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Guardian Of Piri ScreenplayChristopher Penfold DirectorCharles Crichton Final shooting script: 29th April 1974 Music: "Undersea" composed by Chuck Cassey Cast: Commander John KoenigMartin LandauDoctor Helena RussellBarbara Bain Professor Victor BergmanBarry Morse Paul MorrowPrentis Hancock Alan CarterNick Tate Sandra BenesZienia Merton David KanoClifton JamesDoctor Bob MathiasAnton Philips Tanya AlexanderSuzanne Roquette Operative (June) n/sEmily Bolton Pete IrvingMichael Culver Ed Davis (n/s)John Lee Barber Sarah Graham (n/s)Computer VoiceBarbara Kelly CopilotEagle PilotGareth HuntKen JohnsonJames Fagan ***? Pirian GirlCatherine Schell Sets: Int. Main Mission Int. Command Office Int. Diagnostic Int. Koenig's Quarters Int. Alpha Corridor Int. Eagle Pilot Section Int. Eagle Passenger Section Ext. Planet Surface Hook 1. EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Planet over. 2.INT. MAIN MISSION -View up to Koenig on the balcony. KOENIG: "Kano." Koenig walks down the stairs; in the foreground David is turning his desk. -David, his finger on the desk button, turns with his desk to camera. -Koenig walks from the balcony stairs. -View past David to Koenig leaning on his desk. KOENIG: "Kano. That Computer's gotta be swamped with data. Now why isn't it offering any predictions as to whether that " -Big Screen (SFX): planet in space. KOENIG (VO): " planet can support life?" DAVID: "It has been scanning " ((-David)) " the data continuously ever since we first became aware of the planet's existence. But it still reports it to be insufficient." KOENIG: "I don't understand how it can control a reconnaissance flight to the surface and at the same time not tell us whether that surface can sustain life." DAVID: "Well, in neither case would the computer be so irrational as to guess." 3.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle flies to planet horizon. 4.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION IRVING: "Moving into low orbit for final descent." 5.INT. MAIN MISSION IRVING (VO): "Now, Paul." PAUL: "Confirm final descent now, Pete?" INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION IRVING: "Yeah, we made good time." INT. MAIN MISSION PAUL: "Or Computer made a bad mistake." ALAN (sitting at his desk): "They're two hours ahead of schedule." PAUL: "Check the figures, Kano." DAVID (to self as starts typing): "When will they ever learn." 6.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle flies to plateau. 7.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION IRVING: "Hey, this one's a weirdie, Ed." 8.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Close on plateau. 9.INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG: "Is that what you expected?" VICTOR: "Computer's, um, unusually reticent." -Big Screen (SFX): veering POV shot over surface. VICTOR (VO): "I just don't know what to expect." -Main Mission: ALAN: "They're too low and their G forces are increasing rapidly." DAVID: "They're doing just fine by Computer." ALAN: "Yeah, well, Computer's just gotta be wrong." PAUL: "Did you get that, Pete?" IRVING (VO): "On course and holding. Everything's fine." EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle flies over surface. 11.INT. MAIN MISSION ALAN: "They're too close and they're too fast." SANDRA: "There's data discrepancy and the difference is increasing." KOENIG (going to Alan): "Check it out manually, Pete." 13.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle swoops over surface. 14.INT. MAIN MISSION ALAN: "G forces of seven above Computer's estimate. They won't be able to hold that." KOENIG: "Synchronise with their on board computer." DAVID: "Both computer's confirm G forces as estimated." (sc 16) ALAN: "Well, they're wrong!"((stands)) "What the hell are you doing?" 17.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION IRVING (laughing with Davis): "A little low flying. You jealous?" 18.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle turns. 23.INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG: "Pete! Pete!" 19.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Irving and Davis laugh. INT. MAIN MISSION -Big Screen (SFX): Eagle flies over planet surface. Laughter over. New shot: POV panning over surface. 22.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle flies low over surface. Laughter over. 23.INT. MAIN MISSION -Big Screen (SFX): static. -Main Mission: PAUL: "All transmissions ceased." KOENIG: "Scanner." ALAN: "They've just disappeared." FADE OUT ACT ONE GUARDIAN OF PIRI guest artist Catherine Schell story consultant Christopher Penfold moon city costumes designed by Rudi Gernreich directed by Charles Crichton 26.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Planet over base. Main Mission tower, planet over head. 27.INT. COMMAND OFFICE David stands, addressing the command conference sat around the table. Alan paces. DAVID: "I kept on telling you, Computer has insufficient data. It can not assess the planet unless you feed it the right information." ALAN: "Look, I am not concerned about the Computer's assessment of the planet. I want to know why it fouled up on the normal flying data. Time, distance, orbital velocity, rate of descent, G factors. Kano, you can't have got this thing more an about face." DAVID: "But Computer does not make that kind of mistake." ALAN: "What, you're telling me I do, eh?" KOENIG (warning note): "Alan." ALAN: "Look, it was two of my mates that died out there." KOENIG (stands): "Kano's men are making a thorough check on computer right now." DAVID: "Yes, but so far they have found not the smallest malfunction." KOENIG: "Computer's a problem we can handle. What bothers me is why Irving and Davis had no sense of danger." ALAN: "Because they believed what that lousy computer told them to believe." ((he goes to the viewport & puts his hand over his eyes)) KOENIG: "Which is why I want you to fly manual all the way. You're not to rely on computer at all." ALAN: "That'll be a pleasure, Commander." ((starts to Main Mission)) KOENIG: "Oh, Alan. For some reason, Irving also ignored all advice from Main Mission. Now, I want you to obey any order Paul gives you, even if it sounds irrational." ALAN: "Like I said. It'll be a pleasure, Commander." ((leaves)) Koenig returns to his seat. Victor gets up & places a large sheet before Koenig. VICTOR: "I put this chart together from some astro shots I took myself. It seems that we have more time with the planet Piri than computer thought. You see the curve of our course is tightening and we're being drawn closer than we expected." KOENIG: "Well, that could be either good or bad. If that planet that can sustain us then it gives us more time to explore and make up our minds. But if it's affecting us badly then the closer we get to it the worse it'll be." ((Victor slumps into a chair)) "You alright?" VICTOR: "Um, yes, felt a bit dizzy.'s alright. I'll be alright." ((rises and falls down; they go to him)) HELENA: "Unconscious. Rapid heart beat." ((takes his wrist band)) "According to his monitor he's fine." 36.INT. DIAGNOSTIC Bob checks an instrument by Victor, sitting in a medical chair and writing on a pad. Helena and Koenig talk at a distance to them. HELENA: "It seems the amount of oxygen in our atmosphere was slowly decreasing. Our own hearts have made a natural adjustment. But Victor's mechanical heart didn't." KOENIG: "You know what this means? We can't even rely on the computer for normal internal services. Damn it." ((uses comlock)) "Sandra? This is Koenig. I want you to put Alpha atmosphere control on manual. Keep you eye glued to it." ((replaces comlock on belt; they walk to Victor)) "It's ridiculous. We can't put all our services on manual. We don't have enough personnel." HELENA (to Bob): "Cut the drip, Doctor." KOENIG (to Victor): "Well, any after effects?" VICTOR: "No, no. I'm alright. Just a few strange fantasies, that's all." KOENIG: "Any clues to what's happened to us?" VICTOR: "Well, obviously we're having some problems with computer. But, ah, I think we'll be alright. You know, I have a very powerful instinct that, ah, Piri is gonna be just the right place for us." KOENIG: "Well, it's going to take a lot more than fantasy to convince me of that." BOB (tending girl in bed alongside): "Doctor Russell. She's dead." ((Helena lifts her eyelids to check the girl)) "The transfusion blood supply stopped." HELENA: "Doctor, how could you possibly allow this to happen?" BOB: "I can't control everything! I am not a computer!" They look at the girl. Koenig leaves. 28.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle flies to plateau. 29.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan and Johnson. ALAN: "Yep, Computer was wrong about the G force. But I've cut my approach speed right back and " 30.INT. MAIN MISSION ALAN (VO): " I reckon we're holding her nicely." SANDRA: According to this he is right over the crash site." PAUL: "Down the line, Alan. You're right on it." 33.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Alan's Eagle passes Irving's Eagle, inclined towards the surface but unmoving. 34.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION ALAN: "They haven't crashed! They're alright! Just hanging there, motionless." KOENIG (on screen): "What do you mean?" ALAN: "Well, don't ask me how, Commander, but she's all in one piece and that's good enough for me. I'm going to dock." 37.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Alan's Eagle moves alongside the inclined Eagle. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan. 37.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle with docking tube nears the other over planet surface. 38.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION ALAN (gets out of seat): "Just keep her steady, John, eh?." ((presses button)) "I'm going through now, Paul." PAUL (on screen): "Okay. Good luck." Alan leaves. 39.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Alan enters the dimly lit passenger section. He walks up to the pilot section. 40.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION The doors in the corridor open & Alan walks up & looks in the deserted pilot section. 40.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Alan returns & looks around. He takes his comlock. ALAN: "Paul?" PAUL (VO): "Go ahead, Alan." ALAN: "It's a Marie Celeste. There's noone here." 41.INT. MAIN MISSION Paul looks at Sandra. Koenig walks up. KOENIG: "Alan, get back here. Kano. I want to talk to you." Koenig leads him off. 42.INT. COMMAND OFFICE Koenig closes the Big Doors with his desk & walks down. KOENIG: "You can sit, if you like." ((David continues to stand)) "Alright. What's going on? Straight and simple." DAVID: "We can find no fault in the system." KOENIG: "I just left Diagnostic. Sarah Graham was hooked to a computerised monitor during what should have been a simple blood transfusion. She died. Her blood supply suddenly stopped. Professor Bergman's collapse was due to lack of oxygen because computer went haywire. Now it's fouling everything from comlock systems to important data, and we're in desperate trouble." DAVID (very quiet): "Commander, that happened.." KOENIG: "Kano, we've got to find out what's going on on that planet. Obviously, Computer's not functioning properly. Now let's find out why." DAVID: "But we can find no fault." KOENIG (pacing): "Then maybe we're looking for the wrong things in the wrong way. Now I don't understand what's going on on that planet, nor what happened to Irving and Davis. But somehow that planet is affecting our computer here on Alpha. There's one way I know of to find out how." ((beat)) DAVID (sits): "I have thought of it." KOENIG: "Are you willing to go through with it?" ((beat)) DAVID: "As you say, Commander, there is only one way." 43.INT. DIAGNOSTIC Bob raises David's reclining seat. Koenig enters & walks to them. KOENIG: "All set?" DAVID: "All set." KOENIG: "I've asked David Kano to go through with this because of what's happening here on Alpha. Doctor Russell will fill you in on the medical background." HELENA: "Kano was one of the few people to take part in an experimental programme on Earth. He underwent an operation to implant a complex of fibre sensors in the cortex of his brain. The intention was to link the enormous memory and calculating ability of the computer to the unique thinking ability of the human brain." KOENIG: "Now, that planet is affecting our computer here on Alpha in a way we can't detect. We hope by getting inside that computer, Kano will be able to determine exactly how it's being affected." DAVID: "I swore I'd never go through this again." HELENA (pushing a bar over his head): "Medically I was opposed to the experiment, but your case converted me." DAVID: "What you mean is I survived it once, but the other three patients ended up mindless vegetables. What does that do to my chances now?" HELENA: "Yours was the undeniable success story." DAVID: "Let's get on with it." KOENIG: "Good luck, Kano." Helena opens a section of David's scalp to reveal a socket: she plugs in a lead. Bob presses a button, then Helena operates another- immediately David starts to shake, moaning. He opens his eyes to stare ahead blankly, and Helena and Koenig relax. A pink light then appears & he disappears in the aura. Helena turns to Koenig in fear and shock. FADE OUT ACT TWO EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Planet over 44.INT. MAIN MISSION Victor takes notes under the Big Screen, then runs up to computer to take off a readout. VICTOR: "That's it. We're in orbit." KOENIG: "If we're in orbit we're trapped." VICTOR: "All the time we need." KOENIG: "Victor, I don't understand your sudden optimism about that planet. I mean, so far we've lost three men and that doesn't encourage me one bit." HELENA: "We've no idea what happened to them. There's no rational explanation. It could happen to any one of us. Yet, it didn't happen to you." ((to Alan)) ALAN: "Well, I was on manual." KOENIG: "Yes, and you were instructed to disregard everything computer told you." VICTOR (goes to computer & takes another readout): "The planet will support life." KOENIG: "Details?" VICTOR (looks again at slip): "To follow." KOENIG: "Victor, we can't rely on it. That computer seems to be telling us just what we want to hear." ALAN: "There must be some kind of life there, some power at least." VICTOR: "Hmm. And not necessarily malevolent. Come on, John. Cheer up. This could be the end of the road." KOENIG: "Victor, when we do leave Alpha for the last time, it'll be our decision, our choice. I don't like being presented with an accomplished fact. Communications?" PAUL: "Not a whisper." KOENIG: "Alan, we're going down." EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle flies to planet. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle flies to plateau. Eagle lands (sc 45) (Engines of another Eagle seen left, a distant one seen beyond) 46.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION KOENIG (getting up): "Nice touch down, Alan. Under no circumstances are you to leave this ship." ALAN: "And call you if anything happens. I wish I could be sure I'd have time for that." They walk back to the passenger module. 47.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Koenig opens the door and they look out a the weird colourful landscape of spheres. ALAN: "No place like home." Koenig walks out. Alan closes the door. 48.EXT. PLANET SURFACE Koenig walks round a sphere and places his organitron by it. There is no reaction. He waves his hand in front of it: a crackle. He takes his comlock. KOENIG: "Helena." 49.INT. MAIN MISSION HELENA: "What have you found?" -Big Screen (SFX): Koenig looking into his comlock KOENIG (on screen): "Well, whatever these things are or were they're dead now. I get no readings at all." -Main Mission: VICTOR: "Don't give up, John. Early days yet." EXT. PLANET SURFACE KOENIG (scanning a clump of spheres): "You see these things?" VICTOR (VO): "Yeah, fascinating." (sc 50) INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG (VO): "I'll take a little walk. I'll call you if I see anything unusual." (sc 51) SANDRA: "Anything unusual?" (sc 52) 53.EXT. PLANET SURFACE Koenig walks on. He scans some spheres on the gorund. Then he sees something in the sky. 54.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle inclined over surface. 55.EXT. PLANET SURFACE Koenig steps forward. He sees a figure and runs to him (sc 56, 58) KOENIG: "Pete! Pete! You alright? It's Koenig. Pete? Pete!" ((he waves his hand across Irving's blank face. Davis is sat cross-legged nearby)) "Ed? Ed?" ((no reaction. He sees David)) "Kano! Kano, it's Koenig! Kano, talk to me! Kano!" ((he shakes him, then slaps his face twice)) "Kano, listen to me!" DAVID: "Computer is right. Piri is just perfect for all our needs." KOENIG: "There's nothing here, Kano. There's no life!" DAVID: "There is light." 57.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) A light forms, then fades, leaving a huge tower of spheres. 58.EXT. PLANET SURFACE Koenig shields his eyes from the brilliant light: David does not react. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Close shot of brilliant light in the tower. EXT. PLANET SURFACE Koenig leaves David, passing Irving & Davis. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Closer shot of white circle in the tower. EXT. PLANET SURFACE Koenig continues to back from the light. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Another close shot of white circle in tower. EXT. PLANET SURFACE Koenig turns, looking around. Pan round a sphere to reveal a yellow-white circle and steps leading up to it. A girl appears & walks down the steps. Koenig walks up & sees her reach the bottom of the steps. She walks to him. His hand goes to his laser but she raises her hands. PIRIAN GIRL: "I am sent to calm your fears and bring you peace." ((he kisses him)) "Welcome to Piri. I have come like this in human form so that you may understand my presence." ((he retreats from her)) "Are you afraid of me?" KOENIG: "No, you look very human. What worries me is what I don't understand, what I can't see. Who sent you?" PIRIAN GIRL (sc 60; she extends her hand to the steps): "I am the Servant of the Guardian. We found your Moon floating helplessly through our Universe, and we have brought you here to relieve you of your human pains." KOENIG: "You are inviting us to stay here, to settle here?" PIRIAN GIRL: "That is the will of the Guardian. Being human you are wondering about it's power. Come. I will show you the peace of Piri." EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Low shot looking up from base of tower. PIRIAN GIRL: "Millennia ago this planet was peopled by Pirians of great technical skill." EXT. PLANET SURFACE Koenig & the girl walk. PIRIAN GIRL: "They built machines to run the necessities of life so they could enjoy their pleasure. Then they created the Guardian to control the machines and save them from decision. Their life was perfect and the Guardian was directed to maintain it." KOENIG: "That's not possible, not for human beings. We're born, grow old and die. It's transient, imperfect. Life can't be maintained." PIRIAN GIRL: "Because you are imperfect you Earthmen take time for granted. Absolute perfection lasts forever. And so the Guardian has suspended time." KOENIG (they stop): "This place is not suitable for human life." PIRIAN GIRL: "There are many forms of life." KOENIG: "We like the form we have. My men? How did you get them here?" PIRIAN GIRL: "We reached out and offered them happiness. And they accepted. Time is stopping for them." KOENIG: "Life is stopping for them." PIRIAN GIRL: "They are at peace." KOENIG: "The peace of death." PIRIAN GIRL: "You have seen, Commander, and not understood. Your fear is from ignorance and it has made you stubborn. But you will accept, as they have done." KOENIG: "This place is not for us. I'll make them understand." ((starts away)) PIRIAN GIRL: "That is not possible. They have accepted the dominion of the Guardian." ((he runs off; she remains)) Koenig runs up to David & shakes him. KOENIG: "Kano, come with me! You're dying here!" PIRIAN GIRL (appears in a aura nearby): "You must accept, Commander." KOENIG: "I will not accept! Come with me, Kano.." PIRIAN GIRL: "You must conform." KOENIG (to Irving): "Pete, come with me! Come with me!" PIRIAN GIRL: "The Guardian is making you perfect. It is the prime directive." The brilliant light again covers them. Koenig looks at it. 61.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) The circle in the tower glares brightly. 62.EXT. PLANET SURFACE Koenig walks forward into the light, mesmerised. Suddenly he covers his face. KOENIG: "No!" EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Close up of circle. EXT. PLANET SURFACE Koenig runs off, leaving Irving staring into the light. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Close up of circle. EXT. PLANET SURFACE The girl walks into the circle at the top of the steps & disappears. Koenig stops and takes his comlock. KOENIG: "Alan, prepare for lift off. Alan?" PIRIAN GIRL (on comlock screen; laughs): "Commander, you do not know the power of the Guardian yet. But you will learn, as your people are learning." Koenig jogs on, taking the comlock again. KOENIG: "Come in, Carter. Alan. Alan?" 63.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan is reclined in his seat, lazily watching Koenig on the screen. KOENIG: "I'm not receiving you, Alan! Alan! Answer me, Alan! Are you alright? Ala- " Alan's toe touches a button and the screen blanks. EXT. PLANET SURFACE/ INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Koenig runs up, enters the door & closes it. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan pulls himself more upright into his seat. (sc 65:) Koenig enters and sits. KOENIG: "You alright?" ALAN: "Yeah." KOENIG: "I've been calling you. Weren't you receiving?" ALAN: "Yeah. Yeah, I heard you." ((Koenig looks at him)) 66.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle lifts off. 67.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION ALAN: "Nice place, eh? Kind of peaceful." KOENIG: "It's no place for us, Alan." ALAN: "Nice people?" ((with a smile he dips the control sticks)) 68.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle swoops. 69.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Koenig watches in horror. 70.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle veers up by the Guardian tower. 71.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Koenig watches. Alan lowers the control sticks. 72.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle swoops over surface. 73.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Koenig leaves his seat and puts his arm round Alan's neck, pulling him out of his seat. Alan pulls the arm from his neck & brings it down on his shoulder, then elbows Koenig. He turns and strikes at him, but Koenig fends it off. 74.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle out of control over Pirian surface. 75.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Koenig grabs Alan's arm and twists it round, forcing him to the ground. Alan kicks up wildly at him. Cut: Alan is upright, as Koenig kicks at him, then strikes him. Alan falls behind the seat. 74.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle turns over surface. 75.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Bleeding above the left eye, and his left arm held stiffly, Koenig climbs into his seat. 74.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle swoops. 75.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Koenig awkwardly presses switches & takes the control sticks. 76.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle stabilises. Guardian disappears. 78.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eagle heads to Moon. 79.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION KOENIG: "Hello, Alpha. This is Koenig in Eagle Two Four. Do you hear me?" EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Eagle flies over base. KOENIG (VO): "Come in, Alpha. This is an emergency." 80.INT. MAIN MISSION KOENIG (on Big Screen): "Come in, Alpha." -Main Mission: empty desks. KOENIG (VO): "I need help, Alpha. I'm not receiving you. I'm not receiving you." 81.INT. CORRIDOR KOENIG (on comms post screen): "Paul, I need directions for final approach. Have Doctor Russell and a Medical Team standby. Carter is unconscious." TANYA (leading 2 Alphans past the post; happily): "Come on!" 82.INT. DIAGNOSTIC A loud and very merry party is being enjoyed by all. Paul is playing guitar, while Bob waves his arms up & pulls out a bunch of flowers for a girl. Victor is looking round the comms post, chasing Helena round it. ALL (singing): "All together..." ((tune of 'When the saints come marching in')) Helena shows Victor Koenig's desperate face on the comms post screen. They laugh and join in the fun. 85.EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Combat Eagle lands. 86.INT. DIAGNOSTIC Helena & Victor pour out the punch. INT. TRAVEL TUBE (SFX) Travel unit stops. 86.INT. DIAGNOSTIC The party, as more punch is poured and Sandra dances. 89.INT. CORRIDOR Koenig walks weakly from the Travel Tube, passing the comms post as he makes his way towards the sounds of singing and merriment. 90.INT. DIAGNOSTIC Koenig walks along the corridor to the open Diagnostic door. Victor is proposing a toast. VICTOR: "Alright everybody!" ((they quieten)) "To the new world!" ((huge cheer; they drink)) HELENA: "And to our very own Christopher Columbus who discovered it." VICTOR: "Aah.." ((they all drink and sing..)) ALL (as Koenig collapses to the floor): "For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, and so say all of us." FADE OUT ACT THREE EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Piri over base. 91.INT. DIAGNOSTIC Koenig wakes. BOB: "Ah, Commander." ((Koenig sits up)) "Relax, Commander, relax. You had a fall. You passed out at the party, that's all." ((Bob walks to him, pouring liquid from a bottle into a beaker)) KOENIG: "Party?" ((Koenig walks away)) BOB (pouring a bit more): "Here, drink some of this." KOENIG: " Russell? Where..where is she?" BOB: "Oh, she's attending a command conference now. Commander?" ((offers him the glass. Koenig leaves. Bob shrugs and drinks the glass)) 92.INT. CORRIDOR Alphans are busily moving equipment around as Koenig passes in his pyjamas. MAIN MISSION GIRL: "Good morning, Commander." MAN: "Good morning, sir." MAN: "Good morning, sir." COMPUTER (narrating as displays on comms post screen): "Section G Seven Will Complete Loading On Schedule At Oh Nine Five Eight." 93.INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig enters. COMPUTER: "Eagle Two Six Will Lift Off From Launch Pad One. Taking Up Parking Position On Lunar Surface At Station Three " TANYA (under Big Screen taking notes): "Morning, Commander." COMPUTER: " Zero Five. Eagle Two Seven Will Stand By In Loading Bay Eight To Await Further Instructions." Koenig walks through and into his Office. 94.INT. COMMAND OFFICE A command conference. HELENA: "That's something I don't think we have to worry about." VICTOR: "All right then, we won't worry." HELENA: "Good. Of course a lot depends on how our lives turn out in practise on Piri. But I don't see any pressing need to take the space in an Eagle with the contents of an operating theatre," VICTOR: "Um, that's right. Of course the beauty of this situation is with the moon in a fixed orbit round Piri we can return as and when we like." SANDRA: "So when someone needs an operation we bring him back to Alpha, perform the operation, and return." VICTOR: "That's it." PAUL: "Best of both worlds. Professor Bergman.." ((Koenig walks down)) VICTOR: "Hello, John." ((they all welcome him)) KOENIG: "What are you doing?" VICTOR: "Well, you're just in time. We're planning the last phase of Operation Exodus, right now!" KOENIG: "You've no idea what you'll find out there.." VICTOR: "John! Your reports are remarkably explicit, but of course I want to look for myself." KOENIG: "Reports?" VICTOR: "Here, look, here." ((offering him sheets; Koenig looks at them & throws them down)) KOENIG: "These aren't my reports. It's a load of phoney information. Now, listen to me. The Guardian has attacked our computer, it's attacking your minds. Listen,.." HELENA (drunkenly): "Isn't it wonderful? We've almost come to the end of our journey." KOENIG: "Helena, listen to me, please. I've been down there. I've seen what it's done to Kano, Davis and Irving. Cabbages!" HELENA: "And to think we almost went right by it." ((childish laugh; Koenig leaves)) "Well, he's scheduled for Medical Eagle number Ten. He'll be adequately taken care of." 95.INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig walks to computer. Tanya is working by a trolley nearby. TANYA: "It's good to be leaving, Commander." Koenig opens a hatch in a panel with his comlock. The recess is marked 'Auxiliary Services'. He presses the button. No effect. He whispers into his comlock. KOENIG: "Computer, I ordered auxiliary services only. Deactivate banks one to eight immediately." COMPUTER (as words appear on Big Screen): "Commander's instruction In Direct Conflict With Orders Of The Guardian." Everyone looks round at Koenig. He pulls open another panel and tears out the circuit boards. TANYA: "Commander!" She rushes forward, but he pushes her away. The others enter from the office. Paul goes to Koenig, but he is hit back. Helena runs past and out of Main Mission as Koenig continues to pull out boards. VICTOR: "John." KOENIG (turns to him): "I'm not mad, Victor. I'm the only sane one left on Alpha." VICTOR: "Alright, alright. If that's the way you feel." KOENIG (steps forward to address staff; Helena re enters): "Now listen to me! You're in danger! The Guardian is taking over your minds..!" VICTOR (grabbing him): "John, listen." KOENIG (turning to him; Helena walks up behind him): "Victor, listen to me!" Helena uses a hypodermic on his hand. HELENA: "John, it's alright." KOENIG: "Helena.." ((he collapses)) EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Main Mission Tower, Piri over. 96.INT. LIVING QUARTERS Koenig wakes, lying across his bed. He takes his comlock from the table but it will not open the door. He tries it again. COMPUTER (words on comms post): "Your Comlock Facility Is Withdrawn. You Are Confined To Your Quarters." KOENIG: "By whose order?" COMPUTER: "Operation Exodus Committee." KOENIG: "I said who? The individual?" COMPUTER: "Doctor Russell." KOENIG: "Grounds?" COMPUTER: "Diminished Responsibility. Your Freedom Threatens The Safety Of Alpha." KOENIG: "No, Computer. You threaten the safety of Alpha." 97.INT. COMMAND OFFICE Victor sits at the desk, Helena enters & sits on the desk itself. HELENA: "Well, John is conscious again. But Computer says he's as pig headed as ever." VICTOR: "Oh." HELENA: "Let's not take him." VICTOR: "Oh, he'll want to come. He'll change his mind." HELENA: "He's so inflexible." VICTOR: "Well, a few days solitude will soon straighten him out. Tell you what, we'll leave him an Eagle. And then, when he comes to his senses, he can join us in his own good time. Uh?" HELENA: "Hm. Okay." ((she leans on the back of the chair)) 98.INT. EAGLE HANGAR (SFX) Eagle is carried past the hangar. 99.INT. LIVING QUARTERS Koenig paces. The lights go out. He goes to the viewports. The door opens. He goes to it & looks out. 101.EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Combat Eagle raised to surface. 100.INT. CORRIDOR Koenig walks along the dark corridor. 102.INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig enters: it is deserted and dark. He goes to the viewports. 101.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) The base: an Eagle is raised on one of the pads (it's engines to the docking tube), as another flies over. 102.INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig looks out. 101.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Five Eagles fly over base. 101.EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Combat Eagle launches. 102.INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig looks out. 101.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Two Eagles cross over the base. 102.INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig looks out. 101.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Five Eagles climb into space above the base (reverse of previous) 104.INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig walks across to the balcony & looks out. 103.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Five Eagles fly to planet over the lunar hills. 106.INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig walks down to sit on the top stair. 105.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Five Eagles fly to planet over lunar hills. 106.INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig sits, looking across deserted Main Mission. FADE OUT ACT FOUR 107.EXT. MOONBASE ALPHA (SFX) Main Mission Tower, with Piri beyond. 109.INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig sits on the steps up to his office. He gets up & looks back to his office, before walking slowly to take David's seat. He rotates the desk to face the Big Screen. KOENIG: "Alright, Computer. I have to talk to someone." COMPUTER: "Auxiliary Services Available Only. Computer Has Removed To Planet Piri. Auxiliary Services Available Only. Computer.." Koenig cancels it and slowly walks back to his own his desk. He takes a pill from a small medicine bottle and puts it in front of him. As he stares at it, the Pirian girl appears in an aura. PIRIAN GIRL: "I took you for a strong willed man, John Koenig. But just how long do you think you can last? Three days of despair has reduced you to pills to help you sleep the hours away. In this crude human way you try to numb your mind against the Guardian. And yet the Guardian could make the process so much easier for you." ((she takes his hand and leads him in front of his desk)) -Big Screen (SFX): Bob & other Alphans sunbathing on Piri. -Main Mission. PIRIAN GIRL (putting her hands round his shoulders): "If only you would choose the Pirian way." ((she touches his head; the bandage on his forehead disappears)) "You fought hard in the struggle for survival. The burden of responsibility has almost been unbearable, and yet you've borne it." ((the cast disappears from his arm as she waves her hands over it)) "Now you can relax and enjoy the peace that you've earned for your people." ((she touches his chest)) "Your wounds are healed. And your friend, Doctor Russell, has not had to lift a finger." She indicates the monitors under the Big Screen, showing Helena. Koenig walks down the steps, but when he looks back up the girl is gone. He looks back forward: she is waiting by the screens. PIRIAN GIRL: "You see? Her nerves are relaxed, her appetite assuaged. The struggle is over. And you can join her in Paradise." Koenig punches the screen. The girl moves her hand to his hand to heal it, but he withdraws. KOENIG: "No! Leave me with my pain. It reminds me I'm human." ((he walks to computer & sits on the steps; the circuit boards he threw are still on the floor)) "For some reason you brought us here, fixed us in orbit round your planet, and now reduced my people to that." PIRIAN GIRL: "By your presence in our Universe you have disturbed the peace of Piri. You must be made fit to live here. That is the Guardian's directive." KOENIG: "Is that why your Guardian sabotaged our computer?" PIRIAN GIRL: "Your computer was not sabotaged, it was merely taken over for the Guardian's use. Of all things on Alpha it's mind was most nearly perfect. It most readily accepted the dominion of the Guardian." KOENIG: "That may be alright for the Computer because it's a machine, but we're human beings. We can't exist in Pirian terms. You say you're the Servant of the Guardian. Can't you make him understand this? What of the Pirians themselves? Can't they see we face annihilation?" PIRIAN GIRL: "Perfection is absolute. You must be made perfect." Koenig leaves. The girl disappears in an aura of light. 112.INT. TRAVEL UNIT Now in uniform Koenig walks along the corridor into the Travel Tube. He sits as it moves off. 113.INT. TRAVEL TUBE (SFX) Travel Unit speeds on. EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle raised to surface, port to boarding tube INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Koenig presses buttons. 114.EXT. LAUNCH PAD (SFX) Eagle lifts off, starboard to boarding tube INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Koenig flies. 115.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle flies to plateau. Guardian tower appears. 116.EXT. PLANET SURFACE Helena and Victor lie on either side of the stem of a sphere. HELENA: "Not even to have to worry about the problems of day to day subsistence. I used to dream about this." VICTOR: "Hm. To opt out. To be able at long last to fulfil our true potential as thinking human beings." 122.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle lands amongst others. HELENA (VO): "There's John." 123.EXT. PLANET SURFACE HELENA: "I wonder if we should go to meet him?" VICTOR: "Hmm?" HELENA: "He'll find his way." ((she rolls onto her side)) Koenig walks past the mesmerised Alphans (sc 126). He sees Sandra. KOENIG: "Sandra, the Pirians? Where are they?" ((he turns her face to him)) "Sandra?" SANDRA (turning to stare away again): "There are many forms of life. But this is beautiful." Koenig runs up to Paul, rolling onto his back (sc 128). KOENIG: "Paul, I need your help." PAUL: "We're all so happy." KOENIG: "The Pirians! Where are they?" PAUL: "We're happy!" Koenig leaves him. KOENIG: "Helena! Helena!" ((he passes Bob, then Alan with a lazy smile)) "Helena!" ALAN: "Hey. Easy, Commander. Easy." KOENIG: "Helena! Helena!" ((he sees Victor)) "Helena!" ((he sees her & rushes to her)) "Helena! Why didn't you answer me?" HELENA: "John! You've come to join us at last!" KOENIG: "Where are the Pirians?" HELENA: "They've given us eternal life." KOENIG: "Come. Come on." ((he leads her laughing away)) VICTOR: "Hmm. That's John." 129.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Koenig leads her to the open door. She laughs and turns round as he directs her forward. KOENIG: "Hey. Come on. Let's go." ((he closes the door behind them)) He leads her in and sits her in a chair. KOENIG: "Alright, Helena, sit down. Right there." ((he gets some equipment & starts to put electrodes on her. She tries to get up)) "Sit back." HELENA: "Okay, John." ((she laughs)) KOENIG: "Give me your hand." He secures her in the seat and goes to the equipment. He switches it on as she straightens and moans. He lowers it, then gives her a second shock, then a third. On the fourth she breaks into a scream & sits up. He quickly disconnects the equipment. KOENIG: "Lie back, Helena. Let me take this off." HELENA: "Shock treatment. Had my heart stopped?" KOENIG: "Worse, much worse. It's good to have you back. Now, let's start at the beginning. Tell me exactly what happened. You're on the planet Piri." HELENA: "Yes...the exodus. We went down to the planet..." KOENIG: "Tell me about the people. How did they welcome you?" HELENA: "There was just this light." KOENIG: "That's the Guardian. I want to know about the people who control it." HELENA: "I didn't see any people." KOENIG: "Helena, you were in a trance. Think hard. Were there any machines?" HELENA: "Nothing. Nothing moves. There's no sign of life." KOENIG: "No sign of life? That's it. There is no life. There are no Pirians." 130.EXT. PLANET SURFACE The Pirian girl stands at the top of the steps addressing the Alphans. PIRIAN GIRL: "Creatures of the Moon. The Guardian's task is to take pain from your lives and make you perfect." VICTOR: "We are grateful." ALL: "We are grateful." PIRIAN GIRL: "The Guardian has made you happy." VICTOR: "We are happy!" ALL: "We are happy!" PIRIAN GIRL: "And peaceful." ALL: "We are peaceful!" PIRIAN GIRL: "And you would not have your peace disturbed?" ALL: "No!" PIRIAN GIRL: "There is one amongst you who threatens your happiness." ((she steps down, the Alphans murmuring angrily)) "Who comes to destroy your peace. He will not accept the dominion of the Guardian. He must be destroyed!" ALL: "Destroy him!" PIRIAN GIRL: "He is your Commander, John Koenig." ((a murmur of surprise)) "You must destroy him so the Guardian may live, and protect you forever!" ALL: "Long live the Guardian!" Koenig, holding Helena's hand, advances through the Alphans who disperse from them (sc 131) PAUL: "There's Koenig!" TANYA: "Go back to Alpha!" MAN: "You're no longer in command here." TANYA: "Why don't you go back!" Murmurs increase. A laser is fired past them, destroying a sphere. They hide as Alan stalks. KOENIG: "Helena, stay back!" Koenig shoots Bob as he appears to their side with a laser. He watches as Alan slowly emerges: Koenig shoots him. Helena is by Bob. KOENIG: "Helena, this way! He's only stunned." She follows him, picking up Bob's laser. Koenig run to the steps. The girl stands at the top of the steps. Paul & Victor move in front of him. PAUL: "There's no place on Piri for you, Koenig." IRVING: "You're destroying our peace, Koenig. We're going to kill you now." ((Helena then shoots him)) KOENIG (aiming at the girl): "Where are your own people? They don't exist, do they? No, because they died! Just as my people are dying right now! Of total apathy!" He shoots her. The Alphans draw closer. He runs up & uncovers the girl's hands from her face, to reveal blackened circuitry. He lifts her stiff body up. KOENIG: "This is what passes for life on Piri!" He pushes the body down the steps. The tower makes a pulsing sound behind him. 132.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) The Guardian explodes. EXT. PLANET SURFACE Koenig & the others draw away from the steps. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Another explosion on the Guardian. 133.EXT. PLANET SURFACE The Alphans react to the explosions above them. 134.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) More of the Guardian explodes. 139.EXT. PLANET SURFACE VICTOR: "The Moon's 138.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) VICTOR: " going out of orbit!" Moon is moving in Pirian sky. KOENIG: "Head back to the ships!" 139.EXT. PLANET SURFACE The Alphans run. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Guardian explosion. EXT. PLANET SURFACE Alan wakes & looks round as others rush past him. Koenig, Helena & others run on. 140.INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Sandra, Helena, Koenig and Paul run in. 141.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Koenig & Paul scramble into their seats. INT. EAGLE PASSENGER SECTION Sandra closes the door. 142.INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Alan & Johnson enter & sit. ALAN: "Main motors." INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Pilot (Gareth Hunt) enters with copilot & sits. (Eagle 6) PILOT: "Main motors." EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Guardian explodes over landscape. Eagle launches & rises into sky. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Koenig & Paul operate. (Eagle 9) PAUL: "Ignition." KOENIG: "Lift off." 143.EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) An Eagle in foreground launches, then a smaller one beyond. Guardian explodes. Eagle rises, another beyond. INT. EAGLE PILOT SECTION Pilot (Eagle 6) operating control sticks. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Eagle lifts off, then another beyond. A small Eagle flies over in distance. Another rises in middle distance, then a nearer one. EXT. SPACE (SFX) Eleven Eagles fly to Moon. FADE OUT EPILOGUE 146.EXT. PLANET SURFACE Moss covers the girl's body. Bubbles float over. EXT. PLANET SURFACE (SFX) Sun over green surface. 148.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Moon recedes from Piri horizon. 150.INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig, Helena & Victor look out from the balcony window. HELENA: "So when you destroyed the girl you destroyed the Guardian?" VICTOR: "And with no Guardian to suspend time, time was restored. And there we were right back on our original course past the planet." DAVID: "Commander." ((Koenig goes to the rail and looks down)) "Computer has analysed the data from the Long Range Scanners. Planet Piri now has life, water, vegetation, everything!" KOENIG (turns back to Helena & Victor): "We've brought a dead planet back to life. Maybe we should have stayed." Koenig looks out. 151.EXT. SPACE (SFX) Distant Piri recedes. 150.INT. MAIN MISSION Koenig looks out. FREEZE FRAME series created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson An ITC RAI co-production produced by GROUP THREE for world-wide distribution c ITC -Incorporated Television Company Ltd. MCMLXXIV paul morrow Prentis Hancock david kano Clifton Jones sandra benes Zienia Merton dr mathias Anton Philips alan carter Nick Tate pete irving Michael Culver music by Barry Gray associate Vic Elms special effects Brian Johnson production designer Keith Wilson production manager Ron Fry director of photography Frank Watts BSC casting director Michael Barnes script editor Edward Di Lorenzo supervising editor David Lane camera operator Neil Binney assistant director Ken Baker sound recordist David Bowen editor Derek Hyde Chambers sound editor Roy Lafberry music editor Alan Willis continuity Phyllis Townshend Processed at the Rank Film Laboratories make-up Basil Newall hair designer Helene Bevan wardrobe Eileen Sullivan Filmed at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire, England SPECIAL EFFECTS director Nick Allder lighting cameraman Harry Oakes camera operator Frank Drake electronics Michael S. E. Downing