton Jones sandra benes Zienia Merton dr mathias Anton Philips alan carter Nick Tate dr monique bouchere Barbara Kellerman dr darwin king Michael Sheard professor juliet mackie Susan Jameson music by Barry Gray associate Vic Elms special effects Brian Johnson production designer Keith Wilson production manager Ron Fry director of photography Frank Watts BSC casting director Michael Barnes script editor Johnny Byrne supervising editor David Lane camera operator Neil Binney assistant director Ken Baker sound recordist David Bowen editor Alan Killick sound editor Peter Pennell music editor Alan Willis continuity Gladys Goldsmith Processed at the Rank Film Laboratories make-up Basil Newall hair designer Helene Bevan wardrobe Eileen Sullivan Filmed at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, England SPECIAL EFFECTS director Nick Allder lighting cameraman Harry Oakes camera operator Frank Drake electronics Michael S. E. Downing